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With Your Permission: An Erotic BDSM Forbidden Romance by Danielle Burton

International pop star, Starlight, has zero control over her career or her life.
She craves freedom.
One wild night with a sexy stranger gives her a taste of that.
She wants more,

Of him…

The last thing AJ wants is to deal with a spoiled pop star.
But it comes with the territory.
What he didn’t expect is his unwavering attraction to her.
Getting involved with her is a bad idea.
One that could derail his career.
Despite the danger,

He wants her…

AJ soon learns there’s more to Starlight that meets the eye.

Her lesson…not all control is a bad thing.


Yours to Hold: a love beyond our control diversion by ShanicexLola

She tried to push him away and take care of things on her own.
He knew he’d never give up on her, and that his shoulders were equipped for the weight of her fears.
They’d always been stronger together rather than apart, and it was time he reminded her of that.

*This is Myiesha x Ace’s story.


You Could Do Damage by Renée A. Moses

Gianna Jameson is as stubborn and stuck in her ways as a woman can get. She’s trained to believe that her family is cursed in the love department.

Gia doesn’t believe love exists for her. If it does, it’ll only end in tragedy. The best way to defeat the curse is to avoid love.
Can the right man dispel the curse?

Zakari Lawrence isn’t a love hater. He sees no need for it until he’s ready to give up his free lifestyle. No woman has yet to show him the light so he will move how he wants with whomever he wants.

That’s until his childhood crush comes back home and rearranges his timeline. For her, he’d drop everything and everyone to have the very thing he’s avoided this far: a committed relationship.


No Rain, No Flowers by Tisha Andrews

Rome Betelli is protective and nurturing when it comes to the ones he loves, yet cold-hearted and dismissive when it comes to actually giving that same love to a woman. Scorned and guarded from the woman he’d chosen to give his heart to, Rome has no interest in settling down like his younger brother, Swoon. Instead, he fills his time working tirelessly at his youth community center during the day while prowling between the sheets of different women at night. He’s the perfect candidate for friends with benefits… until his path crosses with the woman that made him remember what it was like to love.

Summer Knowles is a triple threat of a woman. She’s an attorney, runs a nonprofit organization, and recently won a high-profile commissioner’s seat. She’s on top of the world, and the only thing that’s missing in her life is the mate she wants to share it with.

When her new role as commissioner threatens Rome’s community center, Summer struggles when the universe pushes the only man she’s ever loved and betrayed back into her life. Will love be enough to overcome an old family feud that led Summer to choose her family over Rome, or will she listen to her heart and restore what she’d taken away from not only Rome but also herself?


Distant Lover by T. Key and Monica Walters

What happened in Jamaica was supposed to stay in Jamaica…

But when Kyle met Jamila…and after an intimate encounter…his heart won’t let him be.

Will she let him show her the possibility in the impossible?


It Would Be You by B. Moni

After witnessing the reconciliation between his big brother and sister-in-law, Aspen Heart is ready to settle down and find his forever love. Dealing with a tragedy and heartbreak made him shy away from pursuing another relationship… Until the one that got away comes back into his life. 

Destinee Sullivan’s return makes him realize that the feelings he’d hidden so deeply never left. With a failing marriage and having to start over, will she let Aspen back in? Can he show her that he’s ready to be the man that she needs? Can two broken people make each other whole again?


Saved by a Billionaire 2 by Miss J.

A feeling that Christina thought she would never feel again; at least not from the person that she’s fallen in love with.
Feeling hopeless, with nothing to lose, Christina starts to spiral out of control, and the only person that can save her is the person she now hates.


Before I Let You Go by Kimberly Brown

Rhyon Capers has spent her life trying to stay out of both her father and grandfather’s shadows. With both of them being prominent, successful lawyers, she followed in their footsteps and set out to create a name just for herself. Her career has been the forefront of her life, coming before everything, including her once upon a time longtime friend and lover, Emerald Hampton. Their relationship suffered long ago due to her commitment to school and her career and his rising music stardom. Years have passed and Emerald has returned to claim the woman that was always supposed to be his. However, confronting old feelings means confronting old secrets.

Emerald Hampton also known professionally as GEM has had success all over the world with his beautiful vocals. Even with all of his fame and fortune, he still feels like something is missing from his life. That something is Rhyon Capers, the woman he has loved since he was eight years old. After taking some time off from the industry, he ventures home to get his woman. While he knew he would not receive the warmest of welcomes from her, he was prepared to go put in work to make her his again. Will they be able to work through the dormant feelings and past secrets to rekindle a lost love, or will they have to accept that their time has passed?


Enticing by Quisha Dynae

Growing up, Jenday Coley had big dreams of becoming a successful Broadway dancer, until her world was shattered when a horrible accident caused her to lose her mother, leaving her and her little sister with their unstable father. She struggled adjusting to her new life, without her mother in it. Her once exciting life wa now simplistically boring and Jenday was only going through the motions. That is until she meets Keifon Michaels, a man that teaches her that life is what you make it, and she’s about to live it to the fullest.

Nigerian beauty, Oba Ibrahim was only worried about her career. The men that were in Oba’s life were for sexual gratification only, until Orion Russell stepped into the picture, putting pressure on Oba to become a one man woman. Tommy, a man from her past didn’t like what he was seeing and tried his best to get Orion away from Oba. However, Orion will stop at nothing to keep Oba safe and in his arms.

Keifon and Orion are step brothers who have their own issues in their lives. On the path to legitimacy, Keifon and Orion are hit with every obstacle, secret and distraction. But for Jenday and Oba, they’re willing to risk it all. But at what price?


What If I Deserve You by Desiree Francies

He hates the media.
She is the media.

April Thomas is a journalist specializing in music at The Topic, an up and coming magazine. They’ve secured the interview of the decade… Hip Hop/R&B artist, Boston Scott. But the only sparks that fly between the two when they meet are filled with animosity and irritation.

Somehow, they still manage to get the interview completed. Even if it took some serious effort to sit in the same room with each other calmly. And this would be great news for them both, if the magazine wasn’t branching off into new ventures. The Topic is moving on to video production. Which could mean a huge promotion for April.

And guess who their first documentary is going to feature…

April and the film crew will be following the Spotlight Tour, giving the masses a look at the superstar in his natural element on stage. He may hate to admit it, but Boston needs this almost as much as April does. And they have to put their hatred towards each other to the side and work together once more. What neither of them saw coming was the connection and attraction that’d be waiting for them once they did.

However, the band is full of comical and outrageous friends without filters or tact, and April’s family is always right there, pushing all of her buttons. So, if nothing else, this tour will be one for the books. Literally!

Through the Fire by Keitra Crooks

After getting his heart shattered by Kima Morgan, the only woman he’d ever truly loved; Dru Brooks was through with love. Instead of wallowing in the pain Kima inflicted when she walked out the door and his life, Dru focused on his job of fighting fires in the day and entertaining a different woman in his bed to nurse his wounds at night. It had taken two long years but he was finally moving in the right direction of getting over her; that was until she returned home and slammed the pain from the past back square in his face.

Moving to New York to pursue her dreams and leaving Dru behind in the process was the hardest thing Kima had ever done. And although she had accomplished a great deal, there was still something missing; Dru’s love. So now Kima was home in Baybrook, NC attempting to claim Dru back as her own but his cold demeanor every time he saw her verified, she had a long way to go before she could reclaim his heart.

With each passing moment exchanged between them, Kima is trying to prove to Dru that she was here to stay but Dru didn’t care what she said or how much she begged; he didn’t want her back, right?

Through the Fire is a standalone romantic tale about second chances with all the ups and downs that a relationship goes through as they fight their way back to each other. 


Secretly Mine by L’Ve Hall

What’s the purpose of a secret? Does every secret have an end date?

Jessica Strong, A BEAUTIFUL SOON-TO-BE ATTORNEY, who loves her life and the freedom of being single.

Drew Deveraux IS THE SEXY, HANDSOME, BAD BOY PERSONA, rich CEO of a music label living his life to the fullest. 

For years, the couple has maintained their “friends with benefits” relationship a secret. That was until the lies, dishonesty, and truths were revealed. Both of them set in their ways and lifestyles, are forced to make decisions that cancel everything they’ve known thus far. The dishonesty they entangled themselves in not only threatened their relationship with each other, but threatened the friendships with the people closest to them. 


Would you be willing to keep a secret to protect the one you love from feeling infinite pain?

Malcolm and Lexi Styles are the epitome of “couple goals” and demonstrate true love. Best friends, lovers and everything to each other, they are now having to balance kids, work, life in general, and Lexi’s biological family, the Holmes’. 

Everyone surrounding the couple, including themselves, seem to have a secret. Friend and Family dynamics are changing as secrets are finally being exposed. Life as they’ve known thus far, will change.

Love After Temptation by Angelia Vernon Menchan

It was six months since Jeremy Felipe became Deputy Mayor but how—Stefano Bridges is in every Mayor meeting and he’s doing Mayor things but Dr. Pastor Professor Felipe is in those same meetings and isn’t doing Mayor things—he’s the Mayor. And in the midst of mayoring, he’s gotten divorced, very quietly. His ex-wife now known as Fran, is a blond, songstress, backing up the likes of Miko—Miko Brown, that is and Francine isn’t doing the mom thing either. The ‘acting’ mayor is handling that as well with his mini-me, Jeremy II. But Dr., etc doesn’t look pressed because the also newly divorced Aura Brown, no longer Aura Brown Black, seems to have his back— a photo of Jeremy and Aura playing basketball at the auditorium on the east side accompanied the article. She was guarding him as he went up for a basket.

Aura read the paper, a smile playing around her lips. The article failed to say the Mayor’s office was playing for a cause and she and Jeremy slaughtered, Thane and Stefano. It had been three months since her divorce was final and about the same for Jeremy’s but they had not been alone together. They were both busy with mayoral team duties, their personal businesses and more importantly raising their children. They saw each other at public events with the kids and family and texted—a lot. Let em talk. She thought.

They have no idea. Jeremy thought. But they will and soon. The waiting is over and they will have something to talk about.


Just One Night: (Affairs of the Heart) by Trina Crooks

Zaria had desires that were not being met by her husband so she had to look elsewhere. All she needed was one night of passion and she found just the right person to supply her that. 

This standalone series contains at least one or two people having an affair on their spouse. If this is not something you prefer to read about, please try another Trina Crooks book. 


All They Want (The Bennett Family Series Book 5) by Rhonda McKnight

One betrayal led to another. Will Ethan and Lauren forgive each other and find their way forward?

Lauren Ingram is out of time. The secrets she’s kept and the lies she’s told are unraveling all around her. It doesn’t help that the love of her life, Ethan Bennett, has changed into a shrewd businessman who is determined to have his way no matter who he hurts, including her.

Ethan has always loved Lauren, but when she comes home carrying a secret that breaks his heart, he’s not sure if he can trust her, ever again. Her manipulative ways are revealed over and over. He questions what there really is to love about her, and whether he’s just obsessed with having her because he likes to win. 
Lauren denies her love for Ethan. A girl has to protect her heart. She also wonders if anyone, including her sisters, will ever forgive her and more importantly, can she forgive herself and God? When a horrible accident happens, Lauren has to decide if she can risk being vulnerable to discover the happiness she’s always wanted. 


Sunflowers and Honey (Modern Mail Order Brides Book 13) by Olivia Gaines

Symphony Willis wasn’t about to let her big sister have all the fun. Placing a call to Melody, she asked what everyone wanted to know, “where did you meet Lakota?”

Following the directions sent via text, Symphony walked into the offices of Perfect Match to start a journey that opened not only a lot of doors, but her heart to understanding what it truly means to be family.

Saddle up as we head West to a family farm in Oklahoma that specializes in Sunflowers and Honey.


Heaven Sent by Pamela Campbell

Essence is a beautiful, successful, and confident woman. She refused to discuss her last relationship, and decided to take a break from men, and focus on her career. That is until she meets Mr. Handsome, Tate Parker.

Tate is smart, sexy, and single. He just started working at the same advertising agency where Essence works. He wanted her in his life the moment he laid eyes on her.

Essence avoided Tate in the beginning as much as she could, but he was very persistent. She hadn’t planned on falling for him so quickly.

When Essence and Tate find themselves up for the same promotion, this upsets Essence greatly. Will they be forced to compromise their hearts for the promotion or will it bring them closer together?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up October 11th-17th

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