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the recovery (New Beginnings Book 3) by Nicole Falls

Parker Drew has led a semi-charmed life, for the most part, and now has her sights set on attaining notoriety in a sport where women who look like her are few and far between. Rebuilding her life in a new city and old friends, she takes a job in the household of Kelly Steward—a widower and father of three who was in desperate need of supplemental care for his brood. 

As the live-in nanny in the Steward house, it was inevitable that Parker’s work and personal lives got blurred in some ways, but she never saw herself crossing the line with her employer. Kelly never saw her coming, but quickly determines that Parker’s place in the Steward family’s life is one of value that he doesn’t want to put in jeopardy. As she works to establish herself in both personal and professional settings, Parker is learning how to let go of a lot of things she’s held to be immutable. 

As their relationship deepens, Parker and Kelly learn that wanting to see the kids happy and healthy aren’t the only things they have in common and begin a journey toward finding fulfillment in each other.


Unexpected Challenges (Luke Brothers Book 3) by K.C. Mills

Lenox Luke is the unpredictable brother in the Luke clan. Dubbed as the wild child and irresponsible younger sibling, he’s perfectly content enjoying the privilege of all the beautiful women who catch his eye. Love is not on the radar or so he thinks.

Sometimes all it takes to find your way is a little motivation. Although Lenox is use to bedding any woman who is willing and able, he quickly learns that there are some who are immune to his handsome face and world class charm.

Once he crosses paths with Ambrielle “Elle” Hendricks a woman who challenges his patience and ego, everything changes. The minute their worlds collide, it creates the perfect combination for a beautiful disaster.


At Dusk by AshleyNicole

There’s a killer on the loose…
A monster who hides in plain sight, waiting to make his move when you least expect it. When you’re tired. When you’re alone. When you’re not paying attention. At Dusk.
Special Agent Harlan Tate of the FBI knows this particular killer’s work well– too well. The killer took somebody important from him when he was a teenager, then disappeared. Two decades later, he’s resurfaced with an appetite that’s even more voracious than before. Victims are popping up left and right on a path that seems to lead right to Harlan.
Torrah Magan is no stranger to the fear this killer invokes. Not after he reached for one of her family members and missed. Now the fear is he’ll try again. Can Harlan keep her safe while racing against the clock to find the killer?


A Feast for the Senses (Falls Sexy Holiday Shorts) by Nicole Falls

This Thanksgiving, Antwan Edwards has a lot to be thankful for.


The Best Woman by Bree Wright

Marcus Harvey is on his way to accomplish his dream of owning his own restaurant. Even though it comes with a heavy sacrifice, he is ready to have his name on a restaurant. Marcus loves the art of food and has always dreamed of owning multiple restaurants to show his craft with food. But what happens when that dream comes along with a nightmare? Will he risk his dreams, or will he continue to blanket the feelings he has for Winnie – his closest friend?

Winnie Powell has loved Marcus since the day she laid eyes on him in college. The two dated through college, and Winnie was confident that they would continue their love but unfortunately, Marcus had other plans. As Marcus traveled the world, Winnie still remained in his life without a title. The love she developed for him only grew over time and once she found out he was returning back to the states, she was ready to remind him of what they once shared. But instead of asking Marcus to be her man again, Marcus hits her with a heartbreaking question: “Will you be my best woman?”

Will Winnie be able to step up to the plate and fulfill her job as the best woman in Marcus’ wedding, or will her feelings for Marcus get in the way of her maintaining her role?


Pumpkin Spice & Mr. Right: A Hazel Heights Novella by DeeAnn

Autumn Grace is a popular female mechanic in the small, country town of Hazel Heights. As a young girl, she stayed in the garage with her grandpa, learning all she needed about cars. When he passed, Autumn took over the family business and worked to take it to a new level.

Along Autumn’s journey, she meets a new citizen in Hazel Heights and is immediately smitten by the charming, handsome man. Noki Peterson is a coffee connoisseur who opens his own shop in town. The place becomes one of Autumn’s favorite and the two hit it off.

They are both scarred from their past, but for Noki, a fresh start begins with love.


Mark My Words (Lunch Break Series Book 7) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

A mistake Destiny will live to regret hangs over her head when she hears news that the love of her life, Malik Jernigan, is getting married. Life as Destiny knows it comes to a halt. Yet, in Malik’s world, things are not as they seem. An unexpected revelation puts Malik on a path to prove his heart can’t beat without her, and she is destined to be his.


Don’t Make Me Fall: Matters of the Heart (Book Three) by Jenay Balderas

Mahogany Stone has been through a lot in her life. She’s seen a lot. All of the things that she’d witnessed her entire life, shaped her into the woman that she was. Mahogany was never going to fall in love. Love was for the weak. For the weak-minded people who believed in fairytales and all the other BS that people fed us when we were younger. But there was just something about Karlos. He bugged her. He irritated her. He made her laugh and he made her cry. He…… broke her down and she never saw it coming. 

Karlos Davenport is a playboy. Plain and Simple. And he’s not afraid to admit it. In fact, he’s proud of it. He’s so used to getting what he wants, and when he decides that he wants Mahogany, he’s shocked when she doesn’t want him back. So, he tries a little harder than he’s ever done before and he… he likes her. But does he like her enough to leave his playboy ways behind him?? 


Completely Stuffed by AshleyNicole

Leslie and Blink shared a little stuffing last year. This time around they’re looking for so much more. It was supposed to be one fleeting moment. After a second encounter and more time spent together, are they ready to admit that maybe they want a little more?


St. Clair’s Silent Night: The Men of Mafia St. Clair by Celeste Granger

Denver Colorado is where they met; an entrepreneur from Florida and a mafioso from Las Vegas. 

But that’s not the story. Noel Livingston wouldn’t learn that about Nicholas St. Clair until much later. Who she met was the owner of the Villa St. Clair. What happened is that two souls, stranded in a snowstorm, fell into each other’s arms when the power went out. It was a silent night, but not for Noel and Nicholas. 

This is a standalone that ends with a HFN. The continuation of Noel and Nicholas’ story will appear in The Men of Mafia St. Clair series. 


Promise Made (The Dupree Boys Book 2) by J. Nichole

Kyle Dupree is the hard-hat sporting, steel toe boot walking, hammer toting construction worker.  

Harper Dawson is the pencil-skirt wearing, high heel stepping, desk sitting event planner.  

She’s not the woman he’d usually go for — she has ambition, and drive.  

But Devon promised Ms. Dupree that he’d leave the ratchet chicks alone, so maybe just maybe Harper is the one to help him keep his promise.


Memories & Mistletoe: A Kiawah Island Romance (Kiawah Kisses) by Louise Lennox

A decade after leaving home, culinary magazine editor Symone Farris is heading back to Kiawah Island for the holidays. She’s escaping New York and a failed engagement to reconnect with her grandmother’s storied restaurant and speakeasy, The Haint. But before she can say “Merry Christmas,” she’s fighting her mother’s campaign to sell the beloved establishment to the local real estate developer and love she left behind without notice ten years ago.

Rhue Baines loves three things, Christmas, family, and the Lowcountry sea islands he calls home. He understands the needs of his island community because he’s never left. When his ex, Symone blows back into town demanding he stop the planned redevelopment of her family’s land, he’s determined to get his way.

As Christmas approaches they both begin to remember what made them fall in love all those years ago. But when the past finally catches up with them, can their hearts survive the crash?

Memories & Mistletoe is a steamy holiday romance that introduces readers to the characters in the upcoming “Kiawah Kisses, ” Series!


Just Wanna Be Loved by Shay Davis

Hurt people, hurt people.
No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to Kira McDaniels trying to find her place in the world. Growing up in a broken and toxic home has left her unable to show love, and more importantly, receive love. How can one accept love from another when her own parents abandoned her and left her to fend for herself mentally, emotionally, and physically? Kira pushed through life with a hard exterior protecting her and focused on being better than her parents. However, the lack of guidance as a young woman has left her broken, and Kira doesn’t know what to do when Haneef Young walks into her life, showing her things could be different. 

Haneef is not a perfect man by any means. He grew up in the streets, worked hard to get his business off the ground, and stayed on his grind to get away from illegal dealings. Focused on his money and his end goal, Haneef wasn’t looking for love. It was something he had very little experience with, however, as soon as he laid eyes on Kira, he saw the bright aura trapped behind beautiful dark eyes and wanted to free her from her pain. No matter how hard she tried to push him away, Haneef always showed up, letting Kira know that she had someone in her corner.  

Kira and Haneef’s journey to love is anything but easy. The two experience many trials and tribulations… but love is a beautiful thing. Take this journey with Kira and Haneef to find out if love can truly conquer all. 


Once in Forever by Ivy Laika

True love often comes when it is least expected.

Love was the furthest thing from Nova Anderson’s mind as a single mother. Then she meets Jackson Legrand, an older man who is fighting his own personal battle. Together the two work to build a future that has the possibility of lasting forever.

However, Jackson’s past threatens to ruin everything before they can really build on what’s right in front of them.

Will the two get their once in a lifetime chance at a forever? Or will they give up before taking the real risk that true love requires?


One Magical Holiday by Stephanie Price Buchanan

London Bradley loves the holidays and this year she’s hoping they’ll be merry, bright and sparkling with romance. She’s a single mom to sassy seven year old Sierra, who loves the holidays as much as her mom does. London co-parents with Sierra’s dad Cory, who is her Ex and also her first love. Their relationship is pleasant but sadly she has to put up with Cory’s unpleasant wife. But oddly between Thanksgiving and Christmas Cory keeps showing up to events solo, causing London to think about their complicated past.  
She’s currently dating Russell Laine, a wealthy business owner that her best friend Lori says is perfect for her. Russell is the full package and with Christmas right around the corner, London is hoping she and Russell will trim the tree, drink hot chocolate and go to Sierra’s school events together. But when Thanksgiving doesn’t go as planned, London wonders will Russell be the holiday boyfriend she’s longed for, will she stop having flashbacks of her past with Cory and most of all will London have the one magical holiday she’s been waiting for?


Christmas and Chill by Chris Stevens

Doug Marchand is a popular techie, judging a middle school science fair when he meets the boisterous and enchanting Phoenix “Nixxi” O’Neal a proud godmother of a STEM kid and a woman who lives life out loud. The magic of Christmas brings them to together, but is it too much, too soon?


Life Without You (Please Don’t Go Book 2) by Tesa Erven

In the follow up to “Please Don’t Go,” we get reacquainted with the tall, dark and handsome Keith Knight, owner of Knight and Day, a thriving security company. Divorced after an eight-year marriage, he’s ready to date again. The problem: his ex-wife, Nicole, is obsessed with getting him back and won’t let him go and move on.

Single and beautiful Monica Pierce has a successful career, but she can’t seem to meet the right man. After being stood up for a date, she is angry and done with looking for love.

Bumping into each other at a bar while nursing their wounds, Keith and Monica strike up a conversation. Their chemistry was undeniable, but is it enough for them to stay in touch or will they go their separate ways? Find out in “Life Without You.”


A Reverse Harem Thanksgiving Tale (A Holiday Ménage Romance Book 1) by Tempestt Chantel

Tis the season to be grateful – times two!

I knew attending this charity function was a bad idea. However, I didn’t know being bad was so much fun.

When I met Nate and Callen, I found them impossible to resist even though I was foolish enough to try. It didn’t take long to realize the undeniable chemistry that exists between the three of us. As it turns out, I need them like I need air.

These muscular umber alpha twin males are more than just good looks. The problem? Somewhere amongst the fun I’ve developed real feelings for them. No one told me true love comes with a price, though. Our relationship isn’t conventional and there are some people who would rather see us apart and miserable then together and happy.

Additionally, I worry Nate and Callen are too good to be true. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop because life has taught me that there’s always something being held back. Cue Thanksgiving Day when all hell breaks loose.

18+ only. This is a holiday reverse harem MFM romance. No cliffhangers. No cheating. HEA guaranteed. 


Flirtatiously, A Christmas Short (Flirtatious Series) by J. Shanee Byers

Who says Christmas has to be snow and cold weather for Santa to make dreams come true? Four friends, Justice, Tracy, Renee, and Anika decide to get away from the subzero temps of Chicago for the holiday and get some fun in the sun. Hawaii bound they have plans on how to spend the next ten days of their vacation. But as luck would have it, they run into the very thing they’d been missing in the Windy City, male companionship.

This vacation will prove just how much they are missing; the chance for a love life. 


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 23rd-29th

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