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Something Bleu: Potomac Falls Book One by K.L. Hall

It was one kiss.
One kiss eight years ago that changed everything.
A kiss so unforgettable that the memory still plays in Imani Lavender’s mind to this day.
And then came the disaster that tore her heart to shreds, causing her to put miles between herself and her hometown of Potomac Falls. When she finds herself traveling home for her sister’s wedding weekend, she never imagined she’d ever lay eyes on Dallas “Bleu” Alexander again.
That is until a spilled caramel latte on a Friday plunges her right into the arms of the one man she thought she’d never see again. Bleu was only ever meant to be a teenage crush, but the way his body engulfs hers reminds her that it could be so much more. Imani finds herself having to deal with years of unresolved feelings in one seventy-two-hour weekend while ensuring her sister makes it down the aisle.

Fresh off an eight-year bid, Bleu’s had one thing on his mind for almost a decade: making Imani Lavender his. As the baby sister of his right hand, she’d always been off-limits.
Until she wasn’t.
The kiss had been on replay in his mind for almost a decade. Now the stars have aligned to put them back in the same place they started. He refuses to let any more time pass between them before telling her how he feels. But how will she react? After all, she’s far from the heart-eyed teenager she was back then. To him, she’s so much more.


Ravishing the Force: A Paranormal Romance (The FORCE series Book 2) by Jade Royal

Having the ability to see the dead was both a gift and a curse for Drax Triton. He was tormented by spirits to a point where he was succumbing to weakness because of his power. Not only did his older brothers dote on him because he was the youngest; his inability to control his power made them even more wary to watch his every move. But it was his unstable power that led him to meet the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. Not only was Ivy Ash alluring and positively seductive; she was a demon that held a mystery about herself that Drax wanted to uncover. Ivy and Drax were from two separate worlds that deemed they could never be together, but their connection was undeniable, especially in the way their eyes twinkled at the pleasure of torturing enemies. Despite the rules that said a demon and a panther could never coexist, Drax would stop at nothing to capture the female that ravished his soul the moment he locked eyes with her. But to be together meant that the rules of their worlds would forever be altered in ways that neither Ivy nor Drax could prepare for. In the end, the prospect of a true mate bond was too good to resist despite the chaos that was promised to come.


Rather Be With You by ashley

Young and go-getting, Presley Moore, finds herself having to make the one decision no one likes to make—love… or pursuing her dreams. Unable to choose, the decision is painfully made for her. Determined to not make the same mistake twice, she learns the importance of balancing her ambitious pursuits as well as her personal life. With clarity and her priorities now in order, an unexpected blast from her past is forcing her to relive memories she’d done her best to suppress, causing her newfound happiness to begin unraveling.


The Prodigy (Family Ties Book 1) by Shae Sanders

“First day back home and already in some mess.”

Jakari Windermere hasn’t been home to Midling in eight years. He’s been laying low in Atlanta, and nobody knows why. But it doesn’t matter now, because a tragedy draws him back to the town he grew up in…the town his family basically owns. But this won’t be a pleasant homecoming, and he finds that out the moment he sets foot back in Midling.

Responsible Malika Andrews has never left Midling, boring as it is, so when rich, fine Jakari walks into her job, she has to hide her excitement. Finally, something interesting is happening in her life.

She has no idea.

A shocking act of violence and betrayal binds Jakari and Malika together, and they both find themselves married to a complete stranger. Jakari’s goal? Keeping the family business intact so he can go back to his life in Atlanta. Malika’s goal? To stay alive. As the newest member of the Windermere family, she’s in a den of vipers, and it’s eat or be eaten.

***The Prodigy is book one in the Family Ties series. Be advised, this story ends on a cliffhanger.


An Unexpected Desire by Kat Cole

Anais King has the perfect life. She’s married to the man of her dreams, they live lavishly, and she doesn’t have to lift a finger, or want for anything. In her eyes, life can’t get any better.

But like the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, right?

Unexpectedly, Anais learns some secrets that her husband was keeping, and it shatters her heart, and turns her world upside down. She never thought in a million years that this would happen, and now she’s left feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

That only leads her to seek comfort in the arms of the next man, Koi Kane.

Koi is a reckless, careless, impulsive man, and he doesn’t care about what flies out of his mouth, or whose feelings it hurts. Once he lays his eyes on Anais, he knows he’s found the woman of his dreams, but she doesn’t feel the same towards him.

In this romance, will Anais fall for Koi’s smooth talking, or will she stay with her husband even though he’s broken her heart?


Valor: The Billionaire Bae (The Billionaire Bae Series Book 2) by Amber Ghe

He found light in my darkness, and I found a place in his heart. 

Valor: As the CFO for our multi-million dollar family business Clover Root, I was methodical with the financial tenacity to spot discrepancies. I had to be.

Yet, permanently broken-hearted, I was two different people, and I couldn’t integrate them. There are two constants in my life, my best friend, Ariston, and this dark cloud that hovers over me, the one that ran every man I ever loved away.

I know I’ll have to tell my parents about the breakup between David and me soon. But I don’t want to disappoint them yet again. Especially as the oldest daughter, my parents pressured me to get married and have kids.

Ariston: Valor’s been crying out about the men in her life, but she doesn’t realize I’ve heard every word.

Splitting my time between being a single father and The Morning Vibe Breakfast Bar, I have to prove I can provide a stable home for my little man.

It seems like the perfect solution when Valor comes up with a plan to fake an engagement with me, giving her parents an instant grandchild and me a stable home for my son. But with my heart on the line, it’s a win, win situation, or is it?


EPHRAIM: Book Two in the Champions Series by Chicki Brown

Within the Champions team, Ephraim King is the physically powerful one. He has lived a life of abandonment and loneliness until the night he meets Serenity James, the woman who will change his life forever.

Serenity’s life has centered on family, dance, and becoming a principal dancer with her company. Her long-term goal of becoming a wife and mother seems very distant. Has Ephraim come into her life to help her realize that dream?


Next of Kyn (A Watson Girls Story Book 8) by Tracy Gray

For some people, moving on is just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. For Kyndall Rivers, the inability to move on keeps her standing still, and getting nowhere…fast.

Kyndall Rivers has given her ex 5 years to step up to the plate and be a dad to their son, Bryson. When that time comes and goes, she knows that it’s time to move on. What she doesn’t know…is how to move on. Her “best friend”, Dorien Hill has been waiting patiently for a second chance to love her in a more than friendly way. But after the way he fumbled the bag with her – the way he fumbled her heart makes it hard for her to know how to move with him, as well.

Dorien Hill knows that he messed up with the only woman to ever hold his heart in her hands. He doesn’t take that lightly. In fact, he’s spent the last 5 years doing everything in his power to redeem himself, and prove to Kyndall that he can be the man she needs. That he…understands the assignment. When he finally sees an opportunity for him to be next up, will he be able to take his place as the man in Kyndall’s life, or will her inability to move cause her to lose a chance at love?


Loving Big (Blooming Series Book 2) by Latoya Garrett

The story of Mel & Talik from Blooming Big

Melanie Jacobs is the ultimate southern belle. She’s smart, beautiful, sweet and a bit spoiled (aka daddy’s little princess). Life is amazing. Her beauty consulting business is booming and partnering with her best friend, Sherrie Lynn, is a match made in heaven. The only thing missing is a husband of her own. And she may have found him in Pastor Talik Morgan. He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man.
But…a routine checkup jeopardizes everything. Talik friend zones her, and Mel is left wondering if she’ll live to experience the love for which she’s been longing.
Pastor Talik Morgan is a man after his Heavenly Father’s and his earthly father’s hearts. Sometimes his need for his earthly father’s approval supersedes the things he wants and needs for his life. Melanie Jacobs becomes one of the most important things he sacrifices just to make daddy proud.
But…a family secret is exposed, making Talik question everything and yearn for another chance with Mel.


He’s The One: Finding Purpose & Finding Love (Christian Singles Billionaire Romance) by Sherylynne L. Rochester-Dix 

Claudia has gone through a difficult time during her journey to finding love, romance, and purpose. 

Getting over a 15 year breakup to now finding another man, Mathew, during the breakup bootcamp, Claudia decided it was best she heals and pursues her purpose before entering any relationship. With months of traveling, healing, building her writing career, and influence, Claudia now feels she’s in a good place. She’s happy, living life, and up for a new position that will help her go further in her career.

But, something is missing…


Claudia can’t help but think maybe it’s time for love again and her best friend, Tru, thinks finding love again with the billionaire is the perfect way to go. With Tru by her side, she was now pushing Claudia towards love with the one and only Mathew—the same Mathew that Claudia had turned down months ago.

With a missed opportunity and wondering if she had made a mistake, Claudia is now faced with regret, what ifs, and will she find love after heartbreak, especially after she see’s Mathew again and with someone else. 

Will Claudia give up on love or will she end up in the arms of a counterfeit, or will Claudia get a second chance at love and finally say He’s The One?

In He’s The One, follow Claudia’s journey from healing from a broken heart to finding purpose and finding love with the billionaire… hopefully.

This is a short novella length Christian billionaire romance story. Previously published as He’s The One Episodes 1-10 on Kindle Vella.

Scriptures, Devotional, Prayers, and Journaling include!


Broken Vows: A Prequel to Skye’s Journey by Bre Shadae

Is there ever a reason to break a vow?
For Brandon, the answer is no. The commitments you make you keep no matter what your feelings may be. Brandon is a hard-working, simple, man on the surface but everyone has secrets. He is carrying the biggest one. The woman he married is not the woman who holds his heart. A situation that should have shattered him only brings him closer to the conclusion he already knows. Only one woman will do and it’s her and only her.
Sharia has lost herself in a one-sided marriage. At least she thinks she’s married whenever her husband decides to make an appearance in his own home. Tired of fighting by herself she runs to the arms of the one that has always been there for her. That man happens to be married to her best friend.
Messy situations create messy outcomes because when the vow breaks so does hell’s fury.

Please note this is a Novella with a 90s theme. The story is complete but it does serve as a prequel as well. These characters will appear in coming books.


Full Rush (Southern Gentlemen Book 5) by Ja’Nese Dixon

Rules are meant to be broken. But can love mend the hearts of this sexy actress and the quiet giant paid to protect her?

Demetrius Montgomery governs his world by words. He’s a loner from a large rowdy family who found his voice in writing. Readers praise the realism in his novels while critics probe his technique to depict his characters with such accuracy.

It all remains a trade secret until he’s splattered on every tabloid and gossip blog after he’s hired to guard the very beautiful and publicly scrutinized Kanesha Greene.

Not from the paparazzi. Not from bloggers. But her parents hired him to protect Kanesha from herself. But who’s going to protect her from him?

Kanesha Greene starred in her first sitcom at five years old. Her first television show at eleven. And her first sex tape at seventeen. For ten years she’s accepted this is her life and against the cancel-culture odds she’s poised for a career comeback if she doesn’t screw this up.

Private kisses, discreet touches, and passion-filled nights awaken a rare experience.

Demetrius guards her body and exposes her heart. Kanesha ignites his soul and teaches him to love. But he’s a man with a deadline.

Could life be more than books and acting and family?

For a moment the answer is yes, until convenient lies and opportunist deeds bubble to the surface commanding center stage. And they must decide whether their love will survive the power of his pen?


A Second Chance at Love by Ni’Andra Nicole

Ancients Petersburg just knew that her hotel, Ancient Paradise, was going to be big and successful just like she dreamed it would be, but all that took a turn for the worse when she realized she hadn’t read the fine print. Thrown into a rock and a hard place, she is forced to do the one thing she never wanted to do. File for bankruptcy.
Isiah Matthews never thought he would go back to where it all began for him. Houston, Texas. Until his father came to him with a proposal he just couldn’t resist. But when he gets there, everything he once considered sacred and familiar made things even more complicated for him.
Will going back home be what’s best for them in the end? Or will the secrets being kept be the one thing to break them apart once again?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 30th-June 5th

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