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Check out these new releases from March 4th-10th.

My Heart, His Peace: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Erika B.

Sanayah Hopkins is a sucker for a storybook romance. Her story unfolds just like her favorite novels, and the birth of her baby boy puts a stamp on her perfect life. However, a truth comes to light that no one saw coming, shattering the fairy-tale life she had been living. 

Cole Leake plays about a lot, but Sanayah Hopkins isn’t one of them. When her heart breaks, he does everything he can to right every wrong. In his mind, he’s being a good friend, but his heart knows the truth, and it’s getting harder to hide. 

Sanayah and Cole thought they shared an unbreakable friendship. This new adventure they’re on challenges everything they believe in. Are Sanayah and Cole capable of keeping things as they were, or will they succumb to their hearts’ desires?


Just Lucky ‘N Love: A Brighton Bay Novel by Skye Moon

What do you do when you find out your boyfriend is married?

This is the burning question on Nyx’s mind when faced with that devastating reality. An explosive reaction to the ultimate betrayal leaves her unbalanced—with a bitter outlook on love.

But just when she’s on the verge of giving up hope, life throws her a lifeline and a little bit of luck.


Gangsta (The Berotte Family Book 15) by Monica Walters

Gangsta is a state of mind and a state of being… Everything I do is gangsta.

Joel Knight, although the righthand of a kingpin, is a boss in his own right. Being raised by his father, who was a part of a kingpin’s inner circle, afforded him knowledge of the streets. His name is feared simply because he has followed in his father’s footsteps. He’s never known his mother and has no desire to even know who she is. Recently leaving the game behind and traveling the world, he’s determined to find out what his next steps should be. While in Puerto Rico, he takes part in what he believes is an island rendezvous. However, when he sees her two years later in Houston, she smooths out his rough demeanor and has him questioning life as it is.

I need a gangsta to always be down for me… handling me like I’m the only woman that matters.

Losing her father at a young age, Keondra Mott has learned to make things happen on her own. Observing the code of the streets from the small amount of time she had with him proves to serve her well. She’s a no-nonsense type of woman and feels like if a man can do it, so can she, especially regarding her love life. While she’s looking for love, she’s far from being desperate. She’s about her money and about experiencing the pleasures life has to offer. All that comes to a screeching halt when she reconnects with a fling from a vacation two years prior. While hiding her true emotions to guard her heart, being around him makes her weak.

Gangsta loving at its best… that’s what’s required.

Fighting the feeling is the type of time Joel is on, and Keondra doesn’t mind following suit. He doesn’t know how to accept his emotions for what they are, because he’s always had to be hard and unapproachable. Keondra doesn’t want just another notch on her studded belt, but she refuses to accept his potential to be better and refuses to wait for him to fulfill it. Joel has a decision to make, but will he have the ability to make the right one?


Steeped in his Love: A Novella by B. Love

Swayde self-sabotages. The shy, introverted tea addict steers clear of men she can potentially fall in love with. A daddy wound that never healed makes it almost impossible for her to get the husband and children she subconsciously desires.

Titan runs. The kind, charming construction company owner dates with no strings attached to avoid falling in love. Demons from losses and mistakes of his past make it almost impossible for him to get the love and acceptance he subconsciously desires.

When Titan visits Swayde’s tea bar with his mother, the chance encounter wraps the two up in an unending circle of run ins that their traumas can’t avoid. Will this constant contact lead to healed hearts and a lasting love… or will they give up on a happily ever after forever?


SCION: The Return by D. Camille

The Man: Mr. Trey Harris is the SCION and the next level of Diamonds has begun. 

The only son of an Uncut Diamond and their leader, Trey has Diamond work embedded in his blood. Blessed with wealth, good looks, brilliance, mystical gifts, and fearlessness, Mr. Harris is nothing to play with…as he will tell you.

The Mission: Destroy the Blueprint and everyone associated with it.

Utilizing the guidance, wisdom, and assistance of those before him, Trey is determined to complete this mission, but his main adversary has stumped the Diamonds in the past. Can he accomplish what the Diamonds have not been able to do before?

Follow this Saga to find out how he handles it.


The SCION books are a continuous saga – NOT A SINGLE LOVE STORY (with elements of suspense, mystery, mysticism, and romance). The books end with what some will consider cliffhangers and subsequent books pick up from the ending of the previous story.NOTE: For a complete comprehension and understanding of the SCION saga, It is highly recommended that ALL previous Diamond books have been read. This is NOT a stand-alone.


When Love Calls His Name (The Bellamy Brothers Book 2) by Riley Baxter

Nino Bellamy has spent his entire life chasing women while avoiding the four-letter word that has never shown him its value. He has always found solace between a woman’s legs, as opposed to the muscle in her chest, upholding the motto pleasure over pain and fulfillment over heartache. His methods have always worked in his favor for the entirety of his life until he crossed paths with her one night. 

Ariana Whitfield has been praying for God to remove the dead weight in her life, her current relationship being the bulk of it all. When she finally gets the freedom she’s been seeking, she goes on a mission to get her life back. A night out meant to celebrate her single status leads her to an initial encounter with none other than Nino. 

Met with a man with an ego the size of Texas and the sexiness to match, she decides to test the waters, but she gets more than she bargained for. Will Nino discover that giving love a chance can have eternal benefits, or is he too stuck in his ways? Can Ariana give in to this new connection, or will fear of failure loom over her? Find out within the pages of this Contemporary Romance, When Love Calls His Name.

Author’s Note: Nino Bellamy is the brother of Caine Bellamy from Forever After All. If you want a first glimpse of who he is, read that book before reading this one. However, this is a standalone, and it isn’t necessary, but it will give you a better understanding of Nino’s mindset.


Flaws And All Two: Elijah & Kehlani by Talena Tillman

Elijah and Kehlani are back! After experiencing a whirlwind of entanglements, they find themselves thrust into a world torn apart by chaos and conflict. With explosions shattering their reality, Kehlani is left with the hardest decision of her life. Will she choose her man or her livelihood?
Caught between love and loyalty, Elijah and Kehlani navigate the treacherous waters of passion and betrayal, facing off against enemies, both external and internal. As they fight for survival in a world where nothing is as it seems, they must discover if their love is strong enough to withstand the darkness threatening to tear them apart. Have things gotten so ugly they can no longer see the beauty in what they share?


The Boss’s Proposition by Andraya Valentine

Corporate by day, escort by night, Journee does what she must to take care of those closest to her and make ends meet. When her two worlds collide, she is met with a proposition that may cause her more trouble than she bargained for.

After a life-altering event, Ellis has vowed to remain a bachelor forever. When life causes him to cross paths with a woman who intrigues him to no end, he comes up with the perfect proposition that may satisfy both of their needs. However, even perfect plans can come with unexpected risks and obstacles.


Love, Under Contract: A fake relationship romance (Martin Brothers Book 1) by Nina High

Marriage proposal or business proposition? 

When Charisse steps out of a job interview, she’s met with an offer that blurs the lines between the boardroom and the altar. Dru Martin, a billionaire married to his job, proposes a deal rather than a romance—a marriage of convenience to fulfill family obligations.

Charisse Turner
The last thing I expected after interviewing for a job was a marriage proposal, especially from Dru Martin, the sexy Black billionaire I met the night before. But here I am, contemplating a contract that could change my life. I need the money, and Dru seems nice enough. Yet, the closer I get to Dru, the more I wonder if my heart is part of the bargain.

Dru Martin
Running an empire is easy; it’s love that’s complicated. So, when my mother gave me an ultimatum to settle down or forfeit the family empire, I did what any savvy businessman would do—I proposed a deal: a simple contract of marriage to Charisse, a woman intriguing enough to make this charade bearable. If we follow the plan with scheduled kisses and coordinated social media posts, we can convince everyone we’re in love. But when the lines start to blur, I’m left questioning whether this arrangement is just about business, or something more.

How Do You Want It by Kennedy B.

Ten years was a long time, an even longer time to carry pain and resentment; the longest time to hold a grudge. Rhumani never dreamed she’d be faced with the history she spent the last decade of her life trying to bury. That was until she got set up and history was standing at the end of the table in need.

They said if you loved something, let it go. If it comes back; it was always yours. But if it doesn’t? It never was. Kaleem wondered if that still stood even though he hadn’t willingly let her go. Kaleem had his fair share of abandonment—first his mother and father, then her. The last thing he wanted was help from the very person who’d abandoned him ten years ago after doing the unthinkable, or so he thought.

History had a way of flipping things and most of all giving a bullhorn to trauma. With these two anything was possible, but only a few things were plausible. Was forgiveness on the table or had ten years just been too long?


Broken Arrow by Mel Dau

Arrow Nez is all about that pack life. If it’s not about the pack or his business, it’s not about him. He’s put in a lot of work to prove himself to his pack and his adopted father after an indiscretion that was punishable by death. Childhood trauma has broken him to the point of feeling incapable of loving and being loved. When a beautiful stranger stumbles onto tribal land there are more questions than answers. Who is she? Where has she come from? The most important question is, will she be the iron needed to mend a broken Arrow?

Daanis Branham is built to survive by any means necessary for herself and her baby girl Marlani. After the death of her parents, love had not come easily for or without pain. The day that she realizes that she has nothing to lose by breaking free of the chains that bind her, she makes the decision to do just that, break free. When her survival instincts lead her to a foreign land, will it become a beastly massacre? Will she be accepted, shunned, or killed? The most important question is, will her iron be enough to mend the broken Arrow?

Indulge in the recreation of an Arrow and the iron that binds it.


Call Us Bittersweet (Lakeview Book 2) by Jatia Eley

Raven and Levi have one thing in common: the love for their careers.

Raven is a new bakery owner with her sights set on expanding. She has the business, the man and all she wants is to check her last goal of having a family off her list-which isn’t as easy as she thought. The rest of her list quickly comes crashing down all because of Levi, an aspiring architect whose main focus is building his career and taking care of his Grandma, keeping his cousin in line and of course, women. Raven and Levi’s work and personal life intertwine when Levi’s company comes to Lakeview to shake things up. Raven and Levi both begin to question what’s more important, work or love?


A Love Only He Can Give by Cocoa

After going through an embarrassing breakup, Sarita McCall found herself closed off to love. With her attention focused solely on her business, Rita finds herself caught up in a web of lies.

Z’Andre Johnston has always been a stand up man. As a divorced father of two, Z’Andre’s priories are his children and keeping up in the world of medicine. When a new love interest comes out of nowhere, Z’Andre’s integrity is tested, forcing him to choose between his past and his future.

When family secrets are revealed and hardship occurs, will Z’Andre and Sarita be able to navigate through, or would it be more beneficial to go their separate ways?


Destined Coincidence: The Story of F and J by Mykel Roe

I guess I’m in hell… As I drove home, I gripped the steering wheel tightly. My mind was reeling. How could I drag myself up from the fiery pits before I lose the love of my life?
Joka Sankara, a charming nurse practitioner knows, that another power stepped in when Falana Rose Huggins enters his life. She’s a beautiful, no-nonsense lawyer, on the fast track to becoming partner with no intention of falling in love, but it happens.
Is their meeting destiny, a coincidence, or a bit of both?
They’ll find that love isn’t all roses… Life, personality clashes, and work become the thorns of their relationship. And a surprise pregnancy will change their lives forever…


One Night Together: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (Love From The Sidelines) by Tuesday Harper

Drey + Trinity met on a dating website, but are finally about to see if what their chemistry will be like IRL.

A steamy sapphic Valentine’s Day short story.


Sebastian: Book 4 of the Flex Series by Celeste Granger

Francesca (Frankie) Banneker was the captain of her own fate and her own ship, The Princess Royalty. Sailing is what she loved to do. Sailing her own ship was critical to her character. She was a woman who believed in executing her destiny and not allowing anything or anyone to get in the way. Francesca was independent, forthright, and non-committal because she hadn’t found anyone worthy enough to commit to.

Sebastian Johnson was also very preoccupied with handling business without leaving room for much else. He was a personal security guard for the St. Clair family, he attended to his own family. Those two families were his focus. There wasn’t room for anything else.

Then he met Francesca. He saw her, observed her, had his interest piqued by her before he spoke to her. Involving himself with someone wasn’t what Sebastian had taken the cruise for. Francesca was also not interested even though she noticed him as well. She felt him watching her, observing her, noticing her when she was supposed to be oblivious to the attention he paid to her. Then they found each other. They connected in ways neither of them expected and forged a bond that was unshakeable, until it was.


The Agony and Ecstasy: A Brother’s Friend Romance (Safe in Your Arms Book 1) by Wynta Tyme

Caron Perez, known as CP by those in the streets, has been a successful pharmacist in his hometown of Panama City Beach, Florida, for twelve years. Entirely submerged in his work, Caron establishes a cure for diseases too many live with and not enough care to demolish. However, after discovering there is poison amongst his success, Caron is forced to experience his foundation, his connections, and his freedom being snatched away simultaneously.

Gaining motivation from one of his friends, Caron gets a job in his new home as a librarian, and a new fondness for fiction is illuminated. One twisted romance suspense novel by Author Rae King, and the natural problem solver is sorting through ways to connect with the intricate source to dive deeper than the words on paper and beyond the walls he’s been wrongly placed behind.

Kinnyrae “Rae” King Jr. was born to write. Every slice of anxiety, passion, and even restlessness that came along with creating, she relishes in. Firm on practicing independence, the thirty-two-year-old spends the majority of her time creating. However, the pleasure Kinnyrae’s work brings lacks the affection she starts to feel is missing from her life. A slew of gratifying reviews from a long-time reviewer piques Kinnyrae’s interest, sending her on a trip to Panama City, Florida to experience the love she writes about.

Countless acts of sabotage and framework will surround them before the wolf in sheep’s clothing is revealed. Will Caron and Kinnyrae have the right words to write their way out their own mystery?


A Lesson In Love : Jaxson and Evey by Thea

What happens when life gives you a second chance at love? Things didn’t work out romantically between Jaxson and Gemma but all roads led back to reconnecting with a high school fling named Evey. The second he laid eyes on her again, Jaxson knew he had to have her. However, the problem was Evey had her own skeletons that she was determined to let stay in the closet. This is a novella full of drama but will true love prevail or will Evey’s lies be too much to overcome? Find out in A lesson in love: Jaxson and Evey…


I Want Us by Jessica Terry

Jazlyn Mackie and Rome Ellis were platonic best buddies…until they’re snowed in together during a blizzard and end up keeping each other warm all night. After that, they’re feeling anything but platonic about each other.

All would be beautiful except for the fact that they were both in relationships, however imperfect, and only one of them is feeling the guilt over what they did. Then Rome’s jilted girlfriend Nell hits Jazlyn with a strange request: ‘give’ Rome back to her for one month so she can prove her love for him.

Who will Rome choose after the month is up? Will he decide his evolved feelings for Jazlyn are just a fluke and go back to Nell, or will he stay with the woman who took over his heart after one amazing night?


Genesis: A Second Chance Love Story by Aubry J.

The only person that has ever loved Genesis ‘Krude’ DeCorte more than his family was Megan James. Contrary to everyone else’s efforts, the curvy beauty was semi-successful at calming the jokester for longer than a couple of days.
As their relationship grew, Megan felt that she was maturing alone. Desperate for him to wake up, Megan did the unthinkable and broke up with Krude. The problem was, Krude didn’t break up with her. He gave her some time and space, but that time was up. Determined to prove they belonged together, Krude went on a mission to reclaim his family.
He’s pulling no punches, especially since they have a baby shower being thrown in their honor.


Tainted Masterpiece (Blank Canvas Book 1) by Laury M.

At seventeen, a sudden tragedy sent Destiny Charles to live with a father she had only known by name. Three months in his home was all it took to be more broken than when she’d first arrived. She survived that pain by constructing a wall around the past and the emotions that came with it.

She spent the following decade patching up the cracks within herself, caging the skeletons in her closet to perfectly portray to the world the woman she wants to be. But even with the pretty pictures she could not cover the destruction and pain that still haunt her. And when falling in love challenges her to let her guard down Destiny is forced to face the parts of herself that she’d closed off. It is true her life is her own canvas to create on, but is she capable of picking up the brush to paint the image of the woman she really is?


Coming Up Dana: Novella from ‘Better Luck Next Time’ series by Taylor J. Bridgeforth

With a healthy daughter, her finances out of the dark, and a restored mind–thanks to her budding friendship with Christine, everything’s coming up Dana Morgan. All except her relationship with her current beau Richard Nichols. They’ve been together for almost 8 years but she’s still keeping him at arm’s length.
Dana doesn’t want to lose Richard but how can she see their future without forgiving her past.


Your Ex Ain’t Me by Shvonne Latrice

Presley Evans has been labeled as promiscuous ever since she was a teenager and it has unfortunately followed her into adulthood. Being painted as someone she isn’t, for as long as she can remember, has taken a toll on the young beauty, numbing her whole being. Couple that with the hurtful secrets she’s harboring from the world, no one would blame her for her desensitized attitude. But when she meets a handsome NFL player who offers her an arrangement she can’t turn down and one that would ignite the spark she’s been missing for so long, Presley can’t help but to oblige. She learns quickly though, that there are still pieces left of her heart that can be broken and he’ll be the one to do it.

Shakur Compton, the young, good-looking, rich and well-known wide receiver of the Los Angeles Gremlins is on top of the world. He’s got everything a man his age could ask for, including a beautiful woman by his side. The fact that she used to belong to his older brother, and that his close knit family can’t seem to accept her, are issues he feels are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Life is good. But when the two learn of some life-altering news, the foundation of their relationship begins to crack and bleed in more ways than one. Shakur is unsure of who to trust after some startling information comes to light, all the while having to juggle several moving parts in his life. It becomes not only a lot for the young footballer, but for wifey by his side as well.

Teyaira Harper has been unlucky in love ever since she laid eyes on Lequay Compton. Having bet everything on him, she was devastated to learn that she was never a part of his game plan. But when his younger brother Shakur swooped in to save the day, she couldn’t have been happier having finally run into a man who valued the woman she’s always portrayed herself to be. Right then and there, she vowed to protect this new love at all costs. What she didn’t count on though, was that sometimes relationships are more than exotic trips, intimacy, and shopping sprees. There can also be trials, tribulations and tests. And when faced with the ultimate trial, Teyaira begins to lose her footing in a once stable union. However this time, she promises not to go down without a fight.

In this love story saturated with secrets, lies, and betrayals, these lovers learn that some of the greatest loves can come from the strangest places, while others were never meant to bloom at all.

*This is a standalone novel. However reading “Love Letters from a Gangsta” before this one is recommended for ultimate reading experience.*


Before You Go (Novelette Book 1) by Sabreena Cox

Lixue finds herself wanting more out of relationship and is beginning to tire of having her needs met with deaf ears. Throwing an ultimatum out of her hand, will she get what she want or will she learn that moving on is better than staying around?


The Paramour by V. Kay Martin

Do you believe in destiny? The kind that starts with what if?

It’s a question that’s been hanging on Charlie’s mind since the night that he met the woman of his dreams—Gloria.

Compelled to speak to her, Charlie finds himself spellbound and compromised, a prelude to the beginning of a salacious love story that leaves him questioning if their chance meeting was predestined.

The only problem is, he’s married.

Detective Charles Bensley, a civil servant, keeping the streets of Argale safe for all, is a southern gentleman and a hopeless romantic. A devoted dad and a loving, supportive, and loyal husband…

…that is until that fateful night when he encounters the irresistible, Gloria Gatlin.

The beautiful, straightforward, accomplished Assistant State’s Attorney is a lover of the arts that finds beauty in everything that surrounds her. A self-preservationist at heart, Gloria embraces the single life and prefers to be unattached, finding love and all that comes with it unappealing.

What starts out as an illicit affair with an inevitable end soon turns into a clandestine romance with no end in sight.

From sexy rendezvouses and taboo trysts to falling hopelessly for Gloria, The Paramour, Charlie ultimately learns just how many twists and turns destiny’s joyride can have.

And when the truth is uncovered, will Charlie say goodbye to Gloria and return to the life he lived before destiny intervened? Or does the universe have an altogether different plan in mind?

Really… How do clandestine romances end? Can a forbidden love have a happy ending?


Servant of the Stone by Saharra K. Sandhu

She’s middle-aged, working through her bucket list, short on time, and will have none of what he’s dishing out.
He’s grumpy, not interested, and wants her off his mountain.
Anything can happen when two highly opinionated people and an ancient curse are involved…

The bucket list…
Retire physician, Ranae Mills doesn’t have long to live and wants to see one place on her list, Mount Kilimanjaro. The trip is going well until a strange man blocks her path and demands she return home. The mountain has other plans for them both and sends them careening over its slopes in an avalanche. Thus begins her journey as the Servant of the Stone, a healer of people she never knew existed, using medicine unlike any she has seen before.

Dr. Musa Jiwé sees her in his dreams. Every night he watches her die and is helpless to stop it. Even worse, people around her get sick and perish. She’s the carrier of a plague and it’s his job to stop its spread. Turning her away was his one chance to stop the future his dreams foretold, if only he can convince Kilimanjaro to release her from her destiny. But the mountain wants her to stay and will kill her to make that happen.


Sisters with a Side of Greens by Michelle Stimpson

Sisters Rose Tillman and Marvina Nash haven’t spoken in decades—not since Rose sent Marvina $40 to register their business and Marvina spent it on something else. Rose begins a long career at the post office and Marvina spends her weekends cooking chicken dinners for the church fundraiser. Marvina never leaves the canister of their mama’s special spice mix in the church kitchen, and she shares the recipe with no one.

Rose never forgave Marvina for that $40 betrayal, but when she retires, she’s still dreaming of opening a restaurant with her sister, using mama’s secret spice mix to make their fortune in fried chicken and Southern comfort food. To her horror, Rose realizes she’s forgotten the spice mix recipe. There’s nothing to do but get in her car to drive the two hours to Marvina’s house back in Fork City, Texas. Marvina’s determined never to speak to Rose again, but figures she’ll meet her on the doorstep to hear what she has to say, before closing the door in her face.

Of course, that’s not what happens next, as the sisters find a way to turn their mama’s legacy into a bright new future for their whole community.


This Could Be Us (Skyland Book 2) by Kennedy Ryan

Soledad Barnes has her life all planned out. Because, of course, she does. She plans everything. She designs everything. She fixes everything. She’s a domestic goddess who’s never met a party she couldn’t host or a charge she couldn’t lead. The one with all the answers and the perfect vinaigrette for that summer salad. But none of her varied talents can save her when catastrophe strikes, and the life she built with the man who was supposed to be her forever, goes poof in a cloud of betrayal and disillusion.
But there is no time to pout or sulk, or even grieve the life she lost. She’s too busy keeping a roof over her daughters’ heads and food on the table. And in the process of saving them all, Soledad rediscovers herself. From the ashes of a life burned to the ground, something bold and new can rise.
But then an unlikely man enters the picture—the forbidden one, the one she shouldn’t want but can’t seem to resist. She’s lost it all before and refuses to repeat her mistakes. Can she trust him? Can she trust herself?
After all she’s lost . . .and found . . .can she be brave enough to make room for what could be?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up March 4th-10th

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