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Weekend On The Isle (A No Holds Barred Holiday Edition) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Note: This is a follow-up story to No Holds Barred. I encourage you to read that book first before reading Weekend On The Isle.

Deciding they need quality time away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives, Hunter takes Camilla to St. Lucia, where the two don’t come up for air as they indulge in a weekend on the isle.


Yellow: A Ganton Hills Novelette by Aubree Pynn

Your core is so off-kilter you don’t know what to do.
Dominic has had the energy Sarai so desperately needs, but can she handle the impact of their worlds colliding?


Jedidiah’s Crowning Glory (Crowne Legacy Book 3) by Sherelle Green

Ever experience lust at first sight and know the person is wrong for you in every way?

My demons are mine to slay. My burdens are mine to carry. I’ve never been a knight in shining armor. More like a savage in dusty timbs condemned to spend my existence taking lives. Therefore, the last thing I want to do is save hers even if my family dictates I’m the best man for the job. Then again, only God judges who goes to heaven and hell and maybe this could tip the scale in my favor. But could giving into temptation erase this good deed? She is a vixen after all, testing my patience and my will. 

He doesn’t think I deserve his help and honestly, I don’t blame him. He doesn’t like that I’m not from his world and truthfully, he’s right. He’s the only Crowne I didn’t want to help me and yet, he’s exactly who I got. While his eyes may seem murderous, there’s something else there too. Something he doesn’t want me to see. He’s warned me to leave him alone and I listen… Until I don’t.

Please Note: Jedidiah’s Crowning Glory contains sex, violence, and profanity. Before reading this story, it is recommended that you check out the first books in Crowne Legacy.


Sand to the Beach by Shae Sanders

Jenarra Hammond trusts no one, which is why she’s headed to Isley Beach with her mother in the middle of a work week. She’s committed to keeping an eye on her mother and her new online beau. No harm will come to her on Jenarra’s watch. 

When Maceo McKinley’s father begs him to come to the beach house and get his girlfriend’s annoying daughter out of his hair, he reluctantly drops everything to do his pops a favor. 

When the bodyguard and the babysitter meet, tension and hostility soon give way to passion and the two find themselves embroiled in a heated summer affair. Could it be love? Perhaps. But there’s a dirty little secret that could change everything.

Guaranteed HEA.


Dear Amelia (Love in Seattle Book 1) by Asia Monique

Dear Amelia, I love you…

Advice columnist, Amelia Reinhardt, had been told her entire life that she was destined for greatness. After gracing the cover of a popular magazine that highlights black professionals, Amelia knew she’d finally made it. Now that her career was taking off, she no longer had an excuse to ignore the storm brewing between her and the man she’s known her entire life.

Real estate mogul, Israel Holloway, has worked tirelessly his entire adult life to get to where he wanted to be. So, working hard to get who he wanted to be with was a task he had no problem taking on. Israel longed to be the number one man in his best friend’s life, and in an attempt to win her heart, he turns to the one thing he knows will get her attention and keep it. But will it?

Signed, someone very close to you.

please note, this is book one in a four book series, each can be read as a standalone novel.


Pray for You: A Novella by Kiara Neufville

“I’m craving a love I don’t think anyone can give me.”

Craving for a love that touches the depth of your soul was all Snoh Anderson ever wanted. Her childhood trauma sent her down a sprawling path of loving all the wrong people. For Snoh chances come a dime a dozen out of fear of not being seen.

Like any other project baby Hendrix just wanted to survive. Going back broke wasn’t an option so he hustled until it consumed him. Making money came naturally while understanding love was foreign. Not being able to give what he didn’t understand leaves Hendrix with more than just an empty bed.

Broken hearts are just wandering souls looking for a partner to heal them. Snoh wants to be healed so she prays for a man that’ll love her unconditionally, flaws and all. Hendrix finds himself drawn to her yet everything that glitters isn’t go.


He Can’t Love You 2 by DeeAnn

Spirit McCoy is trying to find her way back to love. From having her cake and eating it too, her plate is now empty, and she needs someone to fill it back up. Her husband, Spectacular wants nothing to do with her while her side piece, Trent is willing to give her another chance. Finally, tired of fighting, she gives up to Spec’s demands of divorce and gives her all to Trent. Things go left with Trent and Spirit Needs Spec to save her. Will he be there? Or will he let her suffer the consequences she chose?

Spectacular McCoy has had enough after fifteen years of marriage. Not being able to take the pain, he starts a new business with his brother-in-law and focuses his time and attention on his daughter, Sparkle. He feels like a new man as he starts dating his new love interest, Toya Leigh. Things are going well until Spirit needs his help and Toya doesn’t approve. Who will he listen to? Has he had too much? Will he throw in the towel with his marriage with Spirit? Or with Toya?

Sunnie Lewis and Lux Burgess are going through the motions with his mother, Tanya. Going back and forth, cutting each other with their words, Tanya finally comes around after an altercation to a turn for the worse. Things seem to get better but only get worse when a friend from Lux’s past comes into play. Was she just a friend? Will Sunnie find out? Or will she be left in the dark?


The Illest Taboo: (An Enemies to Lovers Romance) by K.L. Hall

Between student loans, an unexpected rent hike, and a career that has her living paycheck to paycheck, 24-year-old River Newman is swimming in her share of debt. She longs for the lavish lifestyle of her best friend, Suki. From the matching his and her Maserati’s she and her husband Luca roll in, to the iced-out diamond ring Suki lugs around on her ring finger; they are serious #couplegoals. Yet, their most prized possession is their five-year-old daughter, and River’s goddaughter, Noemi. Just days away from eviction, River is hit with the tragic news that both Suki and Luca were killed in a car accident, leaving her to raise Noemi as her own. There’s only one thing standing in her way, Luca’s brother, Maverick. Not only is he Noemi’s last living blood relative, he’s also the type of man River avoids.  

Maverick Muhammad Malone is fresh off a five-year bid and determined to turn his life around. After becoming a licensed tattoo artist while incarcerated, he plans to put all the money he made as the spearhead of East Atlanta’s most sought-after drug ring into a legitimate tattoo business and leave the mess of his past behind. After learning of his brother’s death, he quickly finds himself being dragged back into the lion’s den. When Noemi is temporarily placed in his custody, he knows he’s not equipped to take on the role of fatherhood alone. He enlists the help of the one person who knows her best, River. 

When Maverick offers her an opportunity to become Noemi’s live-in nanny, rent-free, she sees it as an opportunity to save her favorite little girl from a life in the system and herself from her financial woes. But will she be able to put her judgments aside and agree to live under the same roof as the man she’s despised for years? With a pending court hearing looming over him, the stakes are higher than ever. Maverick will have to prove that he’s capable of keeping his hands clean, while secretly planning to avenge his brother’s death. For these two, falling in love was never a part of the plan, but if they can save the child, they just may end up saving each other too.


Second Chance (The Rewind Series Book 2) by K. Lashaun

The one that got away… Old hurts that aren’t easily forgiven… And a second chance at love…⠀
Sinn Ashland never thought she’d lay eyes on Jaxon Elliott after the disastrous end to their romance six years ago. Yet, there they were, three months into a committed relationship.

Sinn had grown from the immature young woman she’d been back then, but her previous selfish actions and careless words left scars on Jaxon’s heart that weren’t as easily forgiven as they thought.

When he pulls away, Sinn knows it’s time to go all in and show Jaxon that he could trust her with his heart.

It was her turn to fight for the man she’d foolishly walked away from six years ago and convince him they deserved a second chance at love…


Flinging All Spring: Book Three of Sag Harbor Black Romances by Lula White

“Give. It. To me,” Adella demanded now. As she leaned forward, sticking out her palm to receive it, she smelled liquor on Desmond.

“No.” Ignoring her request, Desmond held the scarf over the stair banister. 

Adella’s eyes flapped in horror as it left his fingers, and sailed away from them, to the first floor below. Her nappy hair, unkempt and wild, was exposed. And now she felt naked, even as her fist clinched her robe across her throat. 

Desmond sucked his lips, and the pupils of his eyes became airplane engines flying toward her. “Aside from lying about how you meet men, and concealing your natural hair, what else do you hide from the rest of the world?”

“None of your business. You had no right to do that.”

“In three days, you’re going to be my wife. You don’t think I have a right to know what’s really under there?”

Her face still clutching her silk robe against the hollow of her throat, she glared at him. “No.”

Return to the hotbed of riches, rivalries and romance in the Black Hamptons.

Boston heart surgeon Adella English was never the popular girl during Sag Harbor vacations. When at last she finds good love, Del receives a staggering phone call that changes everything. 

Her beloved grandfather is on his death bed. And if Adella is to receive his massive real estate inheritance, he has one specific condition. 

Roughneck ex-football player Desmond McClain could care less about his family’s construction empire. On top of that, he is an outsider to the Sag Harbor elites. He didn’t attend an Ivy League schoool, and didn’t grow up dancing at cotillions and galas. When his family demands that he marry a bourgeoisie woman he’s never met, he does something despicable that doesn’t win him any fans in Sag Harbor.

Now, to protect the future of their families, these two strangers must not only share a boardroom, and a house, but a bed. 

A disastrous prison sentence? Or will Desmond tap Adella’s secret garden this spring?

This marriage of convenience medium-heat romance is Book 3 in the Sag Harbor Black Romances. If you love hit television series Queen Sugar, these are your stories. These books can be read in any order, but are most delicious in sequence.

*Strong language & sex. This is NOT clean romance.


Deliver Me from Duval (The Duval Series Book 1) by Chassilyn Hamilton 

Duval County, home to the Jacksonville Florida Jaguars, taught Tyree Morris many lessons through loss. She’d lost her mother at a young age, her father years later, and she even almost lost herself in heartbreak. But now, at twenty-one years old, life is on the upswing. Tyree hit the jackpot with superstar wide receiver, Kamaal Duval. They were instantly smitten with each other from the first time they met. And after two years of dating, Tyree is convinced she has found forever in Kamaal. 

She feels like royalty sitting high on the throne beside her boyfriend, the hometown hero and king of Jacksonville, until a press conference by Kamaal’s rival unveils a salacious scandal for the world to see. Desperate to find herself and unsure of who she can trust, Tyree runs to the least expected place for refuge. But the sudden reappearance of an old love interest gives her more than she was looking for. 

They say the best way to get over one man is to get under another. But when unresolved feelings, complacency, and loneliness threaten to impede her process of self-discovery and independence, Tyree is left to wonder if rushing into love could cause more damage than good.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 10th-16th

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