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Everlasting Love (The Hill Sisters Book 2) by Shanicexlola

The odds were stacked against us, but I was destined for him.

The way he catered to every part of me heightened my outlook on love. I wouldn’t dare deny that his allurement was a gift from a prevailing force up above… until the unexpected happened, threatening to destroy our connection.

*Please note, this is book two of ‘The Hill Sisters’ series. Each book can be read as a standalone.



Just Me & You: A Novella by October Brown

All Malcom wants to do is marry Aria but what happens when the wedding planning becomes too much?



Jade (The Heirs Series Book 7) by D. Camille

The most dangerous thing a man needs is woman. ~ Somali Proverb

Jade Black is ready to start her life with a husband and a baby. However, the man she’d chosen to fulfill those duties, wouldn’t risk his career to make her dreams come true since he worked for her family. But, try as she might to move on…Jade couldn’t shake her feelings for the tall, handsome, dangerous, and mysterious agent…with more secrets than she could imagine.

Julian Houston has worked hard to become one of the Diamonds’ top agents and he wasn’t about to allow a hot interaction with the infamous Jade Black ruin that. No matter how beautiful her chocolate skin looked or how she smelled like heaven. But, a man’s resolve could only last so long, and Julian finds himself needing the most dangerous thing he’s ever met.



#birthdaygoals by AshleyNicole

Arianne’s birthday goals aren’t the kind you wish for when blowing out your birthday candles. They’re the kind you put in work for. Except that one about getting Kammal in her bed…



However Long It Takes (Reckless Book 2) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

On a mission to claim what rightfully belongs to her, Jasmine Johnson does whatever it takes to regain the attention of Maurice Desmond Jones. Even murder.

However Long It Takes is the finale to Reckless. If you haven’t read Reckless first, you should, or you will be lost.



Divine Love by T. Key & Monica Walters

Divine Stewart wanted to be an agent. Being a child with parents in the business, she was around Hollywood actors all her life. Her father, Desmond Stewart, was a director and her mother, Juliana Stewart, was a screenwriter. After years of working for her father as a personal assistant, he was retiring…and she was out of a job. As luck would have it, he had a connection that would provide her with employment and the independence she always sought, as well as experience in the business as an agent. She would be working for Solomon Frank. A great actor…and a jerk. In order to make her dream happen…she had to grin and bear him.

She had already expected it to be tough working for someone like him. What she didn’t expect was for them to connect in such a way that neither of them wanted to be apart from the other.

But it happened…

And their love came with risks…

Was it worth risking it all? Was a forever possible between two people who couldn’t be more different?



Thin Line Between Love & Success by Bree Wright

Success is something we all want out of life. It is when a person achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. But what happens when love is thrown in between success?

After taking a devastating blow to the heart, Femi packed her things and moved to L.A. to pursue her dreams of becoming the number one producer in L.A. She puts her mind, body, and soul into her new reality show Is She the One? because Femi wants to reach the top at any means. What happens when her success is potentially altered by the one thing that caused her to run away?

Brendan Cole has been off the market for a while. The only thing that mattered to him was his son and family. Brendan has everything one could wish for except a woman by his side to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Being hit with the idea from his twin sister to try out for a new reality show, he decides to bite the bullet and take his chances at love.

After having their first encounter, Femi and Brendan can’t seem to take their minds off of each other. However, with Femi, she does not want to risk losing everything she worked so hard far. Is there really a such thing as having both love and success, or is there a thin line between love and success?



Easy to Love by Kay Shanee

MyLynn’s Bedroom Boutique is known for the love it lends to boudoirs all over the globe. Co-owner Myla Abbott could use a dose of her own, although she’d never admit to it. While on a trip to Belize, Myla aimed to surprise her best friend by reuniting her with the lover her heart yearned for. To Myla’s surprise, she returned home with a gift of her own… she’s pregnant.

Kolby Ross wanted nothing to do with commitment. Confident and honest, he put his cards on the table before he and Myla Abbott engaged in the fire of passion their bodies couldn’t deny. However, after spending a week with the vivacious Myla wrapped in his arms, he found himself contemplating forever.

Can an unplanned pregnancy lead to an undeniable love? Or will reality burn fantasies to ashes?

*This book is a spin-off of “Since the Day We Met.” Although the stories can be read separately, you may have a more pleasurable reading experience if you read the aforementioned book.*



Love Beyond Repair by Malay Reneé

Life after death isn’t something most fully accomplish. For Jordyn Wade her life gets flipped around when she loses the two most important people in her life. Having to deal with grief in the limelight isn’t ideal for anyone. Not even for someone whose life had been nothing but a media frenzy for years.

With the decision being made by the ones that love her, Jordyn is forced to take a hiatus in her hometown of Syracuse, NY. Being back home she learns to deal with grief and gains understanding that she’s not wrong for wanting to get through her moment in peace. But what’s more complicated than getting over loss? Finding love after loss. On her journey of healing Jordyn comes across Chance Parker. A charming, caring and smart man who is ready to love her through her pain. But is she still too hurt to allow him to love on her?

To lose is hard but to love is even harder. Come along on this journey of grief, healing and love to see if Jordyn can once again have the happy ending she once had in Love Beyond Repair.



#catfished by AshleyNicole

One fish, two fish… catfish— that’s the tweet. Kardea and Mag have been boo-loving telephonically for some time now, but they’ve yet to meet. In walks Emiel, whose face matches Mag’s perfectly, but he’s definitely not the owner of that voice she’s been swooning over. He is, however, swoon worthy in his own right. He’s also willing to help Kardea figure out who’s been playing with both of them. #Winning.



On Us by Nina

Avery went against everything to be with Ky. Her sister Ivy, who she loved more than anyone in the world and Vant who had taken care of her like she was his own blood, told her for years Ky was no good. Their relationship didn’t start ideally, but the love she had for him began long before they became public to the world. What was once a fairytale turned into a nightmare, and Avery felt like it was karma. She didn’t have any business being with Ky then, and the torment she had been put through showed they weren’t meant to be together presently.

Lake Porter, a man who dedicated his life to taking care of his brothers and living by his father’s word, finally catches up to the feelings he tried so hard to fight. Love wasn’t in the cards for him, and he had come to terms with that until a prissy, sometimes crazy, vibrant woman, shows him that he isn’t so cold and his heart did pump. She isn’t fazed by his mean persona and deadly dark eyes. Lake out of his comfort zone, and in the presence of a woman so alluring with energy so contagious, finds himself at the end of a bullet from the love gun. He quickly finds out that being with the woman of his choosing comes with baggage that he doesn’t mind carrying. But will Lake be able to break her from the curse that is his sworn enemy?



Revelations: A Throwback Love Story by Cheris Hodges

Magazine writer Shari Walker knows the pain of love and loss and she Isn’t about to put her heart at risk again. While writing a story about CEO Jill Atkinson, Shari’s life is flipped upside down when temptation walks in to her life. Malik Greene is known to love them and leave them, but something about Shari’s cool nature heats him up. After a life changing event is revealed in Shari’s life, she begins to look at every thing differently, including Malik. Is it love, lust or another heartbreak in the making?



Coffee in the Noon by Harleigh Rae

He was the Folgers in her cup. She was his dew in the morning. Together they found refuge in one another’s gaze. The rest was love.




Faithfully Unfaithful by Cherish Amore

Blaine’s life and marriage are picture perfect. She has the dreamy man and all the material things she could ever think of wanting. Her dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she’s faced with the truth of who she really married.

Patrick is a fine, married, Captain in the army. Patrick loves his wife, Blaine, and life without her has no meaning to him. His only problem is… being unfaithful is a part of his personality.

Emir is an orthopedic surgeon. He works hard while still enjoying life. His busy schedule doesn’t give him much room for a relationship— until the right woman crosses his path.

After meeting Emir, Blaine is torn. Does she stay with the only man she has ever loved, or does she leave? Fed up with the back-and-forth, Emir backs away, giving Blaine the room she needs to sort her life out.

Will Blaine choose the guy she just met, or will Patrick and his ways finally catch up with him and cost him the one his life revolves around?



Rhythm to my Heartbeat (Blues City Love Book 1) by R.J. Ware

There’s a Rhythm to Every Heartbeat!

Set in a city that is the epitome of rhythm and blues, meet two souls whose rhythm sets the beat of their hearts. Ruthie Joi Davis at 29 seemingly has it all. She’s a self-proclaimed Black love enthusiast with a love for all things fashion, family, and love.  She has been in love with Malcolm X. Love since she knew what love was. But sometimes the idea of love and the act of being in love are two different things….

Authoritative, strong, passionate are just a few words to describe Malcolm X. Love. He is a fierce protector who loves his friends and values loyalty above all else. He thinks he has found his solace in Ruthie Joi Davis but will she be able to be his solace after she discovers the secrets he harbors?

Join Ruthie Joi and Malcolm as they discover the Rhythm to their Heartbeat.



Illicit Affair (Forbidden Affairs Book 2) by Chelle Ramsey

Love can be blind, but it doesn’t require you to be a fool. That’s the painful lesson Regan Stevens is learning. She knows she isn’t destined for a happily-ever-after with her long-term boyfriend, Cameron. Yet, no matter how much she promises herself that she’ll do better, Regan stays, because she’s not sure what better is.

Overwhelmed with grief, Justice Phillips knows there’s a missing element in his life, but he’s not sure what that is. When he relocates to Atlanta, he meets a kindred spirit in Regan that forces him to deal with repressed feelings. Justice cannot ignore their undeniable attraction and deeper spiritual connection; he’s found the missing piece to his puzzle.

Everything about their situation is taboo, but it isn’t. A shared kiss invites the question of how can something that appears so wrong, feel so right. How will Regan and Justice turn their illicit affair into something so beautiful that heals the scars of their pasts, and who will be most impacted by the pressure of their forbidden love affair?



Blurred Lines 2 by N.L. Hudson

As fate would have it, Zoelle was able to escape death. Feeling as though there’s no one to turn to, Zoelle finds herself on a path of self-destruction.
Will Zoelle seek help before it’s too late?

Azad and Yalee, are back. Notably, this union has been far from a cake walk. With the notion that Yalee kept it in the family and Azad’s past wasn’t squeaky clean from the beginning. This duo may never find their way back, or can they? Love conquers all, right? Only time will will reveal if that saying is true.

Uma is ready to kick up dust for anybody who tests her. That includes her maybe baby father, Keno, and his new love interest, Stassia. The shenanigans that occurs between this threesome, might just be too much for even them to handle.

Waleed is the only one who seemingly has it all together, or does he? When a secret from his past is revealed, it leaves him at odds with one of his day ones.

In this last installment, the only way for this crew to survive is if they un-blur those final lines.



Chasing Jesse: A Center City Novella by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Jesse seems to live in the world but not by its rules. He has charted his own course and created his own dynamic. He’s a complex, simple man with acute memories. . He is feeling chased but isn’t one to run. What’s chasing Jesse and will he get caught?



Scorned: Sequel to the Rose (The Rose Series Book 2) by Daria Noelle

In this gripping sequel, Ryan and Leah are back, exploring life together as husband and wife. But, the newlyweds will soon learn that with new beginnings, comes new drama.

Leah is unexpectedly forced to deal with a huge piece of her past, a piece she never expected to see again. But for her, family always comes first. Ryan, now the successful business owner of two barbershops and salons, must welcome in new help to keep his businesses up and running.

But after one blurry night, Ryan’s loyalty is questioned. Out of fear of losing his family, he decides to leave it all in the past. That is until the truth is set free. After being heartbroken, one person in his life is ready to unleash their wrath.



Mile High Love: (Book One of the Planez Series) by Mariah J. 

At first sight, Malcolm is the most gorgeous man Essence had ever seen. She wasn’t one to believe in soppy love stories but the way her heart raced as he walked down the aisle, changed her mind. Malcolm is a businessman and he knows you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Immediately enamored by Essence’s beauty, Malcolm is ready to risk it all. Mile High Love will take you on the ride of your life: full of sex, thrills and betrayal. This isn’t your ordinary flight. Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off.



Chambers of the Heart (The Gems Series Book 1) by LaShayla Teemer Dyer

The Healing Power of Love and Forgiveness…

Devastation from the loss of love and life has left Jade consumed by grief. As soon as Jade attempts to unwrap herself from a cocoon of pain and sadness, Donovan Johnson walks back into her life. Donovan’s presence forces Jade to confront hidden memories of the past, acknowledge the powerful love that they once shared and accept the possibility that their love still exists.

Donovan Johnson is a caring father and a successful businessman. A chance encounter offers Donovan the opportunity to pursue the love of the woman who had captured his heart 14 years earlier. Will Jade allow Donovan to love her beyond the sadness, the pain, and the past, or will she leave him heartbroken?



Blessed Creations by I Elaine Jenkins

Heaven Bless Richards owner of Blessed Creations Art Gallery: It’s a place to relax, revive, restore utililzing photos captured throughout her traveled places.

Inside this book you will see how healing can be transformed through a camera. Although this is a love story you can see how tramua, grief and self worth can have a good outcome.

PTSD: Awareness Month is June
PTSD is a psychological and emotional stress disorder that causes someone to believe that they are unable to cope with the demands placed on their inner world. It is a negative perception of highly stressful or traumatic situations that manifests itself through emotional and physical symptoms.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 25th-31st

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