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The Guesthouse of Befania by Stephanie Nicole Norris

“And now that I’ve gotten a taste of you, what am I to do with myself when you’re away?”


One bed. 

Forty-eight hours. 

Irresistible attraction. 

Unadulterated passion. 

Jasir’s the second in command—A guard from the strongest monarchy in East Africa. 

Amara was the only one to make him bend to her will in this Royals of Kera Asnela spin-off.


Loving Africa by Joan Vassar

Tracy Strong has spent the last ten years loving Africa.

Africa Walker has spent the last ten years loving Tracy.

The only thing keeping them apart is everything. Travel back to 1985, New York City and experience being young, Black and in love.


The Reason For it All: A Frenemies-to-Lovers, Brother’s Best Friend, Marriage of Convenience Romance (The Hometown Series Book 4) by Jessie Marie

She’s Miss Independent. He’s the town’s biggest player. Will they make it out with their hearts intact?


I knew it was a risk as soon as the words left my mouth.
“I’m marrying Tiana.”
She was gonna kill me.
After all, she’s my boy’s older sister.
And I was known around town for not settling down.

But when she asks me to help her out in exchange for marriage vows, I knew I could do it.
If there was one thing I could do, it was give it to her good.
But what happens when that’s not the only thing I’m giving away?


Independent was my middle name.
I had a great job, career, and life.
But I had one little problem that could only be solved by another person.
And I knew just the one: Jaxon James.

Jaxon was the town’s biggest player.
He was also my little brother’s best friend.
But when he asks me to help him out, and we get together, I start to wonder…
…will I escape this with my heart intact?

The Reason For it All is a brother’s best friend, marriage of convenience romance about a relationship born of unusual circumstances. It is the fourth full-length novel in the Hometown series and can be read as a standalone. Readers can expect lots of laughs, side eyes, and scenes that will burn up the pages.


I Wanted to Forget You: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by J Nichole

Harmony hoped she would never have to see or hear from him ever again. 

So when she was escorted into his office on her first day of the new consulting project, she’s not only surprised to see him she’s livid. He had the audacity to speak to her as if he had no idea who she was. Like the last time they saw each other, years ago, didn’t involve a shouting match. 

For Nova, seeing her in his office was a glimpse of the past he never would have wished for. But letting her know she had been on his mind for years, wasn’t something he was ready to admit. So acting as if he didn’t know her was easy. Despite his efforts to get her removed from the project, they were forced to work with each other. 

She was the one who could ensure his software was ready for delivery, but could he trust she wouldn’t try to seek revenge and sabotage the project? Long nights in the office together could help ease his mind, and maybe both of their hearts.


End of Time II by Charae Lewis

Sada gives a new meaning to sleeping with the enemy. When her relationship with Ju is exposed, she learns a shocking discovery that makes her sick to her stomach. What she thought was a blossoming love affair, turns out to be a betrayal that snatches the air from her lungs. She’s filled with regret but soon learns that everything she once knew was just a facade.

Worth and Karin experience a low blow that they can’t recover from. After spewing words he can never take back, Worth finds himself in the arms of someone familiar. It’s refreshing, until he can no longer mask his true feelings. On top of his woes with Karin, Worth is placed in a destructive situation that may cost him his life.

Omir is conflicted with his feelings for Bellamy. Everything within him wants to duck their flourishing courtship but there’s a magnetic pull that he can’t flee from. Taking advice from someone close to him, he decides to let his situation with Bellamy flow, that is until an unexpected event places the both of them in a dilemma that may not be easy for them to conquer.

The Ali men are back with more problems than they can manage. Will they find themselves on the winning side or will they succumb to their new set of issues?


Steady Love – Myles & Everleigh by Kay Shanee

*This story is an update on the lives of Myles and Everleigh, who were first introduced as a couple in To Have Her Again. If you have not read the previously mentioned book, I would recommend that you do. This is a novelette and only meant to give you a glimpse into the couple’s life after marriage and children.*

Transitioning from hustler to business and family man came with ease for Myles. To set an example for his children, he decides to pursue a degree in business, and juggling his home/work/school life proves to be a challenge. How will he handle it when his professor propositions him with an offer that most men would find hard to refuse?

Everleigh’s business is booming, and she can no longer delay hiring someone to help her manage it all. She believes she’s chosen the perfect person, but when secrets and lies are revealed and her safety is in jeopardy, will Myles have to revert to his old ways to keep her safe?


Almost Perfect (The Cordoba Agency Book 4) by Delaney Diamond

A cat burglar and an assassin run for their lives across Paris—and try not to get distracted by the sizzling attraction between them. 

Assistant antique dealer by day, cat burglar by night, Sable Devereaux has lived in the shadows for years. With one final heist, she can walk away from a life of crime and open her own antique store, retiring to the quiet existence she has always dreamed of. But during her last theft, she witnesses a murder and goes on the run to escape the cross-hairs of some very powerful people.

Agent and master-of-disguise, Hunter Mitchell is intrigued when he has to subdue the sexy thief after she breaks into his Parisian apartment. Then he quickly learns he must protect her—and himself—from an organization hiding much more than a murder.

The couple races across Paris in a fight to stay alive and stop one of the most powerful organizations in the world—and discover what they’ve been looking for all along… is each other.


Capturing the Soul of a Boss by Tatum James

Bored and lonely, lifestyle blogger, Brielle Simpson ventured into online dating as a means of entertainment. When she meets a guy that’s too sexy and charming to resist, she agrees to a night of fun with no strings attached. Little did she know the magnetic pull that drew them together would grow even stronger. 

Rich and handsome, Tosh Daniels joined a dating site to find someone who didn’t know his status or his lifestyle for that matter. He wanted real conversation and good sex from someone that came with no expectations. He quickly becomes smitten with Brielle, but for some reason, she’s elusive. Brielle disappears just as he starts to fall for her. Brielle neglected to reveal one very important thing to Tosh. Unable to shake thoughts of the beautiful, alluring woman Tosh finds Brielle and goes all in to win her over in spite of her shocking revelation.

Throwing their no strings attached agreement out of the window, the two become one. Just when they think the coast is clear and they’re free to love, more secrets and deception come to the surface and threaten their happily ever after before it can even begin. Can the pair overcome the hurdles, or will they self-destruct?


When Love Hits 2: Morgan & Maino by Kendra Necole

When sweet dreams turn into haunting nightmares, Morgan is swept up in a whirlwind of emotions. With the past coming back to wreak havoc on her life, she trying desperately to maintain a grip on her spiraling mental state. However, Morgan doesn’t know if she’s coming or going, or up from down. Can Morgan summon enough strength to keep pushing? If it’s not for herself, she’ll need to harness strength and courage for her family. 

Unable to catch a break, Maino recovers from being shot, only to begin his hunt for his former mentor and friend. J-Rock is responsible for the mental prison Morgan is teetering on the edge of locking herself into. But Maino will do everything in his power to make sure his lady has the peace she deserves. Only thing is, he’s also contending with a bitter baby mama, and Morgan’s ex-husband, who just so happens to be a crooked detective who’s trying to prosecute Maino on murder charges. 

Backs against the wall, and odds stacked against them, Morgan and Maino fight with everything they have to defeat their enemies. Against all odds, the two are determined to silence anyone who stands in the way of their happiness. But can they do it and remain untouched by the snakes slithering in the grass?


The One Who Loves Me (Sovereign Love Book 2) by Joan Embola


Amara Ikezie is a new grad nurse who is thrilled to start her dream job in Atlanta’s biggest children’s hospital. But when her best friend gets engaged, Amara is faced with the looming pressure from her mom to find her own man. Determined to escape the pressure to marry, Amara takes on a task to find the ‘perfect’ man who ticks all the boxes on her list.

Raymond Aderinto is a pediatric cardiologist with a wall of accolades and a string of failed relationships. After his fourth girlfriend dumps him, Raymond vows to get confirmation from God first before entering into his next relationship—even though he’d love to find his bride before turning thirty.

When Raymond spills coffee on Amara’s scrubs, he becomes certain she’s the woman God wants to be his wife. But unfortunately for him, Raymond doesn’t tick Amara’s boxes, and worst of all, Amara is sure her Igbo mom would never approve of a marriage to a man from the Yoruba tribe.

Despite Amara’s efforts to stay away from Raymond and convince herself he is not the one for her, her growing attraction for his character, values, and vision gives her more reasons to wonder if she was wrong about her prejudices toward him. When another doctor walks into Amara’s life who ticks all her boxes and shows interest in her, she is caught between running into his ‘perfect’ arms, or going with Raymond who is turning out to be more perfect than she thought.

The One Who Loves Me, book two in the Sovereign Love series, is a beautiful standalone novel about surrender and learning to take comfort in the sovereign goodness of a loving God who writes the best love stories.


Earth to Echo by Mycah Edwards

Once upon a time, a girl troubled by her past searched for a safe place to find herself again. On a whim, she packs her bags and returns home. The last thing she expects when she arrives is to save a young girl’s life… which leads her to the front door of what she sought most: sanctuary. It just so happens her refuge lies inside an impenetrable fortress. Him… 

It doesn’t take long to learn, gaining access to that special place will be difficult because he lets no one in. She seduces him with her aura and beauty until he can’t stay away. She anchors him to Earth… a place he wants to forget. Vulnerability is what he fears most yet is the one thing that will set him free. Within this story is a love so raw it’s terrifying, but who can ever really live their life without exposing the monsters lurking in the dark?


Captured Love: A Dark Urban Romance (Lovette & Drake Book 1) by LeeSha McCoy

Can two kids, bound by a shared history of trauma, grow up to have the life they always dreamed of?

Meeting as children when they were placed in the same foster home in London, Lovette and Drake quickly discovered they had a lot more in common than just being orphans.

Realising both their parents had been murdered, they secretly planned their revenge, with Drake vowing to murder his mum’s killer, and Lovette hoping to become a Secret Agent.

But as the years pass and they both grow older, they’re separated from each other more than once. The final time being when Lovette leaves Drake to find her own parents’ killers—even when he begs her not to go alone.

When the two beat the odds to find each other again, will Lovette still be the same? Or have the secrets she uncovered while seeking her vengeance, all but destroyed her?

Reader Warning:
This story is a dark romance and includes triggers, multiple flashbacks to traumatic incidents, and scenes some readers may find distressing. It also features AAVE, slang terminoloy, and some terms some readers may be unfamiliar with.

Reader discretion is heavily advised.


HER by Jeremy Felipe x Angelia Vernon Menchan

I recalled the first time I saw Her…I was happily married and my wife pregnant. I thought, she’s a young version of her mother. Of course, I noticed her beauty and physical attributes but only fleetingly. I was committed to being a great husband and father—a good citizen.

The first time I saw and felt her was years later. She showed up in a meeting and startled me with her boldness. Something flared up in me, something visceral. I felt it so deeply I asked Her to stay away from me. But life, work and circumstance continued to place us in the same space and place—at the same time. Our lives unraveled around us while I fell…in love with Her.


Ezekiel & Eden: The Revisiting Love Series by Celeste Granger

When she needed her soul fed, he was there to feed her.

Ezekiel St. Clair never hesitates when it comes to cannabis culinary artist, Eden Leaumont. She stole his heart immediately, and although she feeds him physically, Eden does more than that for him. When she is challenged by a historical wound Eden would rather forget, Ezekiel takes on the challenge for her, proving he can be her sustenance, her soul food, her strength.

**This is a spinoff series of The Men of Mafia St. Clair. Highly recommended that you read that series first but it is not required. This book can stand alone.


The Pleasure & Pain Of Love (Love Like No Other Book 1) by MJ Jackson

Lauren Smith is the epitome of a female boss. She had everything money could buy and then some. Lauren was intelligent, wealthy, beautiful, had a killer physique, and was engaged to the love of her life. That is…until one night altered her life forever.

Lauren experienced a feeling with a mystery man that had her on a mission. Just when she finally found that mystery man, recapturing the explosive feeling of the night they first saw each other again, it was snatched away. The void in her heart was filled with reckless behavior and indecency, causing her to do things she never thought she’d do.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 16th-22nd

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