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You Belong to Me by Monica Walters

Castrice “Cass” Hendricks knows what it’s like to long for love. While constantly encouraging her friend through her relationship issues, she’s secretly hoping that soon, she would have her own man to think about. When she meets Shylou Smith, she can’t help but think that he’s the one for her. Although she has trust issues due to failed relationships, she believes that he’s the man to change the way she sees life. He commands her attention from the very beginning, making her dizzy with desire. After embarking on a nine-month long-distance relationship, she moves to Houston to be with him. She soon finds out that things can be way more complicated in person, being around him every day, living with him.

Shylou Smith has never run short on women to show attention to. He was used to being chased. After establishing himself as a successful businessman, owning several businesses in Houston and one in Nome, he knows that he should soon settle down. When he sees Cass, he knows that she’s the woman he’s been longing for. Once they are living together, though, she brings out his inner demons concerning his business and she also knows how to tap dance on his nerves. While she brings out his best qualities, he doesn’t know how they will end up because of the issues between them.

While there is never a dull moment in their relationship, one particular issue has become a wedge between them, threating to drive them apart. The sense of humor that they both possess gets lost in their real-life issues. Can they overcome those issues to pursue happiness and fulfillment with one another, or will they decide that it’s not worth the trouble?



When Love Came Back To Me: When Love Series Book 3 by DeeAnn

With the news of Kano’s mother being alive, he immediately takes action to get answers on his father. He pushes his other problems to the side to focus on one thing at a time, but life continues to throw curveballs at him. Unsure of what the future holds, Kano decides to make a few changes to ensure it will be better than his past.

Despite the problems she’s facing, Saiya sticks by Kano’s side the way he did when they first met. She owes it to him and herself to stay true to who and what provides her with happiness, and Kano’s at the top of the list.

With so much going on around them, will love find its way back to Saiya and Kano?



The Sweetest Song: A Fortunate Conclusion (Orphan Series) by Dandridge Monroe

The long-awaited arrival for Baby Harrison is here, but no time with Evangeline and Dominick Harrison is complete without complications. If you loved Fortunate, don’t miss out on this peek into Happily Ever After.



All This Love by B. Moni

Down since diapers, Zyir Wright and Jakylah Martin are the best of friends and nothing seems to change that. Not time, not distance, and certainly not relationships. After Zyir discovers the woman he thought would be his future wife has been unfaithful, he ends the relationship. The last thing anyone expects is for him and Jakylah to develop feelings for each other, but it is deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. In fear of losing their strong friendship, will Jakylah and Zyir take the necessary risk? Or will they be stuck with what ifs?



Red Echo by Monique Elise

Secrets can be exciting, they can also be deadly…

London has a secret. By day, she’s an ambitious woman, well on her way to getting her college degree. By night, she’s an alluring escort with Philadelphia’s elite as her main clientele. She balances the thin line between her two worlds with ease. But that all changes when she meets Chase. Suddenly, London is in a fierce battle trying to make sense of her choices and newfound love interest.

Olivia once thought she found her Prince Charming, but she soon realizes Marcus is her worst nightmare. Like London, she’s been keeping a troubling secret of her own. Deep down, she knows that it’s only a matter of time before Marcus snaps and actually kills her. But, in a wild turn of events, Olivia ends up killing her abuser in an act of self-defense. Panicked, Olivia is forced to leave everything she knows and run to the safety only her twin sister, London, can provide.

In this thrilling standalone story, Monique Elise brings her readers to the edge of their seats as she explores a world filled with seduction, murder, and deceit. Can the unbreakable bond between sisters withstand the untold truths that exist between them? Or will their secrets be what ultimately tears them apart?



Mental Beloved by Tia B.

Mental Beloved tells the story of Vanessa, a young lady who is battling a mental illness while struggling to fall in love. When she thinks she has found the one, she has to choose between the man who owns her heart or the man who owns her mind. This romance and psychological thriller will keep you on your toes and have you engaged through the whole book.



Present Situation by Malay Renee

Getting through their present situation may be less complicated than best friends Dasani Granger and Solo Assad make it seem. With a friendship extending a little over 20 years, the reality of their lives begin to shift in ways they may have never imagined in the public eye.

Dasani is a 26 year old Kindergarten teacher as well as the owner of Dance Is Life dance company. Dasani has been all about her own happiness. She’s been the poster child to her friends and family for living her dreams and not dreaming her life. Her life is where she sees fit, that is until she hits a hiccup in her world. She finds herself living life from an untraditional standpoint. With her normal on the transition to shift, will Dasani be able to handle all things old and knew that are thrown her way?

Solo is a 27 year old entrepreneur with his mind set on one thing, creating financial wealth and stability for his legacy. With him on the right path all he’s worried about is loving his son and marrying the girl of his dreams. But happens when that girl is not the woman he’s invested time and money in for the past decade? Can he stay and make things work off the strength of time spent, or will he pull the cards on his relationship and go after something his heart’s been set on for a while?

Take a journey with these two best friends and see how life plays out for them in the end. Lines are crossed, friendships are lost and somethings you just can’t bounce back from.



Black’s Heart (Lincoln Black Knight’s Book 5) by K.K. Harris

The intoxicating widower, Craig Black was also known as the money man of the Lincoln Black Knights MC. Between balancing the books throughout the business ventures owned by the club and his own construction company – his hands were full. With little time to visit out of town venues, the beast within stumbled upon a suitable treat. Still, the stalking, walking, rambunctious beauty he wanted to possess fought their invisible pull for personal reasons that he’d yet to uncover. Because of his dominant nature, pussyfooting is not an option. Not many women were open to becoming a true submissive, but he had an inkling that Nix was different.

Often being the voice of reason when it pertains to his brothers, the personal battles that plague his heart remain a constant reminder of his past. Suffering a tragic loss because of petty jealousy and betrayal lead to him eventually forging a new life in Lincoln. Those painful life experiences are the reasons for his hardened demeanor.

The Black Dom and the seductive Nix will clash in the worst way until he must rise up as the knight in armor to soothe her broken spirit. When evil follows her to Lincoln in hopes to collect a handsome reward, the Knights and Lady Knights gear up for war? No one messes with one of their own and lives.



Beauty and the Bad Boy: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Insecure Book 4) by Misha Howse

Can love turn a bad boy good?

She’s a cop. He’s an ex-con. They have been friends for years. And now, they’re husband and wife.


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s too bad she can’t remember what may have been the most fabulous night of her life. The night she married Daniel Williams, the man she’s had a massive crush on since high school. But her dream may become a reality when he asks her to stay married to him to fool their families. She agrees, hoping their parents won’t be the only ones with wool over their eyes.


Fresh out of jail, it’s his brother’s bachelor party in Vegas, and Danny wants to have a good time. Shoot craps, drink whiskey, and see some naked women. Never would he have thought he’d end up married. And to her. Beautiful and ballsy Veronica Graham. He always saw her like a younger sister, but the more intrigued he became. What was supposed to be a temporary arrangement is making him rethink his qualms against commitment.

****This is the fourth book in the Insecure romance series with panty-scorching scenes and a HEA ending****



Not Just Another Interlude by Lara T Kareem

Sewa’s decision to steer her love life in the direction she wants instantly backfires, prompting her to halt her quest for love and focus on other more important things like getting a job. Fate has its own plan and puts her in the path of the man of her dreams, Jide.

Jide isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. Crossing Sewa’s path more than once, he doesn’t leave it up to chance because there is something special about her.

When their budding relationship suffers a huge blow, Jide will have to prove that love is worth fighting for, to Sewa.



The Right Choice (A Lousiana Love Book 1) by Danyelle Scroggins

Jasmine Booth has fallen in love over the Christmas holiday to Vance Kimbrel Jr. and neither of them are willing to let the other go their separate ways. If you were born in a pentecostal, Baptist, or protestant home, you know the cardinal rule when it comes to living with someone with whom you have not married. It’s the imaginary eleventh commandment…Thou Shalt Not Shack, and both Jasmine and Vance have decided to break the rules.
In The Right Choice, Jasmine Booth, the one and only daughter of Jasper Sr. and Jessica Booth, has made a choice that has made neither of her parents proud. She’s moving to California to become the live-in woman of Vance Kimbrel Jr., and she refuses to change her mind because her family calls it sin.
Jasmine feels like she’s old enough to make her own choices and decisions, but questions whether or not Vance will still respect her in the end.
Vance has found the love of his life. Now, coupled with his two main goals, finishing college and going into the league, he’s now added, becoming the husband of Jasmine Booth.
Something will happen to make Jasmine question whether or not the right choice was made. But in the end, it was Jasmine’s choice to make.
Will this choice lead them in a direction that’s deeper than disappointing their parents? Or, will both Jasmine and Vance learn a lesson that will last a life time.
One thing is for sure, we all are entitled to make choices, but the question will always remain, Are we willing to endure the Consequence or our choice? And, Whether or not it was, The Right Choice.



Evan’s Heart by Keith Thomas Walker

Evan’s heart is a ticking time bomb. His marriage is questionable. His nurse is his salvation. When love blossoms at the hospital, Jada gives him a reason to live. For his love, she sacrifices her career. But her passion may cost Evan his life.


Stolen: Romantic Suspense Novella by Jade Royal

What would you do if you were kidnapped? Blossom faced that same question when she found herself in the clutches of a man who was hell bent on keeping her trapped for the rest of her life. Resorting to live a lie, Blossom’s life was slowly stolen away from her, seemingly sucking her soul away. And then she spotted Deputy SynTanner Monroe. Without knowing how it would play out, Blossom took the plunge, risking not only her life but that of others to break herself free from her captor. Deputy SynTanner was in search of salvation himself, needing a second wind in his career. What he didn’t expect was to be thrown into the midst of a crime by a beautiful woman who was just desperate for a savior. Not only was Blossom stolen by one psychotic man but the man who was there to save her was running the risk of stealing her heart.


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New Release Round-Up May 18th-24th

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