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After the Kiss (Lunch Break Series Book 6) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

When a silent birthday wish sparks a night of insatiable desire, Erica wonders what will become of her relationship with her best friend, after the kiss.


Behind The Scenes by Christina C. Jones

If there’s any one thing Pierre and Logan have in common, it’s their ability to invite snap judgements based on shallow views of who they are.
Logan is the privileged only daughter of a respected family whose legacy runs long and deep.
Pierre is the moody, orphaned son of big screen royalty who couldn’t possibly live up to the prestige of his pedigree.
Or maybe not.
Perhaps they’re just two people trying to navigate the pressures of a world hellbent on telling them what they should be, and eschewing the limits of other people’s expectations. 
Maybe what they need most is somebody who can see beyond the shallow first impressions – just one person they can allow to see behind the scenes of who they are.
Maybe they have more in common than it seems.


Remember The Time by Tay Mo’Nae

close familiarity or friendship; closeness.⁠

Imagine one day you’re happily preparing for the birth of your first child with your fiancée then BOOM in a blink of an eye everything changes. ⁠

That was Zachary’s reality. For almost two years his fiancée disappeared after a terrible accident. Without knowing where she is or if she survived, Zachary is left in a mental terminal within his mind until, one day his fiancée returns, but there’s only one problem, she doesn’t remember him or the life they once shared.⁠

Find out if Zachary can rekindle the love and memories he and his fiancée once shared or will he be forced to finally move on with his life without ⁠her.


A Flick Between Friends (On the Clock Series Book 4) by Shae Sanders

Star Kennedy and Lennox Washington are the kind of work besties who do everything together, even the wild and crazy exploits Star comes up with. She’s always been vibrant and adventurous, while Lennox is laid back and quiet, content to go along for the ride. So when Billingsley-Davis furloughs most of their department, he isn’t surprised that Star comes up with an outrageous plan to earn the money she needs: a high quality adult film. What does surprise him is that she wants him to participate. But he’s never been able to tell her no and despite his concerns and his homeboy’s warnings, this time is no different.

It should have been easy. They’re comfortable with each other, they’re both gorgeous, and there’s no chance of it becoming anything more because they have no romantic feelings for each other. But as soon as the camera starts rolling, their previously clear relationship is plunged into confusion, leaving them both to wonder if their friendship will ever recover. What do you do when fictitious passion turns into the real thing?

***This is Book 4 in the On the Clock series of erotic standalones. Can be read in any order.


Used to Want Her (Used to Series Book 3) by A. Bryant

When you get used to the pain.
Used to the games.
Used to the same old thing. It’s hard to accept legitimate love. Meet Trina, the bag lady, and her battle to accept a life of acceptance and happiness. Trina battles demons daily but is unable to see the angel right before her. 

When you get used to the pain.
Used to the loss.
Used to the spectacle that is your family. It’s easy to fall in love with what you know. Meet Jean as he fights to be with the love of his life. But, with self reflection and much needed therapy he finds that what he used to love is not what he needs anymore. 

Meet Jean and Trina at year five on an on again off again relationship. Trina has a history of leaving tracks for Jean to find. Is it time for them to each other go or will Trina stop running?


Heatstrokes: A Summer Fling Novella by Kema B.

All her life, make-up artist Simone Bailey, used laughter as a defense mechanism to keep from crying. She lives her life loudly, unapologetically, and free until a devastating betrayal rocks her world. Deciding she is off men for the foreseeable future, she puts her focus on her career and building her brand instead. That is until she shares a kiss with a handsome stranger that makes her want to risk it all.

Model turned actor Zion Masters is intrigued by the gorgeous woman that kissed him then ghosted him. Unable to get her off his mind he vows to make her his if they ever cross paths again. Fate lends a helping hand when a close friend calls in a favor that he reluctantly agrees to.

Will he be able to convince her to take a chance on him or will the heatstrokes he gives her be too much for her to handle?


Slow Burn by Sikya Trishay

Joy Smith was as independent as they came. She had her family. She had her friends. She had a career that kept her satisfied. And most importantly, she didn’t need a man for anything. She was the definition of Miss Independent. 

Ahmir Jones lived on the same floor as Joy. And he was aware of Joy’s perspective on relationships. But from the moment he met his new neighborhood two years ago, he knew she was his forever—if only she would give him a chance.  

What happens when the one thing you didn’t need, now becomes the most critical thing in your life? 


Tareef (The Brothers Ali Book 4) by Celeste Granger

Naomi Singleton is a woman on a mission. As the Public Relations Director for the Barber Experience and starting her own public relations firm, Naomi has her hands full. But there’s something else that consumes Naomi, her desire for a man, Tareef Ali, who doesn’t seem to return her affections. 

Tareef’s cold shoulder makes Naomi wonder if finding love is a thing out of her reach, until another man is more than willing to fulfill Naomi’s romantic desires, Attorney Malcolm Bridges. 
As Director of Legal Affairs for Ali International, Tareef dispenses the law with expertise and vigor. His billionaire status doesn’t keep him from working for the people. When a wrongful conviction case pits Tareef against his nemesis, in a court battle, he soon finds it’s not the only fight on his hands. It’s the battle for Naomi’s heart.

This is a standalone that ends in an HEA.


A Billionaire Ending (Candy Girls Book 5) by Shae Sanders

The worst has happened.

Everything Imani tried to hide has come to light and now, she must fight for her both her marriage and her freedom. Will Shawn stick by her? Will Dennis Sr. finally win? Will Imani finally get her happily ever after?


More Than Friends: Friends to Lovers Short Stories by Tramaine Green

Raquel Williams, a beautiful, sassy, and all around good woman is deathly afraid of revealing her feelings to Derrick, her best friend of eight years. It’s easier to keep her feelings hidden so she won’t get hurt, but when Derrick asks her out on a date, will she take a chance and risk it all or will she choose to play it safe? 

When more is everything, is love worth risking a lifetime of friendship?

Disclaimer: This is a compilation of steamy friends to lovers romance short stories. If this is not for you, please check out my Christian fiction novellas under my pen name, Janeva Gardel.


Interstate! by Marvin Mason

Joshua Easton and Christian Buckman are two best friends going into their senior year of college who embark upon a road trip to help Joshua’s cousin, Tina, move from a college dorm to an off-campus locale. Having been friends since the second grade, they know each other’s secrets. 

For Christian, it is an illness he has tried to hide, specifically from Joshua’s cousin who he ditched on prom night. This is Christian’s first face off with her since that fateful night four years ago. For Joshua, it is a domestic abuse situation between his parents that may call for him to take desperate measures.

After Christian and Tina finally patch up their relationship, the two young men hit the road back home for a five-hour ride down the Interstate late at night where eight young Black men have recently disappeared.

Will they make it back home or will they join the missing?


Send Her To Me Lord by Khara Campbell

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they stop to evaluate their goals, priorities, and the people in their circle. Thirty-six year-old Malik Day is no different. He has come to realize “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome” is truly insanity. It is time he man up and get his life in order. One of the top things on his list is finding a godly wife. However, God doesn’t always bless us with the package we expect.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” 1 John 4:18


Make a Scene by Mimi Grace

Faking this relationship should be a piece of cake.
Retta Majors is having a bad day. But that’s to be expected when your ex gets engaged to your cousin. Instead of (totally) freaking out, Retta decides to attend the wedding with her amazing, faithful, and handsome boyfriend. One problem…He doesn’t exist.
Duncan Gilmore is living his dream. His boxing gym is open for business, and he’s focused on success. The last thing on his mind is a relationship. That is until the beautiful baker next door makes him an offer so bizarre, he can’t refuse. One weekend of pretending to be Retta’s boyfriend should be easy.

However, shared kisses and some flirting start to blur the lines in their fake relationship. When their performance draws to a close, will they go their separate ways or return for an encore?

This novel is a standalone.

Content Notes: A pregnant secondary character


Forever, I’m Ready by Jahquel J.

Bree Capri is a YouTuber with millions of subscribers. When it comes to recommending the newest makeup, she’s your best bet. However, when it comes to her love life, she can’t seem to figure it out. Bree is scared of commitment. Anything that has to do with committing scares her. Like, her three year relationship with her boyfriend, Mike Manning. While Mike wants nothing more than to marry Bree, have children and live their life together, Bree gets hives at the thought of spending forever with one person. 
One night, her sister convinces her to check out a new artist whose tour stopped in Atlanta. Bree is captivated by the fact that Lennox Blu’s lyrics speaks to her soul. As she waves her hand, sways her hips, Lennox locks eyes on the beautiful Bree Capri. With demons of his own, and his own fear of commitment, Lennox is willing to get to know the beautiful Bree. One question remains, will either of them be ready for – forever?


Deviant Dreams by Author Mystkue

When dreams become a reality, it can be a nightmare. 
Kayla Henderson is an aspiring relationship counselor with no love of her own in sight. The man she wants is in her dreams. Literally. When a sudden trip to Miami brings her face-to-face with the man who stars in nightly dreams, she is forced to decide if being with him is what fantasies are made of or a total nightmare. 
Hassan Abdullah is stuck in a loveless marriage with his wife, Beverly. The only passion he finds is through his nightly dreams starring a woman other than his wife. Drowning in a lack of passion, he goes to Miami for an escape from reality. When a chance meeting between Hassan and his dream girl takes place, he has to decide what’s more important. The vows he made or the love of a lifetime. 
When daytime reality and nighttime fantasy collide, dreams can turn into nightmares. Who knows better, the heart or the mind? When its all deviant, can love survive secrets, scandal, and lust? But, the most important question of all for Hassan and Kayla will be, will Beverly move on gracefully or allow her alternate personality, Jackie, force Hassan to stick to his vows: until death do us part?


Taheed (Broadus Brothers Series Book 2) by Shantaé

It rings synonymous with hustle and to bear it means you personify what it is to be a boss. On the streets of Houston it holds major weight and is never to be taken lightly. In their hood it brings status, garners respect, and defines loyalty. To break bread with a Broadus is an honor but to actually be a Broadus is to be part of a brotherhood. A legacy. A bond so unbreakable that it would take several armies of adversaries to penetrate it.

Taheed Ehsan Broadus has carried his family name with pride since birth. A natural born leader, no one was shocked when he turned the empire his brother placed in his hands into a thriving business that quickly amassed a fortune so huge it would be enjoyed by generations of Broadus’ to come after him. The challenging feat also resulted in him being crowned the newest king of the streets. 

On top of having any and everything he could ever hope for, Tah was also able to reconnect with the love of his life. Like a moth to a flame, he’s been drawn to and infatuated with the beautiful Rian Burnett since childhood. With his run in the streets nearing its end, Taheed is ready to focus all of his attention on building a life with Rian but with multiple enemies secretly plotting his downfall, the path leading to the simple life is congested and jammed packed with road blocks. 

For years, the game has been nothing but good to him but when he discovers the identity of those responsible for attempting to dismantle the Broadus legacy, he’s exposed to the dirty side of it. In his eyes, no one is to be trusted. Not even Rian, who he learns hasn’t been as forthcoming and honest as she vowed to always be. The most shocking revelation however, teaches him that blood isn’t always thicker than water.


Walk of Shame: (Adorable Little Romance) by Trina Crooks

“I dare you to stay and meet a nice man. Just approach someone and say hello.” —Briana 

Jasmine never backed down from any dare so when she literally ran into Torrance and the attraction between them was undeniable, she wasn’t surprised that she ended her night in his bed. Now here she was doing the walk of shame the next morning and although she knew she didn’t want this to go any further, Jasmine couldn’t get Torrance off of her mind.

For Torrance, their one evening together felt like it was meant to be and he desired to see more of Jasmine. There was just one problem—he didn’t know where to find her. After a chance meeting, Torrance is determined to get her to see that maybe they could build on their one incredible night together. If only she would give him the opportunity.

Adorable Little Romances are petite love stories that are just long enough to give you a splash of romance with a HEA ending.
Each can be read as standalone books.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 14th-20th

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