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Here Comes The Sun by Bella Jay

Shelby Kingston was a runner.

And when it came to love, she had one rule: they had to love her more than she loved them, which was why there was no way in hell she could fall for her best friend. So, when he proposed they spend one week together being more than just friends… she was against it.

That could ruin everything. And she couldn’t lose him as a friend — no matter how much her cold little life could use some sun. 

However, Jamar Holloway was never one to easily take no for an answer. He was determined to be the light she needed in her darkness.


Can’t Catch Me (Houston Skyhawks Book 1) by Alexandra Warren

Returning to her hometown was not in the plans, and neither was falling for her former best friend…

Briyana Hayes can’t seem to catch a break.

The job offer she expected after taking an unpaid internship at a major shoe company didn’t come through. The friend who’d offered her a place to stay suddenly gave her forty-eight hours to vacate after a misunderstanding. And when she’s forced to move back to her hometown to live with her father and his mistress-turned-wife, it almost seems impossible for things to get any worse… until she runs into her former best friend who’s only gotten fine with time.

With his sixth season as the starting linebacker for his hometown Houston Skyhawks on the horizon, the only thing Lance Hawkins is looking forward to is another year of getting paid and chasing accolades. But when he discovers that the girl he once considered his best friend is back in the city, he quickly finds himself intrigued by a different kind of pursuit after seeing how attractive she’s gotten. 

Even with the fallout of the past, their undeniable chemistry as friends makes it impossible for the two of them to remain distant. And once romantic feelings get involved, it doesn’t take long for Briyana and Lance to find themselves on a journey of not only reestablishing what once was, but also exploring what could be.


A Scoop of Love: A Sweet Rapids Novella by Té Russ

Former NFL star turned yoga teacher/studio owner Paxton Humphries is glad to be home after traveling for over a year.

His return is made even sweeter when he meets ice cream shop owner, Raegan Wilson.


the love infinite mixtape (the HOUSE mixtapes Book 3) by Alexandria House

a love infinite

This is a brief collection of erotic scenes which also includes two short stories previously available for free online. If erotic content and short stories are not your cup of tea, this experience is not for you.


Wide Open by Tanzania Glover

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

Soon-to-be retiring NFL player Beau Mitchell had just about given up on his ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl, but after pulling off a miraculous win he’s now set his sights on an even bigger prize.

Dating a player is completely out of the question for the beautiful and ever so elusive sports journalist Tatum Rogers. but Beau’s persistence and a debt with dire consequences might just make her consider moving her goalpost.


Her Lapse in Judgment: A Romance Suspense Novella by Wynta Tyme

Exhibit A:

Whitty Waze spends most of her days making sandwiches at a local hole-in-the-wall and her free time obsessing over true crime shows. At thirty-years-old, she’s searching for her footing and learning to survive without accepting handouts or caving to self-degrading stipulations. Determined to make the most out of any situation, she’s elated when summoned for a duty most civilians despise. For Whitty, being front and center as a jury for a murder case is right up her alley. 

Exhibit B:

Kaiser Rolle has the ability to make the impossible seem easy. Although he isn’t the most clean cut, he’s earned the right to be called a boss and is now in the position to help his community flourish. Nonetheless, Kaiser’s plan to recharge for a day is derailed when he receives a summons to work as a juror. Having been on the wrong side of the law a few times, Kaiser is immediately rattled at the thought of being back in a courtroom. Learning whose trial he’ll be working on only furthers the layered man’s uneasiness.

Whitty and Kaiser have no idea the chaos they have been summoned to analyze or how close to home the gavel may hit once the case is closed.


Night and Day (Quicksand Book 4) by Delaney Diamond

When Tamika Jones arrives at the apartment on Hargrove Street, she expects to find her boyfriend, the money he stole, and the woman he cheated on her with. Instead, she finds Anton Bevins, a young attorney, who’s good-looking, bewildered by her appearance, and also a victim.

Anton doesn’t know what to think of the sexy, baseball-bat-wielding firebrand who disturbed his weekend rest. But somehow he gets sucked into her charms, and after one night together, he can’t get her off his mind.

The two end up in a sexy, fun-loving relationship that takes them both by surprise, but is it really love? Or are they just two lonely people on the rebound, seeking comfort in each other’s arms?

(Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance. Why Quicksand? Because love pulls you in. The more you fight, the deeper you fall. You can’t fight your way out of quicksand, and you can’t fight your way out of love.)


In This Moment (The Things Unseen Book 1) by K. Lashaun

Love, in all its forms, is a foreign concept to Garryn Taylor. 

After being let down one too many times by nearly every person in her life, she’s sworn off the elusive emotion to focus solely on her career.

When tasked with locating and obtaining a rare collection of artifacts for her most important, yet difficult client, she finds them in the possession of self-made millionaire CEO and music mogul, Verse Presley.

To her surprise, he refuses to part with the valuable collection, sending her on an uncomfortable journey of going above and beyond to change his mind. Weeks of back and forth finally result in Verse requesting much more from her than just the millions being offered by her client. 

Through it all, Garryn fights to remain indifferent towards Verse and all his charming ways, while the multi-layered man works on breaking down each of her carefully constructed walls, giving her much more than she bargained for…


One Night Pass by Tiye Love

The love of my life just asked me to marry him.
I should be the happiest woman in the world.
I can’t forget that he cheated on me.
How does he get to have me as a prize when he took my love for granted?
My mama says I should let it go and just be happy because men will be men.
Using that logic, women should be women and act on our carnal desires and impulses.
Even if we hurt the men who love us.
That’s what men have been doing for ages.
While women are expected to forgive and continue to love them no matter what.
Maybe I don’t want to just forgive.
Maybe I want to get even.
Today I met NFL star, Michael Carson, this sinfully delicious man who only wants one night with me.
And maybe it’s time for a little poetic justice before I get to my happily ever after…

Recently engaged, Monica Charles still reeling from her man’s betrayal is hired to cater NFL star Michael Carson’s party for the weekend. Excited and ready for the biggest job of her career, what she isn’t prepared for is to be tantalizingly tempted by the sexy athlete, who only wants one night with her.



The Crew: Pop And Poetry by Sabrina B. Scales

A band brought together by platinum rapper, Plus, has taken the world by storm. But with recent tensions within the group, the label has decided to split the five into three groups. The second of this three-part split is rap and R&B duo, Joc and Kimi Wells who have been forced to make the best of a high-pressure situation. Find out if their brilliant lyricism commonality translates to love, or if they’ll leave the chemistry in the booth with pop and poetry.


Love Locked In by Tisha Andrews

Faith is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something designed to love, protect, and honor you. That is a perfect description of Faith, the eldest daughter of Pastor Theodore Valentine. She has complete trust in the first man she loved, her father, who selfishly puts his own needs, saturated with greed, over his child.

While Faith desires to minister to the people of God through music, her heart opens up and wide for Denver Daniels, a rough around the edges yet honorable young man who attends her church. With a first name like Faith and a last name like Valentine, Denver knows everything he desires and needs is deposited into one girl, and he has to have her. What starts out as a simple crush evolves into a forever love, or so they hope, until someone else who has eyes for Faith interferes.

Raziel “Razz” Streeter, like Faith, has a love for music that soon catapults his otherwise dark life into a space of light. That light is Faith. With the help of her father, Razz’s desperate need to be validated costs Faith not only her first love but herself, being sucked into their world of selfishness and greed.

Once the foundation of Faith’s life is shaken and secrets are revealed, a getaway to Mason yields as more than a time to hide. It births a second chance for Faith to love again when she reconnects with her first love—Denver. While Denver struggles to forgive, Faith’s presence unlocks the love he has deeply tucked deep away in his heart for her, and he just can’t seem to let go. Even if that means revealing more secrets that could destroy them all.


Ruthless: (The Men of Mafia St. Clair Book 3) by Celeste Granger

This is not your ordinary romance. If you are looking for a straight line to Happily ever after, this is not the book for you. This is mafia romance. There’s a war going on. The death of one mafia Don could mean the inevitable rise of another in the fight to fully control Sin City. In the midst of the fighting, that has spanned the generations, love blooms. Gemologist, Chloe Russell-Knowles is focused on building her business. She is a Black woman in a field where there are few that look like her and Chloe is determined to make her mark, despite the odds. A relationship is the last thing on her mind. Chloe had her share of struggle love. She wasn’t interested in that anymore. Colton St. Clair is fully invested in the family business. He’s rarely seen out front though, preferring to work in the background, making moves without making noise. Colton is seen as the quiet one amongst the St. Clair men. He is not to be underestimated though. Silence can be deadly and doesn’t stop Colton from pursuing what he desires. The first time they saw each other, it was in passing. Colton’s interest was piqued, as was Chloe’s, but circumstances kept the two from exploring their curiosities. When the opportunity of a second encounter with the beautiful Chloe presents itself, Colton proves he goes after what he wants.


Whisper A Promise by M. Monique

Known for being beautiful, smart, and sophisticated, Sidney Munroe has it all together. Her career as a nurse is thriving, her circle of friends is solid, and she’s engaged to the perfect man any woman would be lucky to have.

Zion Knight is reckless and unhinged at times, but he’s as solid as a man comes. His love for his family and his homeboys runs deep. After witnessing both of his friends fall victim to love, he wants no parts of the four letter word. Unless Sidney was in the equation.

With her best friend’s wedding approaching, Sidney’s all too happy to return home for the festivities. Even if that means bringing her face to face with the one man she refuses to have any feelings for.

When his strength is tested, Zion realizes who’s in his corner. Will being around Sidney bring out the


Back to You by Arlisia Potter

When an old friend unexpectedly reappears, what is she to do? The chances of this happening were none. After years apart, Jordan Shaw runs into the one person she didn’t expect to see again. During college, he was the one whose friendship meant the most to her, but differences forced them to part ways. Now Gavin Kensington is back at a time when Jordan is recovering from heartbreak and is not seeking love or friendship. Having lost faith in God and love, Gavin isn’t looking for anything either. God has other plans for them. With a rekindled friendship and pasts that impact their present, is there room for them to have faith in God, and each other, to develop a love that withstands time, distance, and circumstances?


His Love Is More Than Enough : Adonis & Femi by Mel Dau

He loves me but is it enough?

Femi Wilson life hasn’t been Crystal Stairs but she is still determined to make it to the top. Through hard work and perseverance she has accomplished a major goal, being accepted into her college of choice on a full athletic scholarship. A night that was supposed to be a celebration turns into one of the most detrimental nights of her life. Will she be able to move past the hurt of that night to one day love and trust?

Adonis Mercer is the epitome of his name with his remarkable looks. A star college athlete with a street edge from Richmond, Virginia, he is what all of the women on the NCA&T campus want. What happens when his academic world collides him with a stilled beauty. Will she allow him to show her a love that she never knew existed or will other factors deter her from accepting a love that may be enough to heal her blemished heart?

Will love prove to be strong enough to bind these two together or will a secret so large be the boulder needed to sever the bond of young love? 

Find out in this first installment of the Novella Trilogy, His Love is More Than Enough.


Blossom (Melbourne Girls Book 2) by Nina M.

Online dating ain’t shit.
I don’t subscribe to the harrowing fear of ‘dirty thirty’ is approaching, but I want more than boring chit-chat that goes nowhere within five minutes.
Disclaimer; all my dates have all bored me to death so far.
For the culture, I’ll take one last dip into online dating before I throw myself on my bed and cry about the failure.
To say my last date is unexpected is an understatement. As the night goes on, I realise I should cast my net closer


Another Sad Love Song (The Love Mixtapes Book 2) by Sheridan Davis

After experiencing tragedy (as read in “Untitled: How Does It Feel”), Steven Lawson, Jr. must now pick up the pieces of his life. Can authentic love truly die, or can it be redeemed in time?


The Beach House (The Book Club 2) by Rochelle Alers

In Rochelle Alers’ thoughtful, heartwarming series set on a picturesque North Carolina island, one woman’s seemingly perfect life unravels—and a new chapter begins . . .

It’s been almost a year since Leah Berkley Kent left her lavish Richmond home to spend two months on Coates Island, North Carolina. There she found friendship with two extraordinary women, Kayana and Cherie. Together they formed a summer book club, meeting weekly at the Seaside Café. Leah also found the courage to finally stand up to Alan, her domineering husband of twenty-eight years.
With her twin sons now grown, Leah decides to return to Coates Island again this summer. Alan’s explosive reaction only convinces her that her marriage, and her old life, may be ending. But what comes next?  Helping out at the Seaside Café, Leah grows closer to Kayana’s widowed brother, Derrick. He knows what it’s like to start over—he traded a Wall Street career for a beachfront house and a slower pace. Derrick is drawn to Leah, but wonders if she’s truly ready to move on.
It’ll take a summer filled with lazy beach walks, bold new horizons, and book club meetings rich with shared laughter and support, for Leah to find the answers she’s been looking for . . .


The Last Little Secret: A secret child romance (Sin City Secrets Book 4)  by Zuri Day

Will a secret child stand in the way of business? Find out in this Sin City Secrets novel by Zuri Day.

Is she willing to risk it all

for one more night with the boss?

Thanks to a year-long hiatus, interior designer Samantha Price is desperate for a new project. But the only client she can land is Nick Breedlove, a former one-night stand who’s dominated her fantasies ever since! The real estate billionaire agrees their partnership is strictly professional—even as his flirting promises more. If Sam gives in to their passion…will Nick learn the truth about their baby son?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Sin City Secrets series:

Book 1: Sin City Vows

Book 2: Ready for the Rancher

Book 3: Sin City Seduction

Book 4: The Last Little Secret


The Rebel Heir: A forbidden love, different worlds romance (Cress Brothers Book 2) by Niobia Bryant

Mixing business and pleasure is a recipe for trouble in this red-hot upstairs-downstairs romance by Niobia Bryant.

When it’s too hot in the kitchen

He’ll take it to the bedroom…

The rebel of the wealthy Cress dynasty, chef Cole Cress, has only one rule: never fall in love. But the heat that keeps sizzling between Cole and his delectable fellow chef, Jillian Rossi, is irresistible—dangerously so. Because Jillian comes from a different world, and the Cress family will do whatever it takes to extinguish this blaze…even if Cole gets burned.

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.


Redemption on Rivers Ranch (Sweet Briar Sweethearts Book 9) by Kathy Douglass

The return of his childhood friend 

leads to the fresh start he never expected

Horse rancher Carson Rivers has his own emotional demons. There’s no place in his life for a divorced single mom pulling at his heartstrings. But when Gabriella Tucker and her adorable children move next door—the place of her favorite childhood memories—Carson’s tempted to help the heart-guarded beauty make more adult memories. Maybe Gabriella and her kids are the healing balm he’s been yearning for…

Sweet Briar Sweethearts


Wounded Heart: A Novella (The Reed Family Book 5) by Tyora Moody

Jackson “Jax” Reed has exchanged his years as a reporter to become a New York Times bestselling author. Being birthed from an affair, Jax has always had a cloud that’s loomed over his life. Despite the growing success of his true crime books, a secret that his mother took to the grave has turned his life upside-down.

Jax runs into an old flame, Ebony Hampton, the woman who broke off their engagement fifteen years ago. These two quickly find themselves at odds since Ebony is the FBI agent tasked with investigating the serial killer who happens to be the subject of Jax’s latest book. 

When their shared “subject” makes a daring escape from prison, the former couple will find themselves risking their lives together.


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