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Release Some Tension by Nicole Falls

It was always supposed to be a temporary thing.

Ayumi Richards and Lewis Upton both desperately needed respite from the high stakes drama of their professional lives. A chance encounter at a local watering hole not only helped them find solace in each other, but forge a connection that defied any so-called logic to which they’d both previously ascribed.



the love deluxe mixtape by Alexandria House

a moan, a sigh, a hiss, a kiss, longing, loving, release, satisfaction—love deluxe.

This is a brief collection of erotic scenes which also includes two short stories previously available for free online. If erotic content and short stories are not your cup of tea, then this experience is not for you.



Heavy Hearts by M.T. Dixon

He was everything she wanted.
She was perfection in his eyes.
All of that changed in one night.
Their world crumbled and now,
Tiara and Jason are trying to pick up the pieces.

Can they find their way back to each other through heavy hearts?



Nobody But You 2 by Skye Moon and Bella Jay

Ivory was devastated when a shocking revelation rocked her world moments before she was set to walk down the aisle. With her life now in shambles, she’s left struggling to find herself and deal with the fallout of Eric’s alleged infidelity.

Justin and Hadleigh were on a high after reconnecting with one another in Aruba, but things quickly take a turn when they return to the real world. They find that a lot has changed since their college love affair and that more than one obstacle stands in the way of their newfound rekindleship.

Tiana and Kash are left to crash and burn, and the only thing that any of them are sure of while returning home is that nothing will ever be the same.



Daisy: A Timeless Love (Flower Sisters Book 4) by Asia Monique

Daisy Baker has a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit. Those qualities were what caught the attention of firefighter, Ayden Parker. Every Wednesday at noon for two years straight, they meet the same way, inside of Luxe Flower Boutique, where Ayden makes the same purchase each time. One question, complimentary flowers, and a promise was all it took to shift the dynamic between the two. And right before their eyes, a romance began to bloom.

*Please note, this is book four of a five part interconnected series. Though each book is a standalone, some parts of the storyline are ongoing.



Just A Friend Two by A.S. Wilson

After thirteen years of friendship, Julian and Meekah have come to terms with the feelings that they have for one another. They can no longer deny the love that lies between them, and they are both done trying. But love is not the only thing that lies between them. When Julian receives devastating news, he retreats into himself, leaving Meekah to wonder what his true feelings are. Can their budding romance withstand a deluge of secrets and past hurts, or will they lose each other to their pain?



The Boyfriend Type (Hailey Family Book 1) by Shae Sanders

Yasmeen Hailey has just moved back to Langston, her hometown, for a fresh start after a major setback. She’s not looking for love but she wouldn’t mind having a little fun.
Handsome restaurateur Larenzo Black is trying to put his womanizing ways behind him and focus on business. For him, women are trouble.
They’re both running from their past and when they crash into each other, sparks fly. But Larenzo’s best friend in the world happens to be Yasmeen’s older brother, and every man knows that’s a line you never cross.

*This is a steamy first-in-series romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone



Too Afraid to Love You by Renee

Temple Harris was born the only girl child to her parents. She has two older brothers but quickly grows into the apple of her father’s eye. When she is offered an opportunity to further her career as a major marketing exec for a fortune 500 company owned by Apryl Simmons, Temple jumps at the chance. Everything looks wonderful except the fact that she will have to move over two thousand miles away. Temple is very capable of making her own decisions. However, making the move without both of her parent’s blessings proves to be the hardest part.
Once Temple’s brothers and mother convince their father that it is time for her to spread her wings, they all take the flight to California to get her settled in. It’s been two years since she landed in the sunny land of California. And her California dreams have absolutely come true.
Apryl Simmons pitches a dream to join forces with successful business mogul, Cairo Evans, in order to become a force to be reckoned with in the growing world of Urban Housing Development, but Cairo isn’t exactly going for the idea.
In the last five years, Cairo Evans has used his business savvy and tactics to put himself in a position to be recognized as a contender for millionaire status in the world of construction. He has no interest in joining into a partnership with Apryl Simmons in this housing project or any other because he has seen such negative numbers in that market over the last several years.
At the persistent urging of his assistant Stephanie, he agrees to go out for a cordial dinner with Apryl Simmons for the publicity. Stephanie hopes that Cairo will begin to see that she is worthy of more than just being his assistant. She doesn’t bank on Temple Harris being the one to facilitate the partnership. The word in the business world had always been that Cairo Evans could be a hard shell to crack.
Will Temple be able to speak his language? Will Cairo send her back to her hometown with her tail tucked between her legs because she allows her ex to distract her. Or will she show the people who doubted her that she has what it takes to stand next to the likes of Apryl Simmons and Cairo Evans as she comes up?
Will Cairo keep his promise to his mother that he will change his ways by allowing himself some pleasure in life? Or will he continue to conduct everything like business as usual and play every card in life at a distance?
Stephanie is trying hard to get his attention, but will she fail because he doesn’t see her potential because someone else is standing in the way?



Jeremy: A Forbidden Love Book #2 by M.L. Sexton

He’s lost his ex-wife, son, parents, and love of his life, Moriah. He was locked up for 5 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now that he’s out, he’s given the opportunity to change his life and get Moriah back. But someone from his past threatens to take it all away, again. When love is forbidden, you have to risk it all.



Embracing Ever After (Once Upon a Baby Book 1) by Sheryl Lister

There aren’t many things that scare tough-girl Raven Montomery. However, the next Best Friends Challenge has her running in the opposite direction. What was she thinking? Her girls knew she’d never say no to a pact. But, when insecurities she thought she’d buried come racing to the forefront of her mind, she isn’t sure of anything anymore. Bryson is the most supportive husband a woman could ask for, yet despite his best efforts to dissuade her from worrying about the challenge, it isn’t working. Looks like she’s in too deep now, whether she likes it or not.

**For the best experience, it is recommended that you read the series in order.**

Book 1 – Embracing Ever After (Sheryl Lister)
Book 2 – Hopelessly Ever After (Angela Seals)
Book 3 – Beyond Ever After (Elle Wright)
Book 4 – Yours Ever After (Sherelle Green)



Hopelessly Ever After (Once Upon a Baby Book 2) by Angela Seals

Quinn wants a baby. Scratch that. Quinn is obsessed with getting pregnant. To her, wanting a child with her husband Paxton is the natural next step after marriage. However, Paxton isn’t ready for kids. He has his reasons and Quinn respects that. But what about her wishes? She didn’t come up with the next Best Friends Challenge to be sitting on the sidelines. Pax knew what he signed up for when he married Quinn. Therefore, she just needs to show him that life would be so much sweeter with a cute mini running around. With Pax not budging, it will take all the Cosmo quizzes in the world for Quinn to change his mind.



Beyond Ever After (Once Upon a Baby Book 3) by Elle Wright

Ryleigh Sullivan has no plans on following through with the next Best Friends Challenge, especially when that challenge includes babies, bottles and back rubs. Well, she’d take the back rubs, but she may be down a husband if Martin doesn’t get it through his sexy head that she’s not ready to be a mother. The more he talks about it, the more she realizes they may never see eye to eye on parenthood. It’s never fun when sex becomes a game of what if. Especially when their marriage has been the best kind of love so far.



Yours Ever After (Once Upon a Baby Book 4) by Sherelle Green

Once again, Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Carter finds herself agreeing to an insane pact with her besties. Only this time, the Best Friends Challenge is sure to end with her barefoot, pregnant, and cursing out anyone within a three foot radius. Doesn’t the universe realize she’s a handful already? Her husband Alexander may be ecstatic to diaper dive into the world of fatherhood, but Mac? She isn’t so sure. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like great sex, even better conversations, and a husband and wife who are tested in ways they never thought possible.



Teach Me How to Love by Celeste Granger

For Remington Steele, being a new professor on the campus of Spelman College is what dreams are made of. It is also a wonderful escape from small-town life and small-town thinking. What she didn’t expect was a chance encounter with Professor Chance Walker. There is something about this man that draws Remington like a bee to precious honey. Yet, the demons of her past keep Remington from seeing Chance for the man he is and the man he wants to be in her life. Chance Walker doesn’t see their initial encounter as accidental or happenstance. It feels destined, fated, despite Remington’s reservations. Chance isn’t one to give up easily, not when its something he wants. And he wants Remington, unapologetically.

This is a standalone story with a happily ever after.



Sweet Subjection by Nova Faye

Twenty-nine-year-old Narine Carmichael is full of talent but going nowhere. Stuck, her life was no longer her own and the road that took her there was full of agony. When a blast from the past reappears in her life, she realizes how far gone she really is. In a fight for control of her life, she must decide if loyalty is worth the price she paid for her soul in exchange for the sins of her past.

Gunner Armstrong has finally figured out what he wants after thirty-one years and returns home to obtain it. Just when he’s ready to plant his roots and find peace, everything he left threatens the growth he seeks. In his own fight with the past, he must find a way to settle the dust before it muddles his future.

In this second-chance standalone romance, the reunion for these two lovers is anything but joyous. The stakes are high in this sweet, dramatic story of redemption and the illusion of control. Can the past be forgiven in an attempt to salvage the future? Is love enough to break a deal with the devil even if the collateral damage would be catastrophic?



Malicious: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Mickey Black

“I hate you,” Mia said huskily.

“I hate you, too,” Ervin whispered coarsely against her ear.

“But I want you, Mia. I’ve always wanted you.”

Criminal Lawyer Mia Thorne has won the biggest case of her career. But her newfound success and notoriety comes with a massive price — she gains a new enemy. Ervin Malone — dark, brooding and sexy — has made it his mission to constantly remind Mia that she is responsible for allowing a killer to get away with murder. When Ervin Malone invades her life in more ways than one, Mia Thorne finds herself attracted to the man in ways she never would have imagined. As the love between Mia and Ervin begins to blossom, an enemy shows up with a scheme that could not only destroy their love but their lives altogether. With shocking twists and turns, can this unexpected love affair prevail, or will it fall prey to something far more MALICIOUS?



Love Ain’t Always Complicated by Krystal Shay

21-Year-old Jasmine is your average around the way girl. Her days consist of working and taking care of her sick mother. A relationship was the last thing on her mind so when Kevin came into her life, she did not want anything to do with him. Kevin did not stop until she allowed him into her life and made her his woman. 7 years later and Kevin has proved to Jasmine that no matter how good a woman she is, she is not good enough to be his only woman.

Kevin always had the dream of being a big-time rapper because working on someone else’s timeclock wasn’t for him. Finally, years of studio time and persistence he catches his break. Along with that break comes money, and an unlimited supply of women.

Karter, even though he was born into money being that his parents are both doctors, has made a name for himself in the music industry by being the CEO of King Productions. He is enjoying the life of a paid, single man and does not plan on changing that anytime soon after having his heart broken by someone, he saw his future with. The only people he allows to get close to him are his parents, his siblings and his assistant Jasmine. The bond that Karter and Jasmine shares has people questioning is she more than his assistant and Karter does not mind reminding them that he’s done with love.

This thing with life though, it has a way of showing you love ain’t always complicated.


Love Me Deeper by Natalie Sade

What happens when a focused New Yorker collides with a charming Texan?

Gotti Lexington, a brand strategist from New York, is fed up with feeling undervalued. With the encouragement of her two best friends, La’Shea Yarborough and Troy Matthews, she quits her corporate job and starts her own PR firm. In an attempt to assist her with building her clientele, La’Shea links Gotti with Geechi Koran. He is an attractive, self-made, philanthropist who loves his family. Too good to be true, right? Gotti has no idea of the whirlwind her life is about to experience. Bitterness over the fact that Geechi was left the family business in his grandfather’s will, creates enemies for him. To keep them at bay, Geechi enlists Gotti to ensure that he doesn’t lose the luxury car dealership. In her role as Geechi’s “clean up lady”, Gotti finally feels that her talents are being appreciated. She has secured more exclusive clientele and moved out of her overbearing, extremely critical mother’s home. Gotti’s loyalty for Geechi runs so deep that she will stop at nothing to make sure he avoids prison. A mutual attraction for each other causes them to explore the possibilities of a fairytale love story. But as secrets are revealed, Gotti realizes she may have been a pawn for the street savvy entrepreneur. When faced with losing her, will Geechi find a way to love Gotti deeper?



Bottoms Up (A Heart of Stone Short Story/Book 3.5) by Chiquita Dennie

Jessica is moving on from love, hearing your man say your boring in bed and he’s leaving you was the last thing she wanted to hear. Newly single and ready to mingle was her motto. She just didn’t expect to fall for the person she hates more than anything. her boss. When opposites attract, they were speaking about Joseph Michael and Jessica Samuels. Two different people that weren’t looking for love but they found it in an unlikely place.

Note:This is a short story that introduces new characters that will continue in a full novel in 2020!
Order of series
Heart of Stone Book 1 (Emery and Jackson)

Heart of Stone Book 1.5 (Emery and Jackson) Valentine’s Day Short

Heart of Stone Book 2 (Jordan and Damon)

Heart of Stone Book 3 (Angela and Brent)

Bottoms Up (A Heart of Stone Short)3.5

Heart of Stone Book 4 (Jessica and Joseph) (Coming in 2020)



Forbidden Love (Forbidden Love Series Book 3) by Stephanie P. Hendry

During her twenty-one years, Autumn has experienced more setbacks than most people have in a lifetime, but when she meets Antwan, a reporter for LA Times, things are about to change. She finds herself captivated by his world and wants to be a part of it. When the truth about Antwan is revealed, her world is turned upside down and their lives will never be the same.
Chloe and Devin are living the perfect life, but when someone tries to recover a debt from Chloe’s past, it could cost her everything.
Belinda is a professional hairstylist who seems to have it all together, but when she pursues David, a friend of one of her clients, she finds herself addicted to more than just sex and is left to pick up the pieces as her life spirals out of control. Can she recover, before it’s too late?
The relationship between Ana and Ty has gone from love to abuse. Although it would be easy to leave him, she is forced to continue a working relationship with him, which may be dangerous to both of them.

This page turner will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat!!!



Conversations in the Diner: A Short Story by Serene Arie

Keston Guilds is a man who sought to save his failing marriage but was too late to pick up the pieces and put them back together. After leaving his wife, depression sinks in, but he’s quickly pulled out of it by a waitress who has been serving him at a local establishment called The Diner. He becomes enamored by her beauty and her spirit while filing to divorce his wife who doesn’t want to let him go. Will this woman be the one to heal his broken heart? Or will he go back to his wife and try to find the pieces they’ve already lost?



LITA with LEO: The Year Book Three by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Leo watched Lita and knew something was off. She answered the door, allowed him to kiss her and asked if he was hungry. There was none of her usual snap as she prepared plates and drinks for them. Finally, he grabbed her, pulling her on his lap.

“You need to tell me what’s up Lita.” Leo said.

“What kind of energy do you think I give off to men?” He sat up straighter because he wasn’t feeling that question.

“What men?”

“Men Leo. Any man, what do I give off? I don’t dress provocative; I know I’m glammed up some times but…” He turned her to face him.

“Lita, I don’t do vague. You are asking me about you and men, I need more details.” She quietly told him what occurred with Professor Donovan. She felt his energy change and his muscles tighten.

“He did… let me just say this. You did nothing. He’s been known to be grimy. He thinks I want his job but this. Cool, I got it.”

“I kind of threatened to drag him by his throat before turning him in and telling you.” Her words made him relax and smile slightly.

“You should have drug his punk ass. But believe this, I got you. Lita, I need to know these kinds of things. You’re my woman…”

She loved hearing him say his woman. The first time he made love to her and was deep inside he told her, Lita Mitchell, you’re with me, I’m your man, and you’re my woman.



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