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In Love, I Trust: Rose Hill Series by Brookelyn Mosley

Welcome to Rose Hill.

Have you ever experienced something so amazing that you convinced yourself it was too good to be true?

Serenity Payne continues to psych herself out with love. She’s consistently dress-rehearsed disappointment with her heart since she was thirteen. For years, Serenity has lived vicariously through other people’s love lives, and doing so has made her a pessimist.

But that outcome changes when she meets Trevon “Trey” Everest online.

Trey knows what he wants from love and is confident he’s ready to have and maintain the best of it with someone special. He’s traveled the world, has a fulfilling career, and has supportive friends and family. Now, he desires a genuine love of a lifetime that’s enduring and worth the effort of building something authentic… and he’s sure he’s found it in Serenity.

But, there’s a problem.

Serenity’s pessimism challenges Trey’s optimism in the worst way, and the solution to their problem will require Serenity to do the one thing she refuses to do with men… release control and trust.

Please note: Books in the Rose Hill series are not connected and can be read as a standalone.


The Getaway by Nicole Falls

seeing his lady in desperate need for respite, yvette adams’s long-term boyfriend Deon plans a little trip to give his lady some r&r at an exclusive resort and a little bit more…


Hexed Wolf: Bennett Pack by K.C. Mills

Fated Bonds are absolute but what happens when that bond is cursed to destroy you and everyone you love?

Toyin is a witch that knows her destiny, and being rejected by her one true love leaves her feeling empty, desperate and hopeless. However, one night, one mistake, birthed a beautiful blessing. Toyin may not be able to have the man who owns her heart but they will forever be bonded through their son.

Xander is an Alpha who refuses to lose this family even if it means denying his heart. This one time, the moon goddess may have gotten things all wrong. His only recourse is to endure the pain of denying his mate while focusing on his son.

Welcome to Hollow Grove where things go bump in the night.


With These Words (The Things Unseen Book 4) by K. Lashaun

Eden Foster finally achieved her lifelong dream of receiving an invitation to compete in the PFC, Professional Fighting Conference. But at what cost?

The already-weakened bond within her family has fractured more than ever. Her two beloved boys are being used as leverage to control her. And she’s lost the man she wanted to spend forever with.

In a world full of chaos, only he inspired feelings of safety and peace. With Hakeem, she could just… be. And now, with everything falling apart around her, she misses him more than ever.

But the man who echoes her feelings still finds it hard to ignore the painful past that’s linked to the woman he’d do anything for.

Two individuals, often misunderstood because of their silence, are in for the most important battle of their lives.
Revealing hidden feelings, voicing unsaid truths, and using their words to mend what was once broken as they embrace the love they inspired in each other…


Accidental Lovers (The Accidental Series Book 3) by Tina Martin

Carter’s secrets have finally caught up to him and for the first time in his life, he finds himself at a woman’s mercy – a woman he’s madly in love with. Obsessed with. And since Shayla needs time to sort out her own feelings since finding out Carter’s true identity – that he is the brother of her deceased fiance, Jacob – Carter leaves their home to give her some much needed space.

Maybe space for Shayla is not a good thing, especially with the way she’s feeling – betrayed and heartbroken. She knows she shouldn’t feel so happy to spend time with another man, but she accepts a dinner offer from Donovan Sharper, her ex-boss, telling herself that she’s just using him as a distraction from her life with Carter.

Shayla now finds herself in the midst of a convoluted mess. She knew being with a man like Carter wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t know it would be this hard. And there are still secrets yet to be revealed that will make her see her relationship with Carter in a new light – that may even save their rocky marriage. That is, if she doesn’t allow herself to be distracted by Donovan.

Book 1 – Accidental Deception
Book 2 – Accidental Heartbreak
Book 3 – Accidental Lovers


Legacy Unleashed by Monica Cox

In the heart of Atlanta, where professional dreams and technological frontiers are pushed daily, Dr. Miranda Childs and Lucas Bennett III rekindle old college memories in a serendipitous reunion. With a lifelong dream of becoming a professor, Southern Belle Miranda has designed her meticulous life for success. In contrast, Lucas, the namesake of a prominent U.S. Senator, boasts entrepreneurial ambitions matched only by his charm. 

A series of meetings lead to an exhilarating partnership in Lucas’s company, Legacy, Inc., where Miranda and Lucas begin a mutual quest to revolutionize marginalized communities. Unfortunately, a web of deceit threatens to unravel their plans as Lucas’s conniving girlfriend and Miranda’s former lover throw their worlds into chaos, questioning the foundation of their professional bond and Miranda’s business integrity. Stakes get even higher as Miranda grapples with a series of vendettas and betrayals in her academic job, company, and health. 

As Lucas and Miranda’s relationship teeters on the brink of uncertainty, they are confronted with the age-old questions: What does it mean to truly trust someone? Will their legacies survive in the face of deceit and adversity?


Wycked Whyspers Lounge by Kyeate

Haunted by a tragic car accident four years ago, Tempest Evers avoids Halloween, a painful reminder of her past. This year, her friends convince her to attend Crestin Falls’ biggest Halloween party at Wycked Whyspers Lounge, owned by Wycked Mosae.

During the night, Tempest is drawn to Wycked. Their eyes meet, sparking an inexplicable connection. As the night unfolds, their encounter deepens, shrouded in mystery, but beneath the surface lie secrets that could unravel everything.

Welcome to Wycked Whyspers Lounge, where the shadows hold more than just memories


Forever Mine, Forever Thine by Rosè Dior


Rameer was my everything, my heart in human form.
He gave me purpose, love, encouragement, and peace.
We were so good together, until winds that felt like Hurricane Ike swept between us, destroying our once perfect union… Leaving our broken hearts in its wake.
Rameer and I were solid. Happily building our life together, until the big bad wolf came and blew down our home that was supposed to have been make of brick.
I didn’t know that what we agreed to, would be a precursor to our ending.


I was a man who valued love and marriage. It’s what I prided myself on being able to accomplish and solidify. The moment I walked into that library and saw her angelic face, I knew she’d be the one.
My decision and her choice had destroyed us. Now, I have no clue how we will come back from this. My only hope is that the foundation we have built would still be there for us to rebuild what was lost of us.


Haven: A Hate To Love Single Dad Romance by KeKe Renée

Enjoy this steamy, single dad, medical romance…..

A single dad, a nurse with boundaries.

After losing his wife, single dad Rd. Kevin Haven, needed a fresh start. His focus should be on his new position and his child, but instead he’s distracted by one nurse in particular, Nurse April Benson. Regardless of trying to control his raging emotions, focusing on his career and his child, he needs to fight off all the jealous women, eager to get his attention.

April as always been practical. Both in her work and in her personal life. But Kevin throws her off kilter, causing her to lose her balance. Afraid of the strong attraction, she sets up ground rules to protect her heart, but can she follow the rules when her heart is tired of being protected?

Is Kevin ready for a relationship and can April let down her guard? Find out now in this medical romance that will make your heart skip a beat.


Transformed by Our Union by Monae Nicole

Life has never been easy for Pastel Saint, but she isn’t afraid of hard work. This has always been Pastel’s attitude until the load she’s carrying threatens to break her. One day she’s on the verge of falling to pieces when an unlikely party presents her with a silver lining in the form of a proposition.

Zyair Clarke is dedicated to his family’s business. He was promised a seat at the head of the table, but there was only one problem—he could only get it once he was married. Time is winding down, and the walls are closing in, yet the chance to help a beautiful stranger opens a door Zyair feared he’d never walk through.

A business arrangement has the potential to solve their problems, however, neither of them are used to going to others for help. Can Pastel and Zyair get out of their own way and do what needs to be done? Or will their plan blow up in their faces leaving them exposed to destruction?


Fumbled Love: A Frenemies College Football Romance (Genius in Love) by Marina Hill

Raven Barlow

I’m content with my life as a wallflower; it helps me focus on academics, which will then help my future as a diplomat. I average an A-minus in every college class (although I’m loath to include the minus part) except for one: math. No matter how hard I try, math doesn’t click. When I bite the bullet and get a tutor, I don’t expect to see the star quarterback with cracked-open books waiting for me.

Zafir Jones is the whole package: compassionate, kind, and has a charming smile. Except there’s one problem: I hate—no, severely dislike (I’m working on being softer)—jocks. They’re pompous, egotistical, and full of toxic masculinity. But Zafir is anything but toxic. Despite his arrogance, he’s smart, always trying to make me blush, and combats my every attempt to write him off as a self-absorbed athlete.

With every painted pumpkin, every cuddle with a fluffy corgi, and every silly dance, Zafir breaks down my walls and shows me there’s more to life than staying on the sidelines.


No Names Allowed: A Lesbian Short Story by Terri Ronald

You have been invited to join us on The Moon.Your night with us will begin at nine o’clock in the evening, and you may stay until your heart’s desire. However, be advised, here on The Moon, we adhere to strict policies. Names are not allowed. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited. Plus-ones are prohibited. You must follow the dress code of all black, dressy casual attire. Failing to abide by the above-mentioned policies will result in your immediate removal from the premises. Exceptions will not be made.

We ask you not divulge any information concerning this invitation to anyone. We pride ourselves on privacy and exclusivity, please respect that. If you decide to join us, please be on time, or don’t come at all. The map printed on the inside of the envelope will direct you to your pickup location. We look forward to seeing you.

Tonight is the night I embark on a journey of discovery. I don’t know what awaits me, but my curious nature cannot be fulfilled until I know every secret hidden behind those closed doors. My only question is, will I be able to handle what I find?


In Charge: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 5) by Imani Price

When love is brewing, it could be destiny… or disaster.

Coffee is life. At least, it is for Joanne. As the owner of a small chain of popular coffee shops, she has taken the town of Sweetgum by storm with her rich, earthy brews and savvy business sense. So, when she decides to expand her empire into the neighboring town of Peachwood, Joanne is confident that she has things all under control.

Secure a location? Check.
Start renovations? Check.
Hire an infuriatingly sexy and obstinate manager? Double-check.

Xavier may have dazzled all the patrons with his intense charm and handsome smile, but he can’t seem to remember one simple detail–she’s supposed to be the one in charge. 

He defies her at every turn, changing things up and driving her insane. She really should fire him. Trouble is… all his crazy ideas have made business better than ever. But Joanne knows how to run a coffee shop; she doesn’t need him at all.


Xavier never knew that mutiny could be so much fun.

When he first got wind that someone wanted to buy the old post office, his primary concern was for the town’s wellbeing. Although he’s one of their main real estate investors, he’s got nothing but time to kill. And a secret side project to help make the new coffee shop a success sounds like a fun new diversion.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the beautiful shop owner. Or how she’s driven, organized, easy to provoke, and the most distracting creature he’s ever met.

If he could just get Joanne to loosen up and listen, he knows they could grow the shop–and their relationship–into something special.

But are they too different for this to work? Or can finally admitting their feelings be the beginning of the happiness they both deserve?

If you like sweet, small-town romances with swoony moments and caffeinated characters, you’ll love In Charge.


Bonded by dell palmer

Koffee Jones-Davis comes from money—long money—generational wealth. With that comes expectations. Or more like guidelines that she must follow. And she plans to. Until she meets a man named Jireh. Koffee knows her family will never approve of him, but she can’t deny him.
The events that follow their unorthodox meeting can only be described with one word…spiritual. 
Do you believe that souls can travel from life to life together? That a love can be so pure and profound, a bond so deep and impenetrable that not even death can separate it? Well, let me tell you a story…


A Cross to Bare by Jsin Graham
If curiosity killed the cat…should we thank curiosity?

Everyone who knows Veronica “Roni” Walker understands there is one thing she does not play about, Halloween. After back-to-back years of subpar celebrations with her friends, Roni opts to do something totally different to cap off the spooky season. Like booking a solo, weekend stay at a haunted bed & breakfast, different.

The Glosbe Grove Inn is a once storied hotel near Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Its growing popularity in recent years has nothing to do with its history, but rather the rumored spirit that has cursed the surrounding land for the better parts of eight decades. Roni is one of the latest to travel deep into Southern Maryland, for the chance to see the haint known as Captain Cross.

Unlike other guests, however, her curiosity sparks something dormant within the Captain. Something sure to give her exactly what she is looking for. An experience far beyond any she could ever imagine.


Something About You by Malkia Miko

It was you… Always…You.
From the moment her eyes met his there was something.

Something no one could explain. It was Him.
The world she knew was no more…it all vanished. Nothing mattered at all.
Immediately, she needed him, in an unexplainable way.

She couldn’t escape him.
He couldn’t escape her. Not even in his dreams.
He loved her passionately, out loud.
His touch made her smile, with the laugher child-like.
When she was with him, time stood still.
It was only them.
But soon…reality set in.
He suddenly belongs to someone else.
She did the unthinkable.
Shattered…How…. Why… was she to blame……

Dark Hunger: Vampire Romance by Melody Lynch

Davina is tired of her unfaithful boyfriend, Shane. Shane drags her into the robbery of a high-profile dealer named Midnight. Things take a dangerous turn when Midnight catches her in the act. Midnight plans to use Davina as collateral in his quest to get back at Shane, but as the two of them spend more time together, Davina realizes that Midnight has a dark hunger that wants to consume her in more ways than one.

. Will Davina be able to resist Midnight’s dangerous desires, or will she succumb to them? This steamy paranormal short story promises to be an intense and thrilling journey of love, power, and sacrifice.”


A Man Amongst Men : A Black Cowboy Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Several months after opening the education center on Blackmon Ranch, it became a satellite campus for the local university. Bleek felt grateful for the outpouring of support from the community and more importantly from the students who enrolled, especially Black kids. Several Black kids said they had no idea Black cowboys or ranches existed.

Anastasia found him staring from his office window at the campus and walked up, placing her arms around him from behind.

“You did a thing here Mr. Blackmon.”

“We did a thing Mrs. Blackmon, I couldn’t have done this without you.” Bleek responded. He turned to face her, pulling her closer.

“It’s wonderful. Mom is so thrilled to volunteer as is dad.”

“They are both wonderful. MamaSage is all business and PopJoey is funny and the kids love him.”

“That’s them. At some point I want to teach—something.” Anastasia said, looking up at Bleek. His eyes held hers.

“Whenever you’re ready. How’s BB4?”

Anastasia was working four full days now that their son was almost one and walking. She hired a part time attorney for Fridays and any time she needed to take off. BB4 was with the caretaker half time and Sage the other half.

“He’s good. I was going to bring him with me but he fell asleep before I could. He walks all day…this morning he was with dad so there’s no telling where they were.”

“I love that for him. Are you about ready?” Bleek asked.

“I am. Let’s go home.”

He took her hand and they walked across the lawn to get their son.


Playing Church by Morrisa Tuck

Welcome to Oak City, Alabama, where Third Day Missionary Baptist Church has a penchant for scandal, drama, and mischief, building a reputation that would send most pastors running for cover. Enter the Reverend Paul Dexter, a not-so-typical leader walking with the steadfast faith, wisdom, and discernment needed to shepherd Third Day. His past is complicated, his troubles are many, but Reverend Dexter has a secret weapon: a loyal partner and formidable teammate in his wife, and helpmeet, Sister Marianne Dexter. Stronger together, the test of Third Day still represents a greater challenge than they have ever faced before. The duties of home, family, and the church strain the bonds of their marriage, and when a spiritual hurricane threatens what they know and love, Paul and Marianne can’t help but wonder if they will bend…or break.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up October 16th-22nd

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