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In His Possession 2: Marrying a Black Mafia Prince (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 6) by B. Love

In His Possession… she found freedom—and love. 

Assad and Scarlett are preparing for a winter wonderland wedding that the city of Memphis won’t soon forget. But will a few issues from their pasts and unsuspecting guests turn their white Christmas into a dark, bloody mess?


Mercy (Prism Book 1) by Love Belvin

Ashira, a belle from the suburbs, is the wealthy acting CEO of her father’s booming building firm. That’s when she’s not the dancer on the Gram and TikTok, dating the latest Black Hollywood shooting star.

To her, Jas, a construction laborer, is a walking conundrum. He’s fruitlessly ambitious yet steadfast in his spiritual convictions. He’s enigmatic, well-read, regimented, and poor. Oh, and a felon. An incredibly disarming parolee who wants no connection to her. Until he does.

Two souls, galaxies apart.

He’s an unanticipated UFO about to collide in her world like an unmitigated asteroid.

Publisher’s Note:Mercy is book ONE of a THREE book series. It ends on a suspenseful CLIFFHANGER. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexually explicit content, and potential gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


If You Let Go by K.C. Mills

Sultan Drake.
Nyx Scott.
She has a passion for fashion..
He has a passion for her…

“With Nyx things were different. The type of different where I wanted to be so, connected that she would never again question why I was here or if she was enough.”

One week was the arrangement and how it all began, but the true question was how would it end…


You’re Always On My Mind by Monica Walters

Single mother, Audrey Leonard, has been no stranger to pain and struggle. She’s strong, independent, and loyal despite the obstacles she has faced. After overcoming what could have been a deadly disease without the support of her loved ones, she meets the man of her dreams. Just when she thinks she’s ready to proceed with him, situations arise to make her reevaluate her position. Her self-esteem takes a hit, and she has a hard time building herself up to continue, thinking she doesn’t deserve what he has to offer and that he deserves better than what she has to offer in return.

Kenneth Gentry has waited his entire life to fall in love and the moment he sees Audrey, he knows that it’s possible that she could be the woman of his dreams… until she pulls away from him. He was friend zoned before they barely got started and he can’t understand why. When things in Audrey’s life takes a turn for the worst, all he wants is to be there for her to show her what being in love with him can feel like, but he’s afraid he may never get that chance.

Audrey’s stubbornness can possibly cause her to miss out on the deepest love she’s ever known. However, in her mind, the reasons for her decisions regarding her love life are clear, but for Kenneth… not so much. He’s determined to claim her as his despite her views of it all and convince her that she deserves everything he has to give and more. Will she see things his way or push him out of her life once and for all?

*This book is a spin-off of Who Can I Run To by Monica Walters.


The Mercy Sisters: Love Knocked by J. Nichole

Mama Mercy will do everything to ensure her girls have what they need — from roles in the family business to nourishing meals on Sunday.

But she doesn’t stop there. She’s making sure her girls have the love they deserve too.

For Marcia’s 30th birthday, Mama Mercy sends her a special delivery. Joseph, a tall, sexy, bearded man.

There’s only one thing, Marcia doesn’t want Mama Mercy intervening in her love life, or lack thereof.

When love comes knocking will Marcia answer the door? 


Yours Until Midnight: A Kwanzaa Kisses Holiday Romance by Jailaa West

A Kwanzaa Holiday Fairy tale Retelling… Cinderella had it easy. She only had to get her glass slipper back from the prince. But there’s no such luck for Taylor. After she sneaks into the Kwanzaa Ball and spends a steamy night with Carter Strong. She has to sneak back out. Only when she leaves, she’s more worried about leaving her heart than her slippers! Don’t miss this spicy holiday Cinderella re-tell.

Every woman deserves to be Cinderella at the ball at least once in her life. At least that’s what Taylor tells herself when she sneaks into Carter Strong’s Kwanzaa fundraising ball. No one’s going to notice her. Right? Until he does. Now she has until midnight to have a no-strings-attached night of passion with a man who captures her heart.
She spent all day cleaning Carter’s mansion and all night being held in his arms. But what will happen when the masks come off?
A new take on a classic fairytale, this urban Cinderella romance is a fun and flirty read. This fairy tale retelling is not intended for children.

Kwanzaa brings us together to celebrate unity, purpose, determination, and faith. This year the holiday will deliver a special gift to these couples of the Kwanzaa Kisses series… Love. Follow along this Kwanzaa as love grows from a candlelight’s flicker to a roaring flame.


One More Kiss (Scott-Williams Family Book 5) by Turtleberry

Dating enthusiast Victoria ends up spending the night with her coworker Damien. She might have found someone she wants to spend more than a couple of dates with. Then fate comes in and has him sticking around a lot longer.


Explore You: Explore Men of the Hamptons by Lula White

We are inevitable. 

He starts coming toward me. 
I can’t breathe. I’m not supposed to be doing this. It can’t happen.
“Leave.” I barely hear myself.
Not through the scream of my brain, or tidal waves splashing through my veins, or the raging gallop of every nook and cranny within me.
He closes his eyes, shakes his head, while he backs me up against the wall. “No. Don’t give me that weak crap. Say it like you mean it.”
His mouth dangles against mine.
And every fraction of every millisecond in which I say nothing is a moment I’ve waited too long.
Kevin half-whispers, half-breathes, “Chenera, tell me you don’t want me, and I’ll go.”

Our families have hated each other for decades. But she and I can’t fight the inevitable: us.

Welcome back to the steamy, luxurious rivalries of the Black Hamptons. This is the spin-off to the Sag Harbor Black Romances. An enemies-to-lovers romance led by Kevin Middleton, this is Book One of Explore Men of the Hamptons.

***This is women’s fiction and slow-burn, steamy romance. If you seek quick sex in the first pages, please make another selection.


Santa Sing Me a Christmas Carol : Holiday Anthology by K.O. McGee, C. Monet, Kema B., Sedona Rose, and Iesha Bree

Tis the Season to sing, love, and be merry. These 5 authors are bringing Christmas Carols in the key of Black Romance. From Christmas miracles, Santa’s baby, and Love under the Mistletoe all in one novel these stories are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Love is in the air and those silent nights might not be so silent.


Mistletoe Blues (Holiday Dare Book 1) by Bella Jay

It started with a holiday dare.

So there was no way Joie Pickett could say no to telling the mall Santa, whose name she didn’t even know, her deepest desire.

Theo Blue never thought his stint as a mall Santa would lead to him being seduced by the brown skinned beauty he’d only exchanged a few words with.

But when they’re unexpectedly brought together on Christmas Eve, he had one goal in mind: to find out if she was on the naughty or nice list.


The Champion (The Negus Effect Book 6) by D. Camille


Jeff Morgan is The Champion. After being mentored by his idol Orion Shaw, Jeff is now a champion in his own right. Coming off a winning season, Jeff is now tasked to assist The Master in bringing down an old nemesis and protecting the entire Negus family.

Jeff’s past collides with his present when a smoldering fire erupts into an all-out inferno…and all roads lead back to his one and only love.



Please Don’t Go by T. Key

Fear can be crippling. It can stop you dead in your tracks and rob you of your blessings. That is Ned’s testimony.


As Long As I Pray (Talk To God Series Book 1) by Teleah Moore


Camille King has it all—money, stocks, cars, real estate, and a multi-million dollar home in Atlanta she shares with Stephen, her husband of fifteen years, and dog Cupid. Stephen is the air she breathes. He’s funny, giving, and protective, and he spoils her like crazy. There’s just one problem. Behind all the glamour and glitz—


Camille discovers a receipt from a business trip Stephen took to California that has her furious. Are Stephen’s out-of-town trips for pleasure than business? But Camille has been keeping a secret she dare not tell anyone, including her best friend, Aries, who is suspicious about her marriage to Stephen. Aries knows there is one thing Camille wants from Stephen but, he refuses to give her—a baby. With her biological clock ticking, Camille takes matters into her own hands and causes her marriage to suffer.

Those things you keep to yourself damage you from the inside out. Follow Camille King as she plows through a rough season in her once blissful marriage. Like most wives, she’s not exempt from problems, disappointment, or heartache. This series is a tale of love, betrayal, grief, and a desperate plea for help from the only one who can help—God.


Santa Baby : two studs & baby makes three by B.L. Wilson

In Book 8 of the Forever Woman series, normally cool, calm, and collected Percy Burnette is in trouble. Her life is falling apart. After she assaulted one of her best friends and shot her ex-fiancée, she is losing control of her world. All she feels is a burning rage. She has no idea where it’s coming from or how to stop her negative behavior toward people that she thought she loved. While awaiting arraignment within the city’s correction system, she has a one-night stand with her cellmate, a woman she’s known for less than 24 hours. Before entering the corrections system, she conducts an affair with her arresting officer, Detective Mary Bethune (MB) Collins.

Now Percy has done her time in the corrections system. She suspects MB of cheating with one of the rookie detectives she’s required to train. However, MB is not playing around. MB is falling in love with Percy but doesn’t know how to tell her. They had agreed at the beginning of the relationship they were in it for companionship and safe sex. Percy means more than that and MB wants to show her with a special gift of love.

Will Percy accept this life-changing gift, or will she give in to the loss of control she feels when her back is to the wall? Find out in Santa Baby, two studs & baby makes three.


A Merry Cajun Christmas by Ann Clay

“I’m gettin’ married ya’ll!” The Leblanc’s and extended family are excited about Blanche’s upcoming nuptials. Nothing’s too good for their baby. And, even though the excitement screams across Assumption Parish, the Leblanc’s are a little apprehensive at first about her groom-choice. Everybody thought she would marry her high school sweetheart, Clay Jamieson. Yet, Blanche’s sights are on Canon Jackson, and it’s all good as long as Blanche is happy they are too.

Canon Jackson knew all about New Orleans, the food, drinks, music, and traditions. But where in the heck is Bertrandville? He checks Google Maps twice to find the small village on the satellite view and realizes, getting there is not a straight line. Still, he’ll go wherever Blanche is. His first visit to Blanche’s hometown, meeting her large family, quickly gives him a hint of what he’s in for.

As Cajuns do, everything is big and loud, and weddings are no exception. Especially at Christmas, the welcome and hospitality are as flavorful as the succulent Cajun cuisine. Hey baby, I hope you like red beans and rice!


Kiss of Karma: A Kiawah Island Romance (Kiawah Kisses Book 4) by Louise Lennox

The Carolina Lowcountry is sexier, because the beautiful Kiawah Kisses rule the Sea Islands with strength, spice, and sass. This year, each friend will reconnect with a Gullah hometown hero and learn to love again. This is Kisha’s story, a holiday romance for the ages…

Keisha Jordan is a good friend and an even better attorney who always goes above and beyond for her tight knit group of friends, the Kiawah Kisses. When her best friend Nicole asks her to come home for the holidays and help right a wrong; she agrees. But, murder, robbery, and a sexy older sheriff turn out to be more than she bargained for. Keisha doesn’t want to let the Kisses down; but even loyalty isn’t something she’s willing to lose her heart over.

Richard Grant has served as Kiawah Island’s local sheriff for over twenty years. It’s the family business. His grandfather and father served in the roles before him. The last thing he needs is some nosy attorney and her friends opening old cases and creating a stir around town during the holidays. If the attorney wasn’t so beautiful he’d gladly escort her out of his town. But she is… so he lets her be. But what will it cost his family’s legacy if she stays?

Kiss of Karma, book 4 in the Kiawah Kisses Series, is a steamy, small town, contemporary romance featuring a strong, smart heroine and the older sexy hometown sheriff who fights for her heart. Download it today and get ready to fall in love with your next favorite book boyfriend.


New Birth & New Life: Journeys Of The Heart Series by Cinquanta Cox-Smith

Having a baby brings along new adventures, and new struggles. What happens when your life’s dynamic, changes within a year? What happens when you don’t know all that there is to know about your significant other? Does his personal life secrets change your feelings? An unplanned pregnancy was just the beginning. How will Mary & Matthew weather the oncoming storm?


Possession (Acquainted) by TN Jones

In the finale of a loving tale between Brody Irving and Unique Morrison, the match made in heaven couple repair their relationship as they slide into a slippery slope of family issues, kinky sexual bliss encounters, business betrayal, parenthood, and learn the true meaning of having a family along with utter happiness. How will the negative situations affect Brody and Unique?


Bare With Me Redux by R.J. Ware

Love is patient, Love is kind or so they say?

What happens when two best friends’ destiny is intertwined and one refuses to acknowledge it? These best friends will be forced to face harsh truths as they navigate their way from just friends to something more. Sometimes we must endure the truths of self-reflection to gain a love that can only be ordained by God. Can Demitre ” Demi” King and Mikah Anderson withstand the journey

Find out in Bare with Me Redux?


Made For Love by Jill St. James

Journey through the amazing life of award winning Gospel singer, Jordan Alexander…from her childhood of neglect, to the devastating trials which ultimately lead her to faith. 

Meet the unforgettable people who keep her grounded: Mama Rosa is the angel who loved Jordan when no one else would; Sassy Sasha, her best friend, learns forgiveness while helping a drug addicted family member; Handsome R&B crooner, Blake Masters tries to win Jordan’s heart, but his vindictive ex-wife sets the wheels in motion to sabotage the relationship; Jordan’s diva socialite mother, Vivian, faces demons from her past that threaten to destroy her family. 

Through the laughter and the tears, secrets emerge that challenge Jordan’s faith, and causes her to question if she’s really made for love.


A Divine Kind of Christmas: A Lesbian Holiday Romance by Deja Elise

There are a few things that gets DeeDee Renier excited, a random game of pickup basketball, running her many hustles, anything retro, working out on the beach like a maniac and all things Holidays.

This Christmas, she decided, was slated to be a really good one as her fiancée Bri Davis makes her way to her from Chicago. Only her plans for a warm Miami Christmas with her is derailed when she gets a phone call beckoning her home to New Orleans at her grandmother’s behest.

Going home where she spent most of her childhood isn’t the problem. The guestlist is. There are a few people she would rather forget exist.

She wants to make the best of the situation and her fiancée is excited to meet her loved ones, but facing a trauma-heavy past doesn’t necessarily make for a wonderful time. Though she fears this visit home will bring on some hurt and heartache, she’s determined to find some comfort and joy this Christmas.


Passion Over Power (Dummond Family Drama Book 1) by Karmen Lee

They had one night, but now he wants forever.

Jameson Dummond is a man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is another chance with McKenzie Walker. The problem? She seems to hate him for reasons unknown. When chance brings them together again, he plans to make good on showing her he can be the man she needs…if only she’ll let him in.

Oh…and did he mention, she’s his best friend’s little sister?

Passion over Power is book 1 in the Dummond Family Drama series. It’s a little angsty, nicely steamy and comes complete with its own HEA.


An Unexpected Love For Christmas by Tam Yvonne

In “An Unexpected Love for Christmas,” (sequel to the best-selling novelette, “A Leap of Faith”) Allison is beautiful, spoiled, judgmental, and doesn’t mind making it known that the only way to live, is by her own terms. Although she desires a relationship, any man wanting a second glance from Allison better look even better on paper than he does in person – which automatically eliminates handsome, hard-working Ronald McMurray from her potential list of suitors. 

Ronald McMurray’s janitorial business receives a huge contract over the Christmas holidays, which happens to be where Allison’s financial firm is located. More interested in raising his ten-year-old daughter Rolanda, working and upholding his Christian values than casual dating, southern gentleman Ronald isn’t impressed with Allison’s beauty and material success which suits her just fine since he falls short of her strict standards. A long-term relationship with Ronald is out of the question for Allison, until an unexpected encounter changes her life forever. Will Allison allow God to direct her path, or will she get in her own way before true love finds her?


Waiting for Christmas : A clean, sweet and Christian romance by Pat Simmons

A chance meeting.
An undeniable attraction.
And a first date that starts with a stakeout that leads to a winner takes all shopping spree. It’s the making of a holiday romance.

While philanthropist Sterling Price believes in charitable causes, he and licensed social worker Ciara Summers have a difference of opinion on how to bless others.

Ciara is a rebel with a cause and a hundred reasons why helping those less fortunate is important.
Sterling is a man of means who believes there is a financial responsibility that comes with giving.

The Lord will make sure everyone’s needs are met, and He has something extra for Sterling and Ciara that can’t wait until Christmas.


Leaving My Past Behind (Queens In The Making Series Book 2) by Latoya Garrett

Stephanie Nichols used to be an expert at holding her liquor until she couldn’t one life altering night, also changing the life of NFL prospect, Emmanuelle Vincent Jr.
Now older and wiser, Stephanie has taken the necessary steps to pay it forward by counseling teens struggling with substance abuse.
A recent move to Baton Rouge serves as a twofold agenda: continue to pay it forward as a mentor with the Queens In The Making program and to officially make amends with Emmanuelle who doesn’t know she was involved in the car crash that took away his opportunity to play in the NFL.
Will Stephanie’s quest to make amends cause more damage? Or will she allow God to show her that all things work together for good?


By Your Side by Tesa Erven

In this spin-off to Going Through Changes, Reggie Dalton and Gerri Smith were enjoying a hot and heavy relationship until his lies and deceit caused them to break up.

After five months of no communication, the couple reconnect at his boss’s wedding in San Francisco. Once again, sparks begin to fly, and by the end of evening, they are in the same hotel room together.

The following day, Reggie and Gerri make plans to go sight-seeing when disaster strikes, and they lose their way. Will they be able to survive around the unfamiliar city with their lives in danger? Find out in By Your Side.


What He Wants for Christmas: A Westmoreland holiday reunion romance (Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws Book 3) by Brenda Jackson

A blizzard has trapped this rancher with the one thing he wants under his tree—his ex! Don’t miss this sizzling Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws novel by New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson.

When a holiday blizzard traps him with his ex

things really heat up!

It’s been ten years since she broke his heart, but Leslie Cassidy’s elegance still stuns rugged Alaskan executive Sloan Outlaw. Now, thanks to a ruthless enemy targeting Leslie’s company, Sloan can use his wealth and influence for something nice—and something naughty. He’ll save her company—if she’ll spend a week with him at his luxurious winter retreat! But when a snowstorm keeps them cabin-bound, this notorious Outlaw will discover that getting what he wants for Christmas might be more than he bargained for… 

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series:

Book 1: The Wife He Needs
Book 2: The Marriage He Demands
Book 3: What He Wants for Christmas
Book 4: What Happens on Vacation…


Holiday Playbook: A Christmas workplace romance (Locketts of Tuxedo Park Book 3) by Yahrah St. John

Power games play out under the mistletoe in the latest Locketts of Tuxedo Park novel by Yahrah St. John!

A meeting of business minds

under the mistletoe?

All marketing executive Giana Lockett wants for Christmas is to land an endorsement deal with Wynn Starks’s sports drink company. It’s tough being the baby girl in a family of alpha men, and this will finally prove her worth to the Locketts’ football dynasty. Also tough? Securing a meeting with Atlanta’s most elusive billionaire. Giana’s not giving up, and once she makes contact, the prize gets closer…and so does Wynn’s bed. The chemistry between her and Wynn is hot. But business is business, until pleasure changes all the rules…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Locketts of Tuxedo Park series:

Book 1: Consequences of Passion
Book 2: Blind Date with the Spare Heir
Book 3: Holiday Playbook


Inconvenient Attraction: An upstairs downstairs romance with a twist (The Eddington Heirs Book 1) by Zuri Day

Undeniable chemistry sets an event planner and her client on a collision course in Zuri Day’s steamy new novel introducing The Eddington Heirs.

Their passion is against the rules…

But rules are meant to be broken.

Tech developer Cayden Baker has been blindsided by Avery Gray twice. It seems the stunning event planner who totaled his luxury car is also responsible for planning his elite charity event. And since he’s a member of the club where she works, fraternizing is strictly off-limits…though he’s never been one to follow others’ rules. Then Cayden discovers Avery’s involvement in a scandal that upended his life years ago. Will it change everything for them now, too?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of The Eddington Heirs series:

Book 1: Inconvenient Attraction


Bayou Christmas Disappearance by Denise N. Wheatley

She’ll help him find a kidnapped victim
He’ll keep her alive in the process

Mona Avery is determined to investigate Dillon Reed’s high-profile missing person case in the Louisiana bayou. Even if stubborn Detective Reed insists the hotshot investigative journalist is a hindrance. For Mona, the case is personal, especially at Christmas. Working closely with the detective makes it hard to deny their attraction. But a killer wants Mona’s story silenced…and only Dillon can keep her safe…

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 29th – December 5th

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