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Thirst (The Brooks Brothers Book 2) by Nicole Falls

Kenyon Brooks is parched.

And the only woman who can sate his thirst is Kamil Rodríguez.


Along Love’s Lines by Tucora Monique

“Tell me the truth even though it might kill me. We both know that we’re just wasting time, trying to survive instead of just feeling.” —Nao

Sharp and clean, that’s the way barber Soule “Belle” Loveheart runs her barbershop and her life. Growing up as a motherless child and the daughter of a Silk Hills soldier, she starts to base the validity of her relationships on actions instead of her feelings. As loyal as they come, Soule is known for cutting up or cutting folks off without giving a second chance to cross her. However, being the victim of nightmares wrapped in unresolved issues perpetuated by half-truths, the barber isn’t as hard as she appears. In the midst of her victories, a man who houses her resentment, intrudes on Soule’s business and causes the entrepreneur to question her beliefs and the placement of her loyalty.

To describe Monroe “Shine” Stunner, one would have to include the words solid and creative. Although prosecuted by secrets kept and poor choices made, the freelance artist and black-market hacker moves through L.A as if his Silk Hills scandal never existed. With the closest person in his circle asking him to do a job that triggers his trauma, Monroe feels obligated to fulfill the request aside from the damage. Knowing the reputation that proceeds him, the artist goes back to his hometown with business at the hem of his intentions and caution covering his heart.

The details of the heart run far beyond what the naked eye can see. Then again, when given the chance to remove obscurities and go deep without filters, are the lines flexible enough to tie loose ends?


Bunny (The Sun Series Book 3) by Rae Lyse

Desmond Simmons’ life is at an impasse. 

After a tragic near-death experience, he’s left struggling to pick up the pieces of an existence that’s grown monotonous. He’s so sure he’s stuck until an old neighbor reappears, turning his new, uneventful life upside down.

While reconnecting, the two embark on a journey that leaves them grappling with their new lives and falling back into a whimsical world full of secrets they created as children to escape reality. They soon learn that outrunning the truth isn’t as easy as it once was, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give it a try.


Foremost (Mullaney-Chamberlain Series Book 3) by Asia Monique

Axel Chamberlain hadn’t foreseen ending one relationship, only to find himself immersed in another soon after.

Emersyn Myers, on the other hand, returned to Los Angeles with her heart open to putting down roots in the city she’s always known as home.

For these two—while the unexpected had occurred—it was what they needed most.

*Please note, this is a full-length standalone novel drenched in pure unadulterated black love.


jagged edges. by Grey Huffington

Me and you, we’re tied. Not just by the heart, but by the souls. Jagged edges and all.


Disconnected Love by Erika B.

Disconnect: a break in connection between two or more things.

For Rose Hunt, only one thing could make life better, and that’s relaunching her business. Things are right with her loving husband and two beautiful children, but their house guest, her mother-in-law, is causing conflict where there was once only love.

Kian Hunt, a real estate agent on the rise in his career, knows that no life is perfect but believes that what he and Rose have built is pretty close. When things begin to shift within his relationship with his wife, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep them both happy.

With their combative houseguest and an unexpected surprise, Rose and Kian find themselves disconnected from love. Do they have what it takes to return their marriage and home to its original state, or will their disconnected love turn into something more permanent?


A True Champion (The Champion Sisters Book 3) by Donnia Marie

What is a true champion? More importantly, what does it take to love a true champion?

Ameka Champion is the middle sister of the Champion Crew. She is a goal-getter in addition to a positive light and energy not just to her family but to anyone who she deems important. She’s a woman about her business and her family and not looking for any romantic entanglements… Ameka is perfectly fine with keeping things on a surface level with the men she involves herself with. That is until Emery Coleman steps into the picture.

Never underestimate Mr. Quiet Storm. Emery is a reserved and precise man; he conquers everything he sets his mind to possess. Despite his growth and current successes, he allows his mishaps from the past to internally haunt him, allowing those issues to dictate his present and future with people who want to be in his life for the long haul. But can Mr. Coleman get over his past and not only hold on to his sanity but hold on to the one woman who has strategically and intricately placed herself in his life. Emery is not a man of many words. Still, he has no problem removing anyone who tries to penetrate the bubble he’s built with the hopes of keeping everyone out so that he may move forward with his pursuits without pause.

Will Ameka and Emery make room for each other when they both have barriers and walls that were created to keep outsiders at bay? Take a ride with them as they discover that picking the ride partner and letting them in could be the best thing to happen to you.

A True Champion is Book 3 in The Champion Sisters Series and may contain spoilers for books 1-2. It is recommended that you read those books first.

The Champion Sisters is a series spotlighting four sisters with very different personalities that are conquering their own world, in their own way, at their own pace. Join them on their journey as they navigate through family, careers, and life. Discover how they all end up coming out as champions.


Ease My Mind: A Romance Novella by Mya

Postpartum depression and anxiety were debilitating and had a way of affecting even the strongest women. Kaimani Givens felt like no one was there to help her. Like no one was there to take some of the stress off her shoulders from being a first-time mother. She felt alone, scared, and mentally drained from the work it took to raise a child.

Gerard Givens was a family man. He went to work six days a week to make sure he brought in enough money to keep a roof over his family’s head and food on the table. He didn’t notice the signs that his wife needed help until it was almost too late.

Needing to rekindle the flame in their relationship and give his wife a much-needed break, Gerard plans a romantic getaway to ease Kaimani’s mind and give her a purpose to live again.


Mrs. Saint (A Miss King Novel Book 3) by Cheryl Robinson

Lily isn’t happy being Mrs. Saint—the past year has been far from wedded bliss. She starts to put into motion a plan to run away—from a troubled marriage, the pain of her past, and to correct the mistake she made when she walked away from her first love.

But life in the 1960s isn’t easy. Not only must Lily upend her personal life, but she must also navigate the turmoil of the day’s society that has its own ideas about a woman’s place—especially a Black woman’s.

She longs to again realize her independence as Lily King, leaving behind the dismal reality of being married to a domineering man she doesn’t love. Follow Lily’s journey as she tries to pursue a better life.


Under His Protection: Saved by a Black Mafia OG (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 4) by B. Love

Savant Black is a protector. More logic than emotion, he places emphasis on his present reality above all. When his sister suggests he speak with a life coach, Savant doesn’t believe she will be capable of opening his eyes and mind to any life altering revelations. However, the longer he works with Addison the more Savant realizes his need to feel so little comes from desiring so much.

Addison Gray takes pleasure in helping other people rewrite their life stories because she was forced to rewrite her own. When one of her most difficult yet rewarding clients recommends her services to Savant Black, Addison isn’t prepared for the attraction she feels toward him. No matter how hard they try to remain professional, things eventually turn personal… especially when a problem from Addison’s past pummels her present.

When secrets are exposed and plans of betrayal unfold, Savant commits to protecting Addison’s body while she protects his heart. For a man like Savant, loyalty and honesty are everything. Will the lies that Addison built her new life on ruin their relationship before it fully begins, or will she be the reason he learns to prioritize love over logic and everything else?


King of Diamonds (Legion of Kings Book 2) by Danielle James

Watching two of my brothers get murdered left me reeling.
That was life in the Legion of Kings though
We were a gang of savages.
We took what we wanted and killed whoever opposed.

But I wanted more…

I wanted a safe place to rest.
Someone who saw me as more than just
Pretty Boy, the King of Diamonds.

I wanted Jane Gray.

Even if it meant I had to save her from her secrets
And murder whoever stood in my way.
She would be mine by any means necessary.


Better Days Ahead 3 (Dare to Win Summer Games Book 2) by TD Bryant

Is Love Enough to Take Them to the Finish Line?

Happy newlyweds Nona and Blaine settle in Graceville with a new home and their careers. The release date of their co-authored autobiographical and self-help book looms near, The Soul Brothers, about Blaine and his deceased friend Harvey Lamb.

Nona deals with players not working together as a team, while Blaine faces a jealous colleague. On the homefront, they contend with the woes of being guardians to the Lamb kids and their needs. Taj is skipping school, Hannah gets in trouble fighting other kids, and Lil Harvey throws everything he finds in the toilet and laughs.

A secret heads their way that could eventually break up their trust and marriage. Can the couple capture all they envision even if the past follows them to their new home?

Better Days Ahead is a short fiction that’s the third in the Sports Series Dare to Win Summer Games centered around different athletes and their stories of courage and overcoming love challenges.

*Steamy but not explicit.


Beyond Temptation : A Center City Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

What happens Beyond Temptation? The inhabitants of Center City is in a season of Temptation as clearly shown in Temptation: A Center City Story, but some are now beyond temptation. Ultimatums are given and folks we thought we knew are showing up as barely known. We buckle up and settle in—maybe even choose sides. But, Temptation always, for some goes Beyond Temptation.


Money (The Path To The Throne Book 4) by Roy Glenn

Everybody wants to get their hands on Money. And why not? For Marvin Simmons, aka Money Marv, everything was going his way. In addition to being his captain, Jackie Washington’s right hand, Marvin was a successful legitimate businessman with interests in restaurants, health spas, gyms, and the management of welterweight prospect, Alex “The Bronx Bomber” Benton. At the behest of his uncle, Mike Black, Marvin positioned to make a move to take over The Spring Hill Media Group for The Family. That association will bring him into close contact with the lovely Savannah Russell; a contact that will make his girlfriend, Sataria, very jealous. But that’s nothing new, she was already jealous of his relationship with Barbara. However, Sataria had problems of her own as the things that she had done in her past caught up with her when her cousin, Anita Raiden, her husband, Cleavon, and Alphonse Kolton showed up.
Butch Caldwell had a decision to make. Between Rain trying to cover her tracks, Kojo’s people going hard at them, and the task force arresting his major players, The Enterprise was taking a beating. Having Gavin run things on the street, while doing everything possible to insulate him from criminal exposure, had been at the center of everything that was going wrong. Despite that, protecting his brother and sisters was the most important thing to him. The task force was on Gavin, and if they weren’t already, they’d be on London, and Butch couldn’t let that happen. It was time to get out. But for that to happen, everybody that had any exposure to Gavin or London would have to die.


Built On Broken Pieces by Lamartz Brown

Family is everything, and Cashmere, Mase, and Kareem couldn’t agree more. When life happens, all they have to stand on is the broken foundation laid before them.

Cashmere, a rising R&B star, is left wondering if his girlfriend Jeda’s secret will destroy the love that connects soul mates. In the midst of her facing her demons, she makes a decision that will change their lives forever. 

Mason “Mase” Cotton’s skills on the court almost guarantees him a million-dollar NBA contract, but will his situationship with Qwana, a married woman, cost him the very thing he loves? While his cousins are caught up in their relationships, Kareem’s main focus is getting money. All money is not good money, and he soon finds out by the blood left on his hands.

Caught between what’s right and wrong, they all soon find out that the streets don’t love nobody… even if it had a love affair with you in the past.


You Can’t Run From Love: A Second Chance Sports Novelette by LeeSha McCoy

How can you love someone when you’ve forgotten how to love yourself?

Jamayla Grey had everything she ever dreamt of. Fitness, success… love, but after being tripped by a competitor and injured, she lost two of those things and threw the last away.

Now, six months later, she’s fully recovered physically, but the mental scars still plague her mind. She needs to get it together soon, though, because she barely scraped through her last competition.

So, as her life at university begins, she sets herself three rules. Train hard, win every race, and don’t think about him.

But on the very first day, one of those rules is smashed to pieces, and she soon realises that no matter how hard you try, you can’t run from love.


I Want You Around by D’Mesha

Kharisma felt like her soul was tied to a man who’s only purpose was to cause her heartache and pain. She learned some harsh truths and took one of the toughest losses she’d ever experienced. Even with everything shattering around her, Kharisma was still determined to take the pieces of herself back.

Malakai learned at a young age that family is just a word and sometimes they will do you worst than strangers. A visit back home after so many years opened up old wounds and exposed hidden secrets that he was not ready to face.

Even with turmoil all around them, Malakai and Kharisma found something real in each other that they wanted to explore. With everyone against them and drama lurking at every corner the only thing they knew is that they wanted each other around.

Will they be able to let their future of love in, or will more parts of their past fall like a puzzle and leave their lives left in a million pieces?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 13th-19th

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