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Check out these new releases from November 13th-19th.

A Perfect Stuffing (Hot Holiday Hookup Novella) by Danielle Allen

I love my family. Spending Thanksgiving with them is always a good time. But nothing is more fun than Friendsgiving with my college best friends. And this year was one for the books.


Outdrawn: A Sapphic Rivals to Lovers Romance by Deanna Grey

It isn’t always lonely at the top.

Noah Blue’s finally got her foot in the door. After clawing her way to the top of the charts with her webcomic, she’s garnered enough attention to earn a full-time position at a company re-launching their cult classic comic: Queen Leisah.

Queen Leisah is predicted to be an instant bestseller with movie deals already in the making. Things are falling into place. There’s nowhere to go but up…as soon as she gets one person out of her way.

Sage Montgomery has always been the best artist in every building she’s stepped foot in. Raw talent’s gotten her webcomic to the top of the charts every month for the past eight years. She’s been the best for as long as she can remember. Sure, her career has plateaued but that can be easily fixed by working on a big, mainstream comic.

She was promised complete creative control over Leisah. Instead, she got a shared credit with the one artist who’s been breathing down her neck since college. The one artist who has a fighting chance of being better than her.

Sage and Noah have to work as a team — or, at least appear to work as a team. They thought the hardest part of the relaunch would be drawing together. But that’s easy in comparison to falling in love.


Outdrawn is a slow-burn, rivals-to-lovers sapphic romance. This book is a standalone.


Mina (LMAO Book 2) by Sabrina B. Scales

Four women.
Four stories.
One passion.
To make you laugh!

Hey people,
I’m Willow-Mina a.k.a. Mina Brown, the ‘M’ in LMAO.
Come and join me on my journey to the Edge Control Tour.
It’s about to be a sold-out show!
Go ahead and grab your seats while I fill you in on who I am. For starters, I carry sandwiches everywhere I go. Feel free to grab one from my cooler after the show because the concessions are overpriced in pretty much every venue. Also, there will be no profanity while I’m up on the stage. I won’t judge my tour mates for cursing like sailors, but my mouth and everything in it is clean. If you don’t believe me, consult my dentist. Last, honesty is my staple. I can’t lie to save my life. And with that being said, don’t come in here looking for soft comedy. Ugly babies exist and I might be inclined to talk about ’em.
My story is one you’ll definitely relate to as it encompasses the perils of a newly single mother, seeking identity in a world that is moving way too fast. Raising three boys on my own while reimagining my life is kicking my behind harder than a steel-toed boot. But I have faith, tons of it, even if it takes time. I know the answers will come. God promised me that. In the meantime, I use comedy to laugh my way through it, hosting a YouTube channel with my three beautiful sons. Speaking of our channel, this seemingly innocent project spun our world on its axis when a single share from the right influencer put us in the spotlight. We’ve been able to connect with hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world, and one fan in particular started to reach out to me specifically for reasons that required more than a good laugh.
Enter Larcy Spinx, a tall, dark, and handsome man who could bring the sinner out of a saint with just the wink of his eye. As the brother of one of my tour mates, Miss Leslie Velveeta Spinx, it wasn’t long before Larcy’s online fanship turned into in-person encounters that sparked something more, if you get my drift.
Grab your tickets and enjoy this comedic exhibition of laughter, love, and all the in-between.
Again, I’m Willow-Mina Brown, the ‘M’ in LMAO!


When It’s Us by Charity Shane’

When it’s us, nothing else matters —Day
Except this —Katori

The first time Lamont Day ever felt love was hen he saw her.
Katori Nichols has loved him since before either of them understood what love truly was.

With a love so perfect and all consuming, Lamont and Katori never expected things to fall apart, however they learned the harsh lesson that sometimes love is not enough.

Five years later, fate provides a second time for them to get it right. Their lives have progressed but their hearts have been in limbo, but buried secrets may threaten to ruin their last chance at getting it right.

This time around, Lamont and Katori will have to work hard to prove that when it is them, not even secrets can get in the way of the love they both deserve.


Sinnamon & Golds by Lady Marie

Thanksgiving. The time of year where family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company, eat a bit of turkey, and maybe catch a football game or two.

Or, maybe it’s the time of year where you end up at your ex’s mother’s house under false pretenses and have to sit through dinner with his family, his new girlfriend, and his fine ass cousin with the gold grill that may or may not have just given you an orgasm that your body could barely handle.

Shoot…at least you know the sweet potato pie is good, right?


Confessions by Dani Elle

After a chance encounter with a handsome stranger, Calypsa’s orderly world is thrown into chaos. She soon discovers he’s not who he claims to be, yet despite his secrets, she finds herself drawn back into his orbit, tempting fate at every turn.

As revelations threaten to tear them apart, they must make a choice: sever the ties binding their hearts, or surrender to a love that defies logic. But can deception lead to trust? Can a connection rooted in lies transform into truth?

This passionate and emotional romance, layered with secrets, explores whether truths can be forgiven, and whether a love tainted by lies can ultimately prevail. Even if happy endings aren’t guaranteed, some loves are worth fighting for.
**This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+


Her Exception 2: A Friends to Lovers Romance (The Office Series) by B. Love

Best friends, Amelia and Amaru, have done everything together for the past thirteen years, including raise their children together. For those around them, love radiates from the duo on a soul level that makes them question why they haven’t taken things further. One failed relationship after another reminds them why their friendship is so important. No amount of sex or romance is worth risking the bond they share.

When Amelia’s questionable choices in men causes Amaru to view her differently, he can’t stop himself from wondering if he can become the exception to her no dating friends rule.

With a promise of one night in a hotel room, will the best friends become lifetime lovers, or will surrendering to their lust cause them to destroy the platonic family and security they’ve built?


A Sinful Christmas by Kendra Necole

Dashing through the…. church… wait, those aren’t the lyrics. But that’s how Sinful K is spending his Christmas holiday… dealing with the church with his woman, Mary. Sinful has gotten used to Mary’s biblical ways, so he’s willing and ready to do anything for his wife. Even if that means being pulled into something he didn’t sign up for. Yet, the Christmas spirit has a way of taking hold of everyone’s heart and making them believe in miracles.

Sinful and Mary embark on a holiday journey together, loving one another and giving love to those in need. Nevertheless, their tale is filled with laughter and life lessons.

This heartfelt couple is back for the holiday season, learning more about one another, and the season of giving.


Touch It Like You Miss It by Nikqua

After an unforgettable weekend at Nymphos, Ezekiel and Ja’Ziah thought they would never cross paths again. Yet, as fate would have it, life’s unpredictable twists brought them back together in unexpected ways.

Upon their reconnection, their journey becomes a rollercoaster ride through trials and tribulations. Despite facing numerous obstacles that threaten to keep them apart, they repeatedly find themselves drawn back to the place where they truly belong—with each other.

This story is a powerful testament to the enduring strength of love, guiding Ezekiel and Ja’Ziah through life’s twists of fate and leading them to find comfort in each other’s arms.


Chubz & Kim: A King’s Town Short (King’s Town Novella Series) by Shon

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time.

And sometimes fate gives you another chance to get it right.

Christopher “Chubz” McCall, Jr. knows one thing: he loves Kimberly Hunt. He also knows that she isn’t in the place to return that love. At least she wasn’t six months ago. He’s back in town now and maybe more than her marital status has changed

What you’ll find in this novelette:

  • Plus-size MMC rep
  • A touch of angst
  • A divorced, single mother
  • Forced proximity
  • An MMC who falls first and so damn hard
  • A shot at a second chance


Forever Together Vaughn and Toya (True Love Series Book 6) by Vivian Rose Lee

Since college, best friends Vaughn White and Toya McMillian had harbored secrets neither wanted to face. 

Attorney Vaughn White, Esq. is a prominent and highly esteemed attorney with a reputation for frequently and lavishly dating beautiful women. 

Now being considered for a seat on the California Supreme Court and recognized as one of the youngest African-American nominees for this esteemed position. 

His advisor and friend, who also happens to be a judge, kindly suggested it might be beneficial for him to consider settling down with one amazing woman in order to further his journey towards success. 

There was only one woman he wanted to stand by his side as he embarked on this life-changing journey.

Dr. Toya McMillan, a fiercely independent and private woman, has demonstrated remarkable success in advocating success for abused women and children, helping them escape from dangerous and life-threatening circumstances by offering them the support they need.

It was a deeply painful experience for her when she witnessed one of her victims being killed by her abuser. The tragic event has resurfaced memories from a difficult past she had tried to bury for many years. Now, she is being compelled to confront and come to terms with her past so she can find happiness and claim what has always been hers.

Can these close friends find the strength to come together and confront the truths that have kept them from fully opening their hearts to one another?


Tangled Web of Love by Pamela Campbell

With her career on the rise in New York City’s interior design scene, Shayla Wilson lands the job of a lifetime decorating a wealthy businessman’s penthouse. But there’s a catch: he’s the father of her ex-best friend Princess Greene. Though hesitant, Shayla decides to take the job, eager to showcase her skills. 

As she works on revamping the penthouse, an undeniable attraction grows between Shayla and the charming, sexy Alexander Greene. Despite their age difference, chemistry simmers just below the surface until they finally give in to their feelings.

When Princess discovers their romance, she’s furious. She confronts Shayla, dredging up painful wounds from their broken friendship. Torn between her feelings for Alexander and mending bridges with Princess, Shayla considers abandoning the project. But walking away from Alexander also means turning her back on love.


Nefertiti’s Gift: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Keesh Shawntel

Nefertiti’s Gift is a heartfelt journey of a friendship that transcends time, love that defies the odds, and two souls destined to find solace in one another. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting tale of Nefertiti and Justin as they navigate the complexities of young love and discover the true meaning of a forever connection. Will their love stand the test of time or crumble beneath the weight of uncertainty? Their journey continues to unfold with each chapter, weaving through emotions, challenges, and a love that knows no bounds. This timeless tale of love and resilience serves as both a reflection of human spirit and a reminder that no act of love is too small.


Forever & After: A Timeless Love by D’Artanya

To my love,

I loved you when you were to be king and I was to be queen, back when arranged marriages were a thing.

I loved you second when I was a freed slave, and you were misbehaved – forced in my proximity.

During the Harlem renaissance we were forbidden lovers. I married woman and you were the boyfriend of my best friend.

We went from enemies to lovers in the civil rights movement, where you taught me never to judge a book by its cover.

In the 90s, we had a time. From real good friends to real good lovers.

Now, we are living in our love at first sight, second chance, forever romance.

We never know what’s going to come next – in some of these lifetimes we were pretty young. I don’t fear the future because as I loved you in this lifetime, I know we will find our way in the next one.

In this lifetime and the next,

Your Forever Love

This soul-warming romance tells a love story like it’s never been told before. Travel with one couple as they meet for the very first time, again and again. Witness black love through monumental eras of time in this endless love story, Forever & After.


Escape to Love: Sammi’s Story by Kandis Tolliver

Samantha “Sammi” Walker has a had a rough life since birth. When a series of events forces her to move away for a new start, she wants nothing more but to focus on bettering herself. Finding love wasn’t in the picture until she lays eyes on Jameson Prime. Will Sammi let her guard down and allow herself to fall for him? Or will the demons of her past push him away?

Jameson “Ja” Prime is a self proclaimed player who thinks love isn’t the cards for him until he lays eyes on Sammi. Can this player turn his card in and allow himself to settle down? Or will the thrill of being with multiple women push him away?
Take a ride with Jameson and Sammi through their journey of secrets and heartache.


Unplug Your Feelings by Brenda Stokes Lee

What happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica… Right? Not if Brenda Stokes Lee hears about it, and turns it into her next Black erotic romance novel.

So, here’s the situation…
Kamani James has been in love with Shiloh Mann, her live in boyfriend for almost five years. Convinced he would propose any day, she turned a blind eye to his flagrant cheating. You see… Kamani’s biological clock was ticking so loudly she couldn’t hear herself think. She wanted a baby and was willing to do anything to have one. And if it meant overlooking Shiloh’s late night escapades and shenanigans, Kamani was prepared to do it.
Settling down and getting married was the last thing on Shiloh’s mind. Although he loved Kamani, he was a bachelor at heart. Shiloh was having too much fun hoeing around to let a woman lock him down for life. There was just one problem… Kamani was rich and controlled all of their assets. Marriage was Shiloh’s only play to get his hands on her money.
Slipping and dipping one time too many, he pissed Kamani off, and woke her up to the thought that two can play that game. Embarking on a girl’s trip to Jamaica with two of her besties, Kamani decides to even the score. On the island she meets Maziah Walker. Tall, charming handsome, and alarmingly sexy, Maziah is exactly what Kamani was looking for.
The plan was a simple one… Get on… Have fun… Get off… And leave everything in Jamaica. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans are subject to error. Kamani never thought she’d fall for a man she barely knew, but it happened.
So, now what? Will Kamani start from scratch with a new love, and pray it doesn’t take him five years to propose… Or will she bite the bullet and hold out for a diamond ring from Shiloh, even though she knows he’s incapable of being faithful?
Some things done in secret are meant to be exposed. Find out what happens when Kamani is forced to choose between the familiar and the spectacular. What would you do?

Download Unplug Your Feelings, and buckle up for a wild rollercoaster ride of messy drama.


The Shadows of Willow Bay: A Paranormal Romance by Torie Savon

In the quaint Lowcountry town of Willow Bay, SC, Maya James lives a simple life, except for her otherworldly gift – the ability to hear and communicate with ancestral spirits through whispering shadows. Her gift, a testament of her connection to her rich Gullah lineage.

Maya’s simple world is turned upside down when dark secrets and deadly deceptions begin to emerge with the arrival of the handsome but cryptic stranger, Gabriel Sinclair. Despite the town’s distrust of outsiders, Maya finds herself uncontrollably drawn to Gabriel, seduced by his guarded charm.

When local residents begin to disappear one by one, rocking the close-knit community, Maya finds herself at the center of the turmoil. Soon she becomes a pawn in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, challenging her to master her unique gift and decipher the urgent whispers of the shadows before time runs out.

Maya’s only advantage is her connection to the mystical world beyond the living, if she dares to trust it. The Shadows of Willow Bay weaves a spellbinding tale of suspense, seduction, and supernatural intuition. Maya’s fight to expose the truth will haunt readers long after the final page.


Stiletto Season by LaShelle L. Turner

A spin-off of The Christmas Wedding Dance.

The holidays are once again a busy time for Pilar Webster. Her addiction to fabulous designer heels pales in comparison to her addiction to wreaking havoc every Christmas season. The seasons may change, but Pilar never does. This year, she must plan the annual Christmas/Birthday party of her new boss, PR legend Sheba Lowell, while trying to steal her boss’ much younger famous fiancé, filmmaker, Roman Foster.

Last year after almost ruining her best friend’s holiday nuptials by sleeping with the groom, Pilar was forced to leave Birmingham, Alabama in shame. Luckily, shoe connoisseur Pilar gets her dream PR job in a new city of Miami, but her old man-stealing ways come back as she tries to steal yet another very much engaged man. She schemes to gain her boss’ trust and plans to not only steal her man but to get a fabulous promotion.

But a ghost of Christmas past, her old partner in deceit and lover Lucius, turns up to ruin her well-heeled plans. Can Pilar turn from her old ways of causing Christmas mayhem with the help of a handsome angel in the flesh by the name of Tristan? Can his joyful spirit keep her from once again ending up on the naughty list?


In His Shoes: Cubicle by Candlelight by Amari Fumari

Step into a world where love takes unexpected forms and self-discovery knows no bounds. “In His Shoes” embarks on a transformative journey with a captivating multicultural romance. This is the love story of Ava and Malik. Follow the story of a divorced woman whose summer takes an unforeseen turn when her son heads off to camp for the very first time. Alone for a whole summer. What’s a mother to do? As the warm winds of change sweep through her life, she finds love where she least expects – an office romance. In the enchanting realm of magical realism, this novel delves into the unexplored territories of identity and desire. The protagonist’s passion for ladies’ shoes sets her on a path of freedom and empowerment she’s never imagined. When life takes an intriguing turn, readers are invited to join her on a journey of vulnerability, strength, and awakening.

But it’s not until an unexpected encounter with a mystical witch doctor of sorts that her journey truly goes sideways. A mysterious magic charm grants her a perspective-shifting ability – to step into the shoes of her new found lover. As she experiences life through his eyes, she navigates the complexities of love, attraction, and societal expectations in ways she never anticipated. With each step in his shoes, she uncovers insights into the dynamics between genders, the power of perception, and the essence of connection – a journey that deepens her bond with her new love and elevates her own confidence.

This novel celebrates the beauty of diverse hair textures, hues, and colors that make up the spectrum of black identity. It’s a story where full lips, hips and thighs, and the myriad expressions of black beauty are embraced without reservation. Exploring gender-bending themes, as her transformative odyssey unfolds, she takes her newfound wisdom and boldness into the world of business, unleashing her potential as a true leader. With a touch of magic and a lot of heart, this novel explores the uncharted territories of identity, romance, and personal growth. Join this journey where the power of love and the courage to step into another’s shoes create a happily-ever-after that defies conventions and celebrates the boundless possibilities of the human heart.


Struck: A Love Symphony by CJ Tate

“Struck: A Love Symphony” by CJ Tate is a captivating journey through the bustling streets of Chicago’s South Side, where the rhythm of life intertwines with the melodies of love. Tyler and Jasmine, best friends since childhood, find their unbreakable bond tested as new emotions and unexpected twists weave a complex love story.

As secrets unfold and desires surface, Tyler grapples with the awakening realization that her feelings for Jasmine have transformed into something deeper. In the backdrop of jazz clubs, city lights, and the heartbeat of Chicago, their friendship evolves into a passionate love that defies societal norms.

The narrative skillfully navigates the complexities of self-discovery, societal expectations, and the profound power of love. CJ Tate’s vivid prose and dynamic characters draw readers into a world where friendship transforms into an all-encompassing love, creating a symphony of emotions that resonates long after the last page. “Struck” is not just a love story; it’s a poignant exploration of identity, acceptance, and the beautiful chaos of the heart. Prepare to be moved by the rhythm of Struck’s love symphony, where every note is a testament to the transformative power of love.


Double Mocha Blues (Joss Miller Mysteries Book 1) by Tyora Moody

Jocelyn “Joss” Miller, a twenty-something barista, works at Sugar Creek Cafe, a hip coffeehouse with deep ties to the local arts and music community. Joss is finally feeling like she’s found her purpose as her recently launched podcast soars in popularity. With her family’s blessings, Joss produces a special tribute to her grandfather.

What seems like a step towards healing instead sets off a firestorm of reactions in the community. There are a few who would rather not be reminded of how Joss’s grandfather had been murdered years ago. When the staunchest protester is found dead, Joss becomes the number one suspect.


Messiah Weds Crystal : A Moore Sisters Story (The Moore Sisters of Center City Book 5) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

The night before her wedding Crystal sat in her home with her sisters Diamond and Rose. The night before there was a big bash thrown by Muhammad and Aura but that night it was just the sisters. They were drinking champagne and talking. Rose who was once the biggest drinker among them spiked her champagne with three quarters ginger ale because she rarely drank any longer and champagne was never her thing. They were dressed in black nightgowns.

“I’m not trying to start anything but where’s your mama?” Diamond asked. Rose sucked her teeth because a year earlier that would have been her question. Diamond stretched her eyes innocently. Crystal laughed out loud.

“Wherever she is. Her son is out of the country. Of course that’s what it is. I love our mama but my life is too platinum to worry about it or try to figure it out. I’m marrying the love of my life who just happens to me Messiah “he’s all mine” Brown. Humph.”

The sisters all rose to slap hands and danced to Messiah’s music.

In the past year Crystal’s and the lives of her sisters had changed in ways no one could have imagined. Diamond had a successful business and was married to her greatest love. Rose, led the cleaning team for The Mayor and his wife and was married to her children’s father who she dated thirteen years before marriage and Crystal who was a nurse practitioner was getting married in less than twenty-four hours to Messiah, platinum selling and world known crooner. They had grown up in The Gardens to single mother, Elaine Moore.


Christmas Takeover (The Jamieson Legacy Book 13) by Pat Simmons

The next generation of the Jamiesons want to make this the best Christmas celebration ever. Presents aren’t required. With the help of their Robnett cousins, sisters Kami and Victoria are creating traditional and new dishes for their family. What’s not on the menu is romance. But the holidays are the perfect time to fall in love. Who can resist, and who is willing to take the chance? Enjoy this holiday novella.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up November 13th-19th

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