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Love’s Encroachment by Love Belvin

It was twenty-two years ago when Launz and Nye met at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Trenton, New Jersey. Both students, Launz played college football and gigged as a guitarist on the side while Nye was promoted from kitchen cleaner to a waitress. All due to Nye’s clever prowess, it took no time at all for a passionate affair to ignite. Then, as quickly as it all began, it all ended when Nye up and disappeared.

Launz went on to become an accomplished football coach in both Division I college programs as well as the League. He’d just landed the coveted role as the head coach for the Connecticut Kings when Nye breezed back into his world. The position has come with great challenges, thanks to Launz’s predecessors. He must rebuild a team separated by scandal and betrayal.

Nye has been gone, fighting demons in secret. Though she’s done well for herself as an attorney, her absence has been the most painful period of the life she’s had to endure—that or trying to explain to Launz the hell she’s been through.

~“Launz, I was hoping we could talk.” 

His head rolled over and the words of his expression could kill. Launz snorted, “Apparently we’ve had something to talk about for over twenty years, but now—today—is the day you’re hoping to?” His eyes went lazy, which was dangerously deceptive for me. He scoffed, shook his head softly, then stepped off.

Launz left.

Twenty-two years is a long time. Or is it?

Publisher’s Note:Love’s Encroachment is book 7 of the Connecticut Kings series and is a completed installment. This book contains violence, angst, profanity, and sexually explicit content. If either of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


It’s Not Me, It’s You (Young In Love Book 1) by Elle Wright

I fake laugh every time I think about how ironic it is to be a commitment-phobe relationship therapist who is also the daughter of two world-renowned marriage and family counselors. Seriously, it’s comical!

Want to know how I messed up my life? Getting arrested for stealing a priceless artifact for a tearful client.

Want to know what my biggest problem is? Spending my life teaching women how to break relationships when all I want to do is make a relationship—with him.

Want to know what that makes me? The Break-Up Expert who is questioning everything I thought I knew. 

IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU is the first book in the Young In Love Series, featuring the very large, very fun Young Family. If you love romance with layered characters and laugh out loud moments, snag your copy. This novel contains sex, profanity, and sensitive subjects that some may find triggering.


When We’re Alone by Tucora Monique

You feel that fire, just let it burn
There’s no runnin’ when it’s your turn — Jazmine Sullivan

The best way to describe Spencer Hendricks is calculated. From childhood to her mid-twenties, the stoic attorney has kept her life on a schedule to avoid chaos. However, when the best day of her life and the worse become one, Spencer is forced to check her harsh demeanor. And when she’s assigned to defend Black Lightning Motorsports’ newest champ, the overthinker may be taught how good freedom feels.

One word to describe Lucas Jackson? Reckless. At twenty-seven, the professional driver isn’t concerned with rules, regulations, or relationships while enjoying the benefits of his hard work. Nonetheless, the party animal is humbled when his stature conjures attention he doesn’t need. In a bind and considering the advice of his mentor, Lucas finds himself focused on his inner traumas and a woman who may not mind being alone with only him.


The Mourning Doves by B. Love

When Michael and Ariel meet their freshman year of college, love is the last thing on their minds, but that is exactly what they find within each other. Fast forward to their senior year of college, they’ve gotten so used to life with one another that they naturally assume their relationship will continue after school. As they head down different paths, they consider the end. During their last night together, mourning doves are crying… and the young couple must decide if they want to let their love die or try again…

Author’s note: The Mourning Doves is a 10,000-word novelette within the Song Series. All novellas and novelettes included within this series are inspired by songs. Each book will be a standalone inspired by a new song with new characters, and the characters are not connected in any way. There is no order to the series.


A Trip Around the Sun by K.O. McGee

Management Consultant Crimson Knox is as fierce as they come. A bruised heart from her college days had turned her into a career-driven powerhouse with a trail of successes behind her. Still, her heart secretly yearns to love and be loved. She won’t settle for just anyone, though. A brief romance taught her that. But when love comes back around and taps her on the shoulder, will she be able to recognize its face? 

Dayton Burke thought he was ready for marriage. As a Corporate Attorney, he built quite the life for himself. Sharing it with a better half was the icing on the cake he was looking forward to. However, trust was crucial and realizing his fiancée hadn’t earned his, was a sting that needed to be dealt with. Now single and free, the life he desires seems out of reach until the sudden reintroduction to the woman who has always taken his breath away. 

Will the pain of the past stay a distant memory for these two lovers? Or will seemingly ready hearts prevail, setting the stage for a love that’s well-fed?


Yours to Bare (Love Beyond Our Control Book 1) by ShaniceXLola

She tried to hide her true feelings for him by serial dating.

He knew it was only a matter of time before that process wore her out.


Her Truth, His Lies by Erika B.

Married to her best friend, Kaya Brown’s life seems to get no sweeter. However, fate brings a sharp curveball and leaves her having to do serious heart work. Luckily for her, she stumbles upon someone that presents a safe space where she can lay her burdens down.

Stepping into his new role as owner of a family business, Ryland Davis is responsible for saving their legacy. He’s unwilling to stand aside and let what they’ve worked so hard for be snatched away. Despite being focused on strictly business, he still finds time to get to know and confide in someone outside his troubles.

Neither Kaya nor Ryland are prepared, but their friendship quickly shifts into a romantic whirlwind. Is what they’re building strong enough to hold against naysayers and onlookers? Or will they have to let love sail away and wait for its return elsewhere?


180 Degrees: Counterclockwise by Nova Reign

Doing a one-eighty implies that you’re making a turn that points you in the opposite direction than what you previously believed yourself to be going. Just when you think you had your steps and life all planned out, one slight shift can spin you in another direction. 

Indulge in the journey with two generations of the Cummings and Dawkins families, where friends become family or enemies depending on the time and day, lines are blurred, and secrets are revealed. 

Vibe with them as they navigate through all the twists and turns that life and love have to offer.


Foolin’ A Trick by Indigo

Running to freedom… running from karma…

Cali is sick of being under her father’s thumb. Hendrix has to get away suddenly. Despite having different agendas, eventually they run into each other. Cali’s focus is on her dreams. Hendrix’s focus is on her.

Hendrix has taken a lot of things in his day, but the one thing he never counted on being taken from him has—his heart. So what happens when the natural-born schemer is fooled?


No Greater Love (The Hero Reservist Book 3) by Tina Martin

Atlas had one job – to save Bria’s life, not fall in love with her. But he does love her. She’s his. In his heart, he knows the love is real. It’s something he never felt before and something he doesn’t want to let go of. Now, he has himself in quite the dilemma. If Bria is to live, he has to die. If only there could be another way…

Bria has ignored and accepted Atlas’ weird ways since the beginning, but she can no longer ignore certain things she learns about the man she loves. It has her asking who he really is and this time, she wants some real answers. But can she handle the truth of knowing that Atlas’ sole responsibility is to save her life, no matter the cost?

*No Greater Love is book three of a three-book series. For the best reading experience, these books should be read in order.

Book 1 – Acquainted With Atlas

Book 2 – Falling For Bria

Book 3 – No Greater Love


Time To Love by Ivy Laika

It’s short.

It’s sweet.

Meet Kendrick and Constance.


This Is My Promise by B. Moni

Nautica and August Heart are couple goals for anyone that knows them. They have the ideal marriage, a beautiful family, and successful careers. However, no one knows how alone Nautica feels in her marriage these days with August putting his career before his family. When tragedy strikes, it drives a wedge between the couple so severe that Nautica takes matters into her own hands.

Grief and sadness are replaced with guilt and anger, making the couple feel like strangers to each other. August realizes just how much damage he’s caused by ignoring his wife’s pleas, but is it too late for him to fix what is broken? He’s in a race against time to make Nautica remember the promises they made to each other years ago.


Bittersweet by Evelyn C. Fortson

Bittersweet is the story of a naïve young woman named Eloise who simply wanted to lose her virginity because she was almost 21years old. Eloise thought she could check off lose virginity on her things to do list without any interruption of her life. Eloise chance encounter with Wes at a party leads to what should have been a one-night stand, but instead develop into a love that impacts her life for almost thirty years. Eloise wakes up one morning to an overwhelming desire to relive the story of how she met and fell in love with Wes, how her heart was broken and how that chance encounter altered who she was, and whom she was to become.
This is a story of love, not a fairy tale kind of love, but of a love rooted in an earthy desire which produced a love so sweet it prickles the heart, leaving a bitterness in its wake.


How to Murder Your Ex-Lover (How To Fall In Love Book 2) by Vivian Fox

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be a con-artist.
This sort of fell into my lap after I was recused from homelessness by a profession scammer.
Now that I’ve saved up enough to disappear forever,
I just need to pull off one last job before all my debts are settled and I can leave this city for good.
All I have to do is slip a little poison into someone’s food before I’m gone for good.
There’s only one problem. I know the target.
His name is Oscar Simmons, my ex-fiancée.

Will Rose be able to pull off the most difficult job of her career? Will old feelings resurface? Will she really be able to leave her fast-paced lifestyle behind?

The Fall In Love Series is a romantic adventure series where we follow our heroes and heroines risk it all for love! As always, each book can be read as a stand-a-lone and are safe, sweet and steamy. Enjoy!


The Bounty of Love: Intimacy on the Run by Cherish Amore

Young and beautiful, Devine Johnson is maneuvering through life as best as she can. Unable to avoid pitfalls, she lands right in the middle of a hectic mess. Fearing for her future, she has to choose between fighting or fleeing.

Handsome and successful, Caspian Douglas is content with his job, not looking to add anything else to his life. Straightforward, he sees what he wants and goes after it full throttle. Yet he finds himself on another chase.

While Devine is running from the chaos, Caspian is hunting for the truth. Will Devine’s disappearing acts help her, or will the problems disperse because of Caspian’s diligence?


The Chase by Mel Dau

Rehtaeh Johnson’s life has been turned upside down with devastating blows, one seen and one unforeseen. Now, she has to make a way for herself and her two young children. With goals in mind, she has absolutely no time for love, but what happens when an unexpected person comes along to show her things that she has never seen before? Will her heart be willing to open for love to enter?

Avery Horry is a businessman all about his success. While he is not necessarily looking for love, he is open to it with the right person. This person has to be cut from a different cloth than the normal. When he runs into Rehtaeh, he thinks he may have found that person. Will he be able to break down the walls around her heart and show her what it’s like to be adored and loved?

Let the chase begin…


Once Upon A Kiss by Dara Girard

Two romantic novels with a fairy tale twist.

The Glass Slipper Project

On the verge of losing everything, Isabella Duvall decides to sell her beloved home to keep her family together.

Fortunately, wealthy Alex Carlton comes to the rescue and agrees to buy the extravagant house. 

But Isabella’s sisters don’t want to leave. So the eldest devises a plan: Charm the handsome bachelor and become his wife. 

Isabella, however, hates the plan and as her sisters vie for his affections, she soon wonders if Alex is everything he seems. 

Midnight Promise

Microbiologist, Dr. Naomi Mensah, always gets into trouble due to her absent-minded ways.  She finds herself in trouble again at her cousin’s wedding, when she loses an expensive necklace down a grate while walking to her car. 

When a mysterious stranger offers to help her retrieve it, she feels relieved. 

Until he asks her to make him a wild promise. 

A promise that will get Naomi in more trouble than she could have ever imagined.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 17th-23rd

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