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Check out these new releases from May 8th-14th.

A Delicious Touch by Erika B.

Reese Webster was labeled the good girl. Life had always been kind to her, but recently, Reese experienced a significant loss. Never one to give up, Reese notices the light at the end of the tunnel when her dream job lands in her lap. 

Auden McNeil is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He likes his life the same way he likes his women: fast, quiet, and problem free. Things have been this way for him for years until the new Social Media Manager starts and flips his world upside down. 

Reese focuses on getting her life on track, while Auden does everything he can to avoid getting caught in the good girl’s web. An innocent smile has the potential to bring Auden to his knees. Will he fall victim to her charm, or will the lessons learned in his childhood save him?


Shadows and Whispers by K.C. Mills

Elias Omari exist in the darkness that clouds his mind.
Cress Devereaux exist in the light that inspires her soul.
Together they create beautiful shades of gray.

An arranged marriage forces two families to smooth the edges of their jagged past with the hopes of a new beginning.
Can a union tainted with secrets and uncertainty promise an unbreakable alliance?

The one thing that Elias and Cress share in common is family over everything but should they continue to fight for family when that same family has never truly fought for them?

Shadows and Whispers is a standalone novel
*Please see trigger warnings in the author note*


Hard To Love (The Berotte Family Book 14) by Monica Walters

Loving hard doesn’t do anyone any good when the love isn’t reciprocated. If Rondo Simpson could have a do over in his love life, he would jump at the opportunity. The woman he’s loved for over ten years has committed the ultimate betrayal and has convinced him that love just isn’t in the cards for him. Even attempts at love before her seemed to be one-sided and leaves him heartbroken. However, unexpectedly, the type of woman he’s been longing for walks into his life when everything is in disarray, stealing his attention from the word go.

Dinalee Cadien knows what it feels like to give her all to the man she loves, and it still not be enough. Now a single mother and divorcee, life just isn’t what she thought it would be. After being stationed in a city where she doesn’t know anyone, Dinalee attempts to make the best of it, creating a new start for herself and her children, thinking this is what’s best for them. A fateful day at the gas station changes everything.

Rondo and Dinalee are on the fast track to something special, but unfortunate incidents cause doubt and hesitancy to rear their ugly heads, bringing their journey to a screeching halt. Their intense connection suffers, because they can’t seem to move past their insecurities about love. Will they fight for what they know their love can become, or will they continue to let destiny elude them and allow complacency to set in?


A Love So Strong: A Jenkins Family Reunion (Jenkins Family Series Book 6) by Sharon C. Cooper

The Jenkins women are married and back with more love, more laughs, and of course more drama.

They’ve been tasked with planning the ultimate family reunion, but their lives are a little chaotic at the moment.

Toni & Craig: Craig is crazy in love with Toni. But can their marriage withstand her obsession to have more kids?

Jada & Zack: Fashion designer, Jada, is enjoying her new career, but nothing compares to the love she has for Zack. All is well in their marriage until another woman comes on the scene. This person will soon learn that Jada doesn’t share, especially when it comes to her husband.

Christina & Luke: They’re having a baby! Christina the world-famous artist and Luke, one of the top defense attorneys in the country, are living their best lives. But all isn’t as it seems, and Luke’s overprotectiveness isn’t helping. Is he just nervous about becoming a father, or is there another reason why he doesn’t want to let Christina out of his sight?

Martina & Paul: Martina’s big mouth has gotten her into plenty of jams. Yet, Paul’s love for her has never wavered…until now. She’s gone too far. He’s had enough. Will he leave her for good? Or can she fix her marriage and hold on to the only man she’s ever loved?

Peyton & Michael: Married to the world’s greatest husband,Peyton never knew she could be so happy. But when one of Michael’s private investigative cases takes a turn for the worse, his number one priority is protecting his family. Even if it means pushing Peyton away.

Will these couples buckle under the challenges of marriage while planning the much-anticipated Jenkins family reunion? Or is the love they share strong enough to keep their marriages together?

**For an even more enjoyable reading experience, check out books 1-5 in the series.
Still the Best Woman for the Job (Toni & Craig)
All You’ll Ever Need (Jada & Zack)
Tempting the Artist (Christina & Luke)
Negotiating for Love (Martina & Paul)
Seducing the Boss Lady (Peyton & Michael)


A Brewing Storm: Orishas of Aye by Wynta Tyme

Misunderstandings and not compromising has a reputation to rattle the foundation of any marriage, whether it’s going good or bad. This ideology is even true amongst the gods. The powerful storm Goddess Oya can no longer bear the feeling of loneliness, the absence of physical touch, and love escaping her and Ogún’s marriage faster than lightning could flash. Like most men, the god of war and iron, Ogún, is completely oblivious to his wife’s feelings. With a crumbling foundation, it is so easy for Shango to court her. Now that Oya is the third wife of Shango, his real intentions are as clear as a blue sky.

Anger, hurt, and betrayal are now the main ingredients in a recipe for disaster. An all-out war between the gods has now been created. With so much power wielding in the air, sparks fly, sending all three of them to be reincarnated throughout time. Now, in a new and modern era, Oya is a thriving storefront owner, who also owns one of the biggest black-owned farmers markets. Her life is about to take a drastic change when a devilishly handsome fireman and a professional boxer barges their way into her life.


Infinite Kiss: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 3) by Imani Price

A broken watch brings love around at the perfect time.

Courtney’s life wasn’t always easy, but as an adult, she has worked hard to ensure she is stable, independent, and always in control of her future—sometimes even at the expense of her own happiness. But when her beloved heirloom watch breaks in the middle of a busy day, she has no choice but to find a shop that can repair antique timepieces and desperately hope that the treasured piece of history passed down for generations can be fixed. The last thing she expected was to meet a reserved and handsome watchmaker, or the sparks that are ignited when she sees him work on his intricate pieces.

Justin knew from the first moment he saw Courtney that she was different. As someone who keeps his heart safely locked away, he has been content to live a quiet, solitary life full of comfort and consistency. But her hopeful, pleading eyes and gentle spirit affected him more than he wanted to admit. Soon, he realizes that agreeing to fix her watch would disrupt his life… and his heart… in more ways than he could have ever expected.


Chinwe and Obi: A Love Story in Diaspora by Ikechi Ukazu

This is a story of the ultimate missed connection. Chinwe is a 30-something mover and shaker in her West African community in the Dallas area; her life passion is to bring people together to strengthen their culture. Obi is one of the top leaders in their community and organization. Together, they are unstoppable. Chinwe and Obi work endlessly to unite their culture and create unforgettable experiences like fashion shows and dating mixers.

Their friendship is strong and an attraction grows between them that they can’t deny. But then Obi falls in love with someone else.

Enraged and exasperated, Chinwe flies to Cancun to escape it all. With the ball in Obi’s court and two relationships on the line, how far will Obi go to make things right again?


Chaser: A Courageous Love Novel (A Billionaire, Friends with Benefits, Romantic Suspense) (A Courageous Love Series) by Terreece M. Clarke

Shayla St. Pierre, yes of those St. Pierres, is thriving. She lives her life on her terms and makes no apologies – not for her plus-size body, philanthropic endeavors, or her zesty love life. When her best friend lands into trouble she does what any friend would, packs a bag, hops on a private plane, and enters a world where the men are bold, badass, and built for sin. When she decides to add one of them to her charcuterie board of lovers, she finds Xavier Alexander wants to be more than a snack. He wants to be the whole damn meal. Not an option.

Xavier Alexander grew up in a world where a man’s character meant more than what he did for a living. After his father lost the family ranch, Xavier left the land he loved to conquer the world of business and take back what was stolen, plus interest. Putting morals first has earned him a goodie-two-shoes reputation, but those who underestimate him do so at their own peril. Like Shayla St. Pierre.

Her “friends with benefits” proposal is a generous first offer, but his counter sent her running believing he won’t pursue. Let that woman go? Not an option.

Forces from Xavier’s past and Shayla’s attraction to danger threaten to tear them apart, but will betrayal ruin them first?Chaser, a friends-to-lovers, billionaire, romantic suspense with plus size heroine, is the second interconnected, standalone novel in the Courageous Love Novel series.


Had Me At Hello: When Nina Meets Meech by Talena Tillman

After doing a seven-year bid, Demetrius Bennett A.K.A “Money Meech” is finally a free man. While out celebrating, he gains more than just his freedom that day… 
Her name is Nina Housley.


The Burial of a Player (A Jareau Family Novel Book 3) by Kimberly Brown

Walker Jareau prided himself on being a player. Women came a dime a dozen, and he was like a revolving door… until he met the one woman who threatened to swipe his player card—Jorja Sandifer. The beautiful dancer captivated him from the moment he laid eyes on her. It didn’t take long for the friends with benefits to migrate into an unconventional relationship, laced with a bit of toxicity. Feelings developed, and neither wants to come clean until Jorja has had enough.

The concept of giving a man her heart has always been foreign to Jorja Sandifer. Seeing the effects of heartbreak on her mother made Jorja vow to never give a man that kind of power over her… until she met Walker Jareau. In him, she found a best friend and lover. Try as she might, she couldn’t fight the growing feelings for a man she was never supposed to form an attachment to.

When those feelings surface, Jorja is faced with the harsh reality that Walker will never be the man she wants. She cuts ties with him, but Walker can’t seem to let her go. Realizing that he may have more feelings than he wanted to admit has him fighting to get back in her good graces.

Will these two embrace the feelings between them, or is it a done deal?


Almost Lovers by Kirby Speaks

Taylor and Omni are best friend’s who are both smitten by the same woman. Noelle is working in Atlanta on assignment. The last thing she expected was to meet two wonderful women. Little did she know, they were best friend’s.


By Chance (Basketball Baes Book 2) by Tracy Gray

Chance Parker loves three things in life:

  1. Basketball
  2. Gorgeous women
  3. Hot sex

In that order.

Being a professional basketball player affords Chance the opportunity to partake in all three things to his heart’s content.

He doesn’t do relationships, commitment or even two night stands.

Kirbie Miller doesn’t consider herself a party girl. She likes to have fun as much as the next person, but hard partying is for later. Right now is for securing her post undergraduate future. She’s focused and dedicated – until one fateful night with Chance Parker derails her plans and turns her life upside down.
When two lines show up on a pregnancy test, can a “good time” guy and a goal-driven woman find a middle ground?


Love Me Some You: From One Night to Forever by Mycah Edwards

Major Perkins is all about her business. She won’t let you get close enough to hurt her after she’s been there and barely survived that. All she wants to do is find peace with her past and love on her gift from God… Which was easy enough until Dominique Martin bulldozes into her life obliterating every lie she’s told herself.

Always misunderstood and judged, Nique expects his encounter with Major to be strictly physical and a onetime thing, but after it’s revealed the gift God gave Major also belongs to Dominique, the two find it impossible to escape one another.

Sparks fly, backs are blown out, and hearts are melded together, but there’s one problem… neither Major or Nique have healed their old wounds, leaving them fragile to perceived threats and heartbreak. Could a one-night stand turn into forever? Dive within this unconventional captivating tale to find out.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP

New Release Round-Up May 8th-14th

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