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It’s Not Them, It’s Only Her (Young In Love Book 4) by Elle Wright

My mission in life is simple. Family. Food. Freedom. Most people don’t question my love for my family. And I make my living as a celebrity chef. The freedom part? The thought of being confined—behind bars, at a desk, or in a monogamous relationship—is not something I want for myself. Unfortunately, it becomes a problem when women want to make me their Forever Bae. Even after I make it clear that I’m not looking for more than short interlude.

Except… when I think of her, when I’m with her, I don’t feel stuck. I actually want uninterrupted time with her. Surprised? Me too.

Want to know how I ended up in this predicament? I wish I knew because I definitely wasn’t looking for it. Maybe it’s the way she takes care of me? By listening to the things I say and everything I don’t say.

Want to know why changing our relationship dynamic is a bad idea? I’m not the only one who wants her. Which makes it very complicated.

Want to know another reason why this is a bad idea? My track record speaks for itself. And she deserves someone good. I’m… not.

The choice is hers, though. I hate to lose so I’m playing to win. And I will show her that it’s not him that she needs. It’s me.

IT’S NOT THEM, IT’S ONLY HER is book four in the Young In Love Series, featuring the very large, very fun Young Family. If you love romance with layered characters and laugh out loud moments, snag your copy. This novel contains sex, profanity, and sensitive subjects that some may find triggering.


By Request by Charity Shane’

When Skylar Hart suddenly finds herself in an economic hardship, a handsome stranger has the perfect solution.

Wale Okun’s request is simple. She must be his for a weekend.

The attraction they share is mutual but the passion is explosive, more than either one of them could have imagined.

It begins a request…
And transitions to a need…

Skylar and Wale both realize they’ve become more than willing to play their roles, which makes for a dangerous combination that neither expected.


In Him I Trust by Nako
“The Champ is here” 

Four choice words that the heavy-weight champion of the world assumed he would hear until he chose otherwise, certainly not the other way around.

Lies. Speculation. Deceit.

Trust Ashley James went from being on top of the world to under it in less than eighteen minutes.

With his back against the ropes, he had no choice but to isolate until further notice.

When he returns to the ring, he’s a new man. A better man.

A man that one woman had been praying for all along.

Content Note: This is an urban romance standalone that contains mature themes and subjects that may be disturbing to some readers. You do not have to read anything prior to enjoy this love story.


Take a Hike (Lovestruck Book 3) by Mimi Grace

Falling in love is an uphill battle.

Day-to-day life has grown stale for Raven Coleman, who prefers to fly by the seat of her pants than follow any set plan. So when she unexpectedly inherits an outdoor recreation and tour business in a charming small town, it’s exactly the kind of shakeup she has been asking the universe for.

Instead of selling Mountaintop Adventures right away, Raven decides to step in as the boss for the summer to determine if it’s a position she’d like to hold long-term. Unfortunately, her presence is not well received by the staff, particularly Silas Reynolds, the hardheaded archery instructor.

Silas once had big dreams, but life got in the way. Now he’s making the most of his situation. That is until the bubbly Raven thwarts his plan to buy Mountaintop Adventures. She has no industry experience or interest in the great outdoors but insists she can run the business.

The two butt heads immediately, but attraction and rapport soon soften their exchanges. Can Silas and Raven keep professional lines and their opposing goals intact? Or is love a force too strong to ignore?

This novel can be read as a standalone.


Keep You To Myself by BriAnn Danae

Chaotic peace was the only way Synovi Black could explain his life to those who had questions. He never understood why they asked because an answer was never given; it was none of their business. For her, he’d break it down, however. Weave through the complexities of his upbringing, urging her to get comfortable and reside in chaos by his side.

His world became hers, and she became his.

Flawed but perfect in her eyes, Torin Kaine adapts to Synovi’s meek yet assertive presence. Breaking down barriers, making his stand-offish personality open up to her, she finds a crack in his wounded heart, gains comfort, and remains.

Simplistically, Torin eases his troubled mind. She becomes someone Synovi cherishes, making him not want to ever share her with anyone else.

Please note: This is a contemporary urban romance standalone with no cliffhanger.


Needful Noor by Takerra Allen


She escaped the life she had, to find the life she needed…

How much of our fate is circumstance?

Noor’s life path has always been potholed with obstacles.

But she was a survivor, an adapter…a proud wanderer.

Still, the deep yearning for more kept her motivated to conquer every hindrance, because there had to be more waiting – somewhere.

Hitchhiking her way to a new coast, she lands at the feet of money, prestige, and a soul-touching love, all at the doing of a chance job opportunity.

But it doesn’t mean all even terrain, and her past has a problem letting go.

Still, Noor is convinced destiny has brought her to the life she deserves.

She won’t allow the girl she was stop her from becoming the woman she needs to be.

Rules don’t apply, and she’s tired of letting life happen to her.

She’s determined to finally get everything she’s ever wanted.

Everything she’s ever needed.


Love’s Manifesto: Fated by Kayelle Gee

Manifesto – The written and public declaration of intentions, motives, or views.

Kadence Sole is a schoolteacher with a passion for sweet treats, whose dream is to one day open her own bakery. While embarking on this new journey, she finds casual dating to be a distraction and decides to only date with a purpose… marriage. When she least expects it, Kadence has a chance encounter with a man who seems to check off all her boxes. Though intrigued, she’s left with a nagging feeling that he’s simply too good to be true.

Keno McCall is a successful architect with ambitions to build himself the perfect life. As he brings in his thirty-seventh birthday, he realizes he’s still missing eminent components needed to create his masterpiece. When he sets his sights on Kadence, he considers she could be the missing element, only if she can get out of her own way.

They find themselves whisked away within the throws of love where even time becomes an insignificant factor. But one day, time becomes the only factor. Kadence notices a change in Keno that causes him to withdraw, and her greatest fear suddenly becomes her reality.

Will Kadence be forced to accept that a love like this is simply too good to be true? Or will she find it’s a love truly worth fighting for? Will Keno give up when he realizes the perfect life he’s built is fragile and under attack? Or is his faith strong enough to keep him going?


Where’s the Fun in Forever by ashley

After a jarring first encounter, two strangers looking to enjoy their time on a beautiful island find themselves in a steamy entanglement. The only rule is no strings attached, but it’s not long before Moira and Chance wonder if their crossing paths is more than just a coincidence. Knowing their rendezvous can’t last forever leaves them both caught up and confused as they struggle to find the fun in their plight.


Love, Truth, and Tabloids (Invasion of Privacy series Book 1) by Tereesa L. Tuff

Truth is what it is… or who he is. Arrogant, but charming, and in command of his career, Truth is a music producer that everyone wants to get next to. However, when a visit to a friend’s tattoo studio yields the meeting of a woman who’d prefer to keep her distance, simple intrigue become a craving with layers of deep.

Celebrity makeup artist, Mykal knows the music industry. The fine lines of pleasure and business she has managed to avoid for most of her career. Yet when Truth slides in her DM, holding out turns into don’t let me go. That is, until the tabloids get ahold of her.

Will what could potentially be a match for the books fold under the light of the Press? Or will Truth and Mykal risk it all for a chance at love?


Playing With Fire by Shay Davis

Zahi is young and living life to the fullest. But when he’s thrust into fatherhood, Zahi is forced to change his outlook on life, love, and happiness. The self-proclaimed bachelor did not expect to be swept up in emotions he’s never felt. However, caring for his daughter, Zuri, charged a part of his heart that he thought was dead. The spark awakened a need for more out of life. From the moment he laid eyes on India, he was drawn to her. The pull was so intense, and no matter how many times he told himself to stay away from her, he just couldn’t follow his own command. Zahi was bewitched.

India is young, smart, and career driven. Graduating college at sixteen left India with loads of book knowledge, but when it came to actually living as an adult, she operated behind the curve. When Zahi enters her life, India gets a crash course in learning her body, and the feelings that came along with being swept up by a charismatic and charming man. However, she hopes she can keep up, and not be swept away by emotions she’s never experienced.

Zahi and India’s connection starts off sweet and romantic, but when the heat between them is dialed up, their romance becomes scorching. Join them on their fun, sexy, and emotional journey.


What You Need by Kami

Zacai Roberts is no stranger to grief and tragedy. For most people, Love was the cure for pain but for him it was the cause of it all. Love is dangerous game that he has no interest in playing and he vows to never let anyone close enough to have that kind of power over him.
All money ain’t good money. Taima Royal learned that the hard way when one wrong decision costs her more than she was prepared to pay. Five years later, she’s starting all over again and determined to prove that her past does not define who she is.
In the hands of the right person, Love can be Powerful. Love can be Healing. Love can be exactly….. What You Need


After the Rain (Lagos Plastic Surgeons Book 3) by Amaka Azie

Medical school student by day and nightclub stripper by night. When Miriam Dogo’s uncle threatens her family, she’s forced to dance at the Ozone Club. Terrified she’ll be recognised and her medical career will go up in smoke, she develops an exotic persona and wears a mask to protect her identity. But who is that man constantly in the audience, his beautiful eyes staring straight into her soul? And why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Miss Rain wears a shimmery golden mask and dances with an unparalleled sensuous grace. Surely Oya, the Yoruba goddess of weather, has come to life. Because no mere human could mesmerise Dr Segun Akintola so and make him long for things he’s run from for a lifetime. Night after night he sits there with eyes only for her. Until she disappears into thin air. And still, night after night he goes looking for her. Will he ever see her again?


The Pleasure Package by Denise Essex

Malik Malone is a rugged rebel with a cause. He works as a delivery driver for Glamazon to support his startup. He spent ten exhausting years in a stable nine to five but allowed himself to quit and follow his heart once the pandemic hit. Malik is just six months shy of leaving the delivery gig to focus on his business full time.

Claudia Vaughn Butner is a bitter divorcee who plays by the rules. She’s given up on men and has little tolerance for human error. She speaks her mind and wastes no time on the fallout. Claudia is a successful work from home boss. She believes that while she may be alone, all the things money can buy will keep her company. 

What happens when Malik and Claudia’s paths cross? He plays his music loud on deliveries and wears his diamond fang grill like it’s part of the uniform. He speaks slowly and walks unhurriedly. When Claudia has him fired from his job, he confronts her and the sexual tension between the two of them grows. Will heated lust bring them together? Or will they commit to making each other’s lives a living hell?


Two Occasions by Jahquel J.

Brook Lynn McKay-Mulder has always craved love from a man. Except, that’s the opposite that she receives from her husband, Martin Mulder. McKay and Mulder brewery is the most successful black owned brewery in the country. Brook and Martin’s marriage was arranged before both of them were in diapers. Brook has everything that she could ever want, except the love that she desires.
One drunken night after her best friend’s bachelorette party, Brook accidentally gets into the wrong Uber. Instead of getting out, the passenger allows her to add her address onto his ride. A cool conversation and physical attraction is what keeps Brook thinking about the stranger, well after she has exited his Uber. It isn’t until a few days later when she walks into a meeting with her husband and realizes the man in the Uber is responsible for designing her happy home with her husband.
October Platinum, the nephew of West Platinum, is an award-winning architect famous for his designs across the world. A single father and freshly divorced, October is looking for true love. After meeting the beautiful Brook Lynn McKay, he’s wondering if he has two occasions to design his way into her heart.


Leesa’s Fortunate Heart: A Second Chance At Love by Allor Henrique

Leesa is a single mother who lost her husband some years ago. She was not looking to date anyone, as she is focused on her thriving business and being a great mom. However, she meets Keenan, a former professional football player, who now travels extensively for his company and manages a foundation in his spare time. Despite the challenges of their busy lives, they fall in love.
Leesa is living with her own insecurity and a secret guilt. She worries that she’s not enough for Keenan and that she does not deserve to have love again. Keenan, however, is determined to show her that he loves her and that she is the woman for him.
As they navigate the ups and downs of their romance, Leesa and Keenan face unexpected obstacles that threaten to tear them apart. But their love for each other keep them going.
In the end, Leesa learns to free herself for love. Keenan proves to her that he is her rock. Their love story is one of perseverance, forgiveness, and the healing power of love.


Francine Returns : A Temptation Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Francine stood in the line at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. She was flying home…she needed to see her son, Jeremy II and she simply needed the culture of Center City. She hadn’t lived there in more than three years and only saw her son three times physically and sporadically on FaceTime these days. He was fully adopted by Aura, her ex husband’s wife and thriving. She was grateful for that but he was seven and had questions. Questions only she could answer. Not only that but things with Botan had shifted, he wanted to get married, she wasn’t interested though she wore his ring. She wasn’t sure she loved him, yet knew he loved her. She needed to go where it all started, the house her dad left her, where she raised Arabella, her sweet Arabella.


Mated By Blood (Baited By The Beast Book 3) by Journee Jordan

Amina had given up on finding love after being rejected by her mate. Keeping her head down and working at the King’s castle, she never imagined a field trip would lead her into the arms of a 150-year-old vampire, Sebastian Carmicheal.

Sebastian Carmicheal, exiled from his coven, Zebulon, lives his life watching over his shoulder, trying to avoid detection by his father and the Quad sisters, the world’s most powerful witches. He hadn’t expected that a walk through the woods would lead him to his soul mate, Amina Everly.

Amidst a dangerous world of witches, vampires, and supernatural forces, Amina and Sebastian will find themselves in battle to protect their families and their own freedom to love. With the help of allies, they will face the fight of their lives.


Kept: “Always Something” by Moon Bey

The envied life at the luxurious McKinley Estates is nowhere as relaxing as it appears. A group of Black stay-at-home moms will reveal the many tasks of the role. They vow to preserve their definition of the status quo amid hectic schedules, battles with mental health, challenging partners, and idle hearts.

News spreads through the fictional state of Edgerton like wildfire. From the gated communities of Maplewood to every working-class neighborhood in the County, natives scrambled to secure their place in the newly opened McKinley Estates. Located in the quaint, affluent city of Beaumont, the property promises “Comfortable, Elevated Housing For All.” But you must know how to play your hand to get the best they offer.

After over a decade with her high school sweetheart at the wheel, Reyn Wilson decides it’s time for her family to experience everything her husband has worked hard for, whether he knows it or not.

Sapphire Richardson, a woman of her status, knows firsthand that appearances are everything. She knows the security the estates bring will give her family the privacy and freedom they need now more than ever.

Pai Evans never considered herself the private community type. Mindful to never get trapped in temporary seasons, this business first wife realizes this unexpected detour may be the change her family needs to stick with.

Ex-socialite Josslyn Alexander sees the estates as no more than a path to her redemption arc. Optimistic of the new beginnings life with her new family will bring, she almost forgets she’s back in the same community that cast her out once before.

In this series pilot, readers will get a firsthand look into the lives of four resilient Black wives and mothers who are determined to live the lives their hearts desire. Why? Because even fictional Black women are tired of being expected to settle for less.


My Crazy Love by Charae Lewis

A go getter by nature, Amoni Cash always makes sure to obtain whatever his heart desires. That includes the women he sets his sight on. One has him by the history they share and the other has his heart in a chokehold. Not sure which way he should go, Amoni figures he can have it his way and entertain them both.

The plot thickens when a team player grows tired of not being the star player. In the blink of an eye, Amoni’s ideal life is transformed into ruins when he finds himself losing control. Couple that with his family dilemma and an adversary who vies for his most beloved possession, Amoni is forced to confront the consequences of his selfish decisions.


Only You by Kaylyn

Symone Floyd has always had big dreams. When her family faces hardship, she is roped into a plan to help her mother, potentially threatening everything she’s worked for.

Yarah McRae is transitioning from a life of luxury to survival when she and her mother move in with her grandmother. One decision changes Yarah’s life when she realizes everything isn’t what it seems.

Yarah isn’t the only one in transition. Royal Rivers is rocked by tragedy and forced to live with his estranged father. He reconnects with childhood friends to help him navigate, but a connection with an unlikely girl keeps him afloat.

Vanity Reese has experienced more pain and disappointment than a teenager should. It’s caused her to lose faith in humanity and trust the only person who’s never let her down- herself.

Impulsive. Troublemaker. Selfish. Demir Lyon has been labeled them all, but one thing you can’t take from him is his love for his people. When he becomes a slave to his loyalty, he’s in jeopardy of losing the most important thing in his life.

Take a journey with these childhood friends as they navigate growing pains.


Almost Happy: The Chronicles of Tabby by Jaylonna Stevette

As Tabby takes a ride on the back of her young hottie’s motorcycle, little does she know that she is in for the ride of her life. Love’s journey with Jaquan was full of surprises, highs, and lows. Romance, fancy trips, and plenty of gifts. But the age difference and their lifestyles seemed to create chaos in the midst of the calm. Tabby was getting back to happy when she met Jaquan. But now she finds herself wondering, was she really happy? 

And then there was James, Keisha, and Pastor Doug, Back in the midst of the most trying time of her life. Between the remnants of her past and the challenges of being “Stella,” besides getting her groove back, love’s journey presented some painful bumps in the road in which Tabby finds herself yet again on a reckless erotic journey to happy. 

Tabby tells her story of love’s journey; and how a love so simple turned into something so complex. Love’s journey turns into love’s lesson in a dramatic way, and Tabby faces the person most in control of her happiness; Tabby. 

“Almost Happy” tells a tale of love, romance, and erotica in an urban fashion. What happens when you try to turn a fuck boy into a boyfriend? Tabby’s tale looks into love, sex, and conflict with the “bad boy” as she struggles to finally be happy.


Better Late Than Never: An African American Christian Romance by Neesh Santiago

Kenzie is just starting to get her life on the right path. She recently accepted the love of Jesus Christ into her heart and is committed to being a living testimony to the power and love of God. She just needs to be baptized to make her spiritual transformation complete…but there’s one problem.

She’s terrified of water from a traumatic experience.

As she embarks on her journey, she encounters Karl, a man who has everything to offer—including a serious commitment to Christianity.

Can Kenzie overcome her fear in time to be Karl’s help meet? Or will her struggle keep her from finding true, divine love?


Can’t Let You Go by Shelda Sauls

AJ was raised from birth by her uncle and would do anything for him. But when his protégé Kane moves into his home, AJ is intent to protect her uncle’s fortune. Moving to Mountainside was never in her plan since she detested the cold weather. However, she impulsively quit her job and relocated to the ski resort town.

Kane has lost his home, his wife, and both his parents. Before it’s too late he must repair his relationship with his younger brother. Kane is not looking for love, but love finds him when his mentor’s niece strolls in and captivates him with her raspy voice. She gets under his skin and makes him question his decisions.

Living in the same home forces Kane and AJ to become close. He is aroused by her unapologetic attitude. AJ is drawn to the man who stands up to her and accepts her issues without judgement. When the two become honest with themselves, they find a love that they can’t live without.


DELLA: The Ballerina & The Billionaire by Rod Palmer

Della: perfectionist token-black ballerina…

Miles McKinnon: black-sheep billionaire…

The chemistry: unlike anything either has ever felt…

Disoriented by a week in Paris and a tough proposition, there’s this mystique of not quite knowing what’s real or facade.
Love will come up against the things they hold most dear, like Della’s chance to overcome racial bias in ballet and make history. Nothing is gained without something lost. For love, the stakes are as high as ever.


Finding a Blessing in my Flaws: A Christian Romance Novel (Faith.Flaws & All Book 4) by Taretha Jones

Sasha is the thirty-something C.O.O. of a nationwide smoothie shop franchise. Her corporate position brings in the big bucks and has provided her with all the creature comforts that she needs in life. She has a tight relationship with her God and the love of her friends and family. But when tragedy strikes, Sasha’s life becomes a whole lot less golden. One fateful night leaves Sasha thinking that she’s going to be struggling with anxiety and self-worth issues for the rest of her days. When a handsome ex-FBI agent — Terry — steps on the scene, he falls head-over-heels for Sasha. Terry becomes determined to convince Sasha that she’s beautiful — inside and out — even though she’s not so sure that’s the case. At times it seems like an uphill battle, but Terry is convinced that he can show Sasha there’s a blessing in her flaws, thus enabling them to have the happy-ever-after that she’s been afraid to even dream of.


Return to Dawson Falls by Taylyn Woods


I’ll take ‘listen to and use my grandma’s advice’ for $500. There are times I feel like my life has played out like a game show taking chances to see if I will win or lose. For the most part, it seems like I am always losing.

“Even though you didn’t win, Aubree, no one goes home empty handed. Tell her what she won, Bob!” The drum roll cues.

“She is going home with a year supply of His Bull Shit! Yes, five years of my ex, Gerald’s, bull shit. is what I get for not listening to my grandma. I lost my job, got kicked out of our house, and I’m $45,000 in debt… not to mention there are drug dealers after me because of HIM. This goes beyond learning a lesson the hard way; it is plain and simple stupidity.

Meeting, and falling in love with Gerald Simmons is the worst thing that could have ever happened to Aubree Rogers. She’s instantly blinded by love when the two become an item, which leads her down a dark and windy path she could have never expected to be on.

Aubree has dreams of becoming a professional dancer and owning a performing arts center to give back to her community, but Gerald’s tendencies of being financially irresponsible and raging drug habit render them broke, and forces Aubree to do something she promised her grandmother she never would. In one night, Aubree’s life turns upside down when she finds out Gerald’s problems are spilling over into her life, and she now becomes responsible for an additional quarter-million-dollar debt, putting her life at stake.

Aubree escapes to the comfort of her grandmother’s home in her hometown of Dawson Falls, where she’s able to start over and reconnect with the friends she left behind. Her dreams of owning a performing arts center have never been closer, but also farther away, than when she meets Grant Hollings, the cause and possible cure to all of her financial troubles.

Grant is looking for a nanny for his daughter Chanel, and what he finds in Aubree is companionship, something he never thought he’d find again after Chanel’s mother turns out to be nothing more than a gold digger. Grant worries Aubree is an opportunist, and Aubree, due to her negligent mother’s experience with men, knows all too well what the involvement with a wealthy man can do to a family. She told herself she’d focus on herself and not worry about love, but Grant’s everything she’s ever wanted. Aubree can finally have it all… as long as her past doesn’t catch up to her present…


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 15th-21st

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