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Savor Me by Shanicexlola

He played games for a living,
but he wouldn’t dare play with my heart.

Our personal connection took some time to form, 
but our growth together progressed rapidly. 

I thought the greatest loves of all time were over now, 
but he proved me wrong in the most chivalrous, unrestrained ways.

Because despite everything going on around us, loving him made perfect sense.


When It Rains by Parker Washington

Megan Washington has the life many would dream of— a fantastic group of friends, a boyfriend who adores her, and is well on her way to becoming a college graduate. But as she ventures into adulthood, she’s faced with the hard pill to swallow, that life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies. Some days, you’ll get some rain. Megan’s hit with an unexpected storm that comes in the form of harsh realities, big mistakes, and even bigger consequences.

Struggling to forget the woes of her own unimagined misfortunes, she reacquaints college playboy, Tremaine Jonson, the last person she expects to aid in the needed escape from her own reality. But she soon learns that even the sweet escape of their chance encounter would lead to even bigger problems in this twisted romance.


Southern Fried Murder: A Thanksgiving Novella (Holiday Shorts Book 5) by Necole Ryse

**Authors note: This is part II of Mustard-Based Murder. 

Shawn Thompson can’t take any more bad news. After the untimely death of his childhood pastor, his family is crumbling around him. His parents barely speak to each other, and his pregnant bride is giving him one hell of a silent treatment. 

Tanisha Adams doesn’t have the strength to carry one more secret. Wracked with guilt over the pastor’s true cause of death, she can’t bear to return to South Carolina.

But when Daisy shows up for a second helping of drama, the couple has to make a deadly choice. This Thanksgiving, turkey isn’t the only bird getting carved.


Love Me Slow by Mel Dau

When your secret blows up in your face, can you withstand the blowback?

Queenie’s love in the sun in Montego Bay turned into a baby in the sand in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She ran from love but it sure caught up with her in the worst kind of way. Will the choices she made be too much for Cameron to forgive? 

Cameron has his own secrets to bare. Will he make the same mistakes Queenie did or be the man that she needs him to be? Sit back and grab your popcorn as you unpack a mess of love. It’s always pleasurable to be sucked into love, but can you handle love when it’s given slowly?


His Holiday Wish by Sheena Binkley

Dante Miller has always been a go-getter, and he has succeed in everything that his hands has touched, including his multimillion dollar sports company. After revamping his agency division, he needed some fresh faces to help bring in a newer clientele. During countless interviews, he wasn’t expecting for his college sweetheart, Ciara Britton, to come sashaying through the door. For Dante, Ciara was always unpredictable, but that was one of the things that he always loved about her. 

As Dante appointed Ciara to the head of the division, he realized that she was the one who’d gotten away. He never wanted for things to end with Ciara, but he cared more about starting his business, leading the two to move further apart. Now that he has a second chance with her, he’s not going to make the same mistake twice. He doesn’t want anything else for Christmas expect the love of his life back. Will his holiday wish come true? 


Oh, What A Night: An unlikely love story novella by Nika P.

Ari has had it with relationships. One loser after another in her quest to get over the “great one”. What Ari doesn’t realize is when you’re not looking is usually when the right one shows up….
Lennox is tired of women with high standards and no substance. He wants someone real but he has responsibilities that keep him from venturing too far…
What happens when an unlikely match is placed in a circumstance that they need to depend on each other for survival? What happens when one night leads to so much more?


A Rose for Two by Cherish Amore

Has there been a time that something was predetermined in your life, even if you didn’t agree with it? For Quest Rose, that explains his life to a tee. Before being born, Quest already had a name, was enrolled in private grade school, the college he’d graduate from was picked already, even his major was chosen all before he had taken his first breath. Quest had very little input in anything in life, including who he’d spend it with.

Kyler Wright is young, beautiful, adventurous, and she knows exactly what she wants in life. She’s irresistible, and men flock to her, all wanting a chance. However, they don’t touch the surface. Women envy her, but that doesn’t stop Kyler from being her true self.

Quest and Kyler cross paths, and the attraction is instant. They are drawn to each other like magnets. With Quest not admitting he is engaged and Kyler neglecting to mention an on-and-off-again boyfriend, they are in for more than either of them have bargained for. Feelings neither of them expected arise, forcing them to face reality. A week before Quest’s arranged wedding, his secret is out, which Kyler isn’t happy about. Kyler may be mad, but with her ex back on the scene, she has to own up to her own lies.

With secrets exposed, and hearts on their sleeve, will Quest follow his life’s plans that he had no say in? Or will he fall for the girl whose heart someone else holds the key to?


Hollidae Fling by Joy Avery

Sienna Turner has two words to describe her feelings toward Christmas…bah humbug. She has a similar view when it comes to love. However, when her sister secretly hires Jake Hollidae to install outdoor Christmas lights at her home, sparks fly when the handsome electrician shows up at Sienna’s door with a clipboard and a promise to make her love her once-favorite holiday again.


Protostar Love: (A Constellation Series Book 1) by Sheopatra Smith

Nia Badi is THAT girl! Except…

…she doesn’t feel like it lately. On the night before her 21st birthday, this award winning music video director, thriving entrepreneur, and girlfriend to one of most influential rappers of her generation, feels anything but celebratory. Indeed she’s fortunate to live at the intersections of love and luxury. However, the ramifications of a jarring event have Nia questioning if she’s truly happy with where she is in both her career, and her “couple-goals” relationship.  

As she ventures down this new path, will her relationship survive her 21st Birthday?

At just 25, Boyden “Bizzy Boy” Miller is living every rap mogul’s dream. Money, stardom, and astronomical success. With chart dominating influence, and a sold-out iconic world tour, what more could he want? Simple: his Nia. During his longest tour of their relationship, she’s been nothing but encouraging, yet he can feel her getting antsy. But when an unorthodox demon from his past rears its toxic head, jeopardizing both his mental health, and cosmic connection to the love of his life, Boyden is forced to reassess his plans. 

Will Boyden confront his past in order to be the man he needs for both himself and his Nia?

***This novel contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like those elements in your romantic reads, this is not the book for you***


Christmas Chance by Amber Ghe

She never knew love until it was growing inside her.

Chance always paid the cost to be the boss of her empire. She was the epitome of strong. However, now pregnant and in uncharted waters, she’s not so confident. Against her better judgment, Chance makes a lousy decision causing their world to collide.

True, Chance’s husband realizes he’s had many opportunities to get this marriage thing right. Is he ready to up the ante now that he will become a father?

Will the Fourloves receive a very special delivery in time for Christmas?
Christmas Chance is a Holiday Romance, HEA


Love Without Limits by Luke Don

When Dylan Jeffries accidentally rejects his gay lover’s proposal, Dylan reluctantly agrees to bring his lover, Nathan Lancer, home to meet his family for Thanksgiving. The one rule is that Nathan does not out Dylan but instead plays the role of his roommate and best friend. Dylan’s closeted lifestyle was complicated enough for the Jeffries family to deal with, but when the family meets Nathan, everyone starts falling out of the closet. And when Nathan’s parents show up unannounced, what starts out as a potentially toxic family gathering ends up being the personification of love for contemporary black LGBTQ family members.


Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Novella (On the Clock Book 6) by Shae Sanders

You are cordially invited to the Billingsley-Davis Annual Holiday Party! Come catch up with your favorite work buddies—Cash and Dre, Star and Lennox, Sloane and Keith, and more—but be advised: our parties usually get a little wild. Some of us play nice but the rest of us like to get a little naughty…

*This holiday novella is book six in the On the Clock series of erotic standalones.


Christmas Dinner (The Love Journey Book 1) by Pat Simmons

For months, Darcelle Price has suffered depression in silence. But things are about to change as she plans to celebrate Christmas Eve with family and share her journey. Darcelle invites them via group text, not knowing she had included her ex.

Evanston Giles is surprised to hear from the woman he loved after months following their breakup. Seeking closure, he shows up on her doorsteps for answers.

A lot can happen on Christmas Eve. Restoring family ties, building her faith in God, and falling in love again are just the beginning of the night of miracles.


Love From Beyond: A Novella by A.S. Wilson

Anika’s heart aches over the death of her friend, Drake. Although the loss was tragic, she mustered the courage to follow through with Drake’s final wishes. But little did she know, she wouldn’t be alone on her trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her heart had been given yet another challenge.

In mourning, Kadeem ventures upon a trek to the Blue Ridge Mountains in an effort to fulfill his friend’s last requests. However, the cabin meant for his solace has an unexpected guest. Unbeknownst to him, arrangements had been made for him to spend the weekend in the cabin—with Anika.

Neither Anika nor Kadeem expected the overwhelming attraction; and neither of them can avoid what’s brewing between them. Can a secret Anika’s been keeping for ten years put an end to the whole affair or will the love between Anika and Kadeem offer a foundation for healing?


The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 1 (Zola Duet) by Danielle Allen

Dating doesn’t have to be a disaster. Just follow the rules and you’ll be fine. 

Rule Number One: Never chase a man. 
Rule Number Two: Be honest about who you are and what you want. 
Rule Number Three: When you know, you know.
Rule Number Four: Never let your men cross paths.
Rule Number Five: Don’t catch feelings. 

Dating isn’t hard.
Settling is hard.
Faking it is hard.
Finding the one is hard. 

But dating? Not so much. 


Chance Encounter With Love (A Second Chance Series) by W Parks Brigham

Ashton Randolph married the love of his life. He was happy and thought his wife was, too. While showering her with love and affection, he also granted her every wish. So, why after ten years of marriage does she file for divorce? When did she stop loving him? Rejection. Heartbreak. Destroyed. Ashton knew it was time out for wallowing in self-pity and decided to relocate to Blackmore, Texas. Maybe starting out fresh in a new town was not a bad idea, at least that was what his uncle had been preaching. What did he have to lose?  

Charitha Arnold life’s aspirations were simple… love, marriage, and children. Soo, she married her high school sweetheart, but three years later he decided he no longer wanted to be married, at least not to her. Devastated. Heartbroken. All her dreams came crashing down. Ever since then, she’s been pessimistic when it comes to men, and for valid reasons as far as she was concerned. Yes, she’s done a little dating, but for some reason she attracts smooth talking, two-timing lying leeches and cheapskates. One would think she had a sign written across her face that said Pick me, I’m easy!

A fortieth wedding anniversary brings these two together. Can they get pass all the drama and heartaches they’ve endured and give each other a chance? 


I Forgot To Love Her by Kenesha Collins

Corey is a handsome, successful attorney living in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. He has a beautiful wife, Rhonda, and a new baby girl. Secretly, Corey battles with himself as he realizes he settled for a life he didn’t want. Rhonda gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom. She’s settled comfortably into the simple life, but she struggles to balance motherhood and keep her man happy. Corey and Rhonda’s bond is put to the test when Corey collides with Teri, a sexy divorcee, on Manhattan’s streets. Will a chance encounter between Corey and Teri lead down a road neither of them can resist?  

Corey and Rhonda’s mutual friends, Katherine and Bryan, are unhappily divorced. A series of lies, betrayal, and a few nights of passion has given them a lifetime of hell. Will Bryan ever be able to convince Katherine to take him back despite his potential lovechild? 


Love Spell: Kiya’s Holiday Vacation by Shanay Nicole

In Austin, Texas, a teenage Kiya is desperate to move away from her extremely toxic mother. If her mother can’t love her properly, how could anyone else? Luckily, her aunt steps in, whisking her away to Illinois, where she meets Jace, the love she thought she was missing. All first loves aren’t good loves, though, and Jace won’t make it to the finish line with Kiya. 

Ten years later, Kiya is now living a much different life, with her long term boyfriend, Jermaine. He is the true definition of what love should be. 

Now with her life in order, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, Kiya wants to mend the relationship between her and her mother, delivering her back into a toxic situation, only this time, her mother isn’t the problem.

Kiya’s defenses immediately go up when her high school sweetheart gone wrong, Jace, returns, and he won’t take no for an answer. Jace is spellbound to Kiya through a mistake she made over a decade ago, and she will pay the ultimate price if she doesn’t figure out a way to free herself of Jace. 

If that isn’t bad enough, an old family secret threatens to destroy the relationship she has with Jermaine. 
Lives and love are both on the line in Shanay Nicole’s next romantic drama.


Waiting Game (High Stakes Love Book 1) by Harleigh Rae

Love. Such a small word that holds an immense degree of power. Power to free the captured. Power to quiet the beast. Power to soften the blow of a lover’s deceit. However, sometimes love alone is not always enough to replenish the empty cup you’ve used to pour into another vessel.


Redeeming Simone by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Simone Rivers was divorced three times by age forty-eight and on the cusp of New Year’s 2019 her mind filled with the memories as she sipped champagne, alone. 

Husband number one was right after college, a few days in fact. She met attorney Alton Pierce when she volunteered at his firm her senior year and he was smitten by her beauty and sass, his being married notwithstanding. Simone wasn’t smitten but saw opportunities where they existed. Alton was handsome, brilliant and paid, more importantly, Mrs. Pierce was his problem. By the middle of the year he was getting divorced and Simone fully ensconced in his life. 

Simone’s second husband, Miles Farmer was none of the things Alton was but he had been enamored with her since high school and had a steady income and a house. When Alton divorced her she was given couple thousand per month in child support for the child they had but nothing else. The prenuptial she signed insured that. Her desire to not work while earning an advanced degree led her to Miles. Once she graduated and received a job as a college administrator, Miles was history. 

The third husband was younger, fun and games. Simone was forty, paid, her daughter was in college and Jacques Davis at thirty three was everything sexy and masculine. That was all fun and games until it wasn’t. She remembered her mom asking, “Simone, why you keep marrying? You can have a damn man without tying yourself to him or wrecking his life and yours.”

Mama was on to something. Simone thought, topping off her glass. 


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