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Olive and Oak: A Ganton Hills Short by Aubree Pynn

Andru is fresh out of prison standing in the middle of a blessing and a curse. Just when he thinks all he’ll have to show for his life is the barbecue shop and street life, a beautiful,alluring woman walks in and steals his heart. 
As love comes in like a whirlwind can Andru live the best of both worlds with Pumae or will a figment from his past make him choose. 
*this is a short read that introduces Ganton Hills. Enjoy*


Last First Kiss by Monica Walters

Jarius Hutcherson is very well-acquainted with the inner pleasures of a woman. He isn’t too concerned with her mind or what her personal life is like. His focus is simply on how to elevate his career as a barber. But there comes a point where he thinks about settling down and having a family, especially at the persistence of his mother and sister. Seeing his best friend, Haji, achieve those things only makes him long for it more. When he meets Haji’s sister-in-law, he knows he has to have her. Because things accelerate so easily physically, he thought it would only be a matter of time before they did the same in other aspects of their lives. Despite their mere physical attraction, Jarius knows there’s more to what they felt for one another.

Daraja Nwachuku had a hard life. As a child, she lived in poverty with her parents but there was still a sense of family and security. However, when her sister leaves Lagos, Nigeria to go to school in America and her mother’s health takes a nose-dive, things become extremely difficult. The weight of taking care of her parents lands directly on her shoulders. Not being able to enjoy life as her peers did, Daraja leans on one thing to relieve her of her everyday stresses… sex. Love isn’t on the menu and hasn’t been for years thanks to a devastating heartbreak during her high school years. Once her sister gets them to America, Daraja meets Jarius. Although she insists that their relationship is strictly sexual, she can’t help but feel like there’s more.

Facing fears of failure and possibilities of losing herself plague Daraja and forces her to keep her heart guarded. Jarius wants to somehow penetrate the tough armor that surrounds her heart, getting her to trust him enough to give him a chance. Will Daraja be able to overcome her fears and trust Jarius to protect her heart? Will Jarius have the patience to accept and love the parts of Daraja that aren’t so loveable?


Charmed by You by Pamela Yaye

Two million viewers watched thirty-year-old, audio engineer, Darius Matthews, get rejected on the hit reality TV show, The Groom. But spending Memorial Day weekend with Sloane Wesley at a swank, five-star resort pulls him out of his funk—and arouses his desire. 

One passionate night with Darius Matthews was everything Sloane Wesley thought it would be. After dealing with her unreasonable boss, a heavy work load, and dumping her philandering boyfriend, Darius was just what her heart ordered. 

Yet, Darius is keeping his distance and if Sloane were a betting woman, she’d guess her father being his boss has something to do with it. With feelings too strong to ignore, Darius must decide whether to bare his soul and risk everything for the woman of his dreams, or guard his heart and lose her forever.


The Closer I Get to You by AshleyNicole

Life dealt Lou a losing hand at birth. After years of unthinkable suffering, he has reached a boss level of indifference that he has no intention of stepping down from. His daughter needs a place to live? Not his problem. Anybody else need anything? They’ll die before he offers to help. He’s content living his life alone, and nothing can change that. 
Until she crosses his path, and suddenly, being alone isn’t so appealing. 
Symantha is living a carefree existence that includes an endless supply of gorgeous men dying to make it to her bed. Work is good and life is so great, she couldn’t ask for anything more. Then, she’s sucked into the life of her ornery neighbor, which helps her realize that her life may not be as fulfilled as she thinks. Maybe, the cute guy with the empty gaze is exactly what she didn’t know she needed.


muse. by Grey Huffington

i loved the way he made me feel.
the way he warmed my insides and made my lady parts drum.
i loved the way he looked at me, as if I was the best thing that God had created.
and, just for him. 
his round eyes and solid frame was a source of inspiration.
i found myself scribbling his features into my pieces. 
one after the other.
stroking my canvas as I imagined he’d stroke me. 
and, when he finally did, we’d make one unique piece.


AMBROSIA: An Underworld Exclusive: The Malachi Morgan Story by Nako

This is an Underworld exclusive. 
It’s a certain type of feel that readers get when they’re reading a book based around The Underworld. When asked, most readers said the feeling was indescribable. 

Malachi Morgan never expected to leave the prison facility that he considered home. Returning to society was a far-fetched dream that he gave up on many years ago. 

As he predicted, everything had changed and nothing was the same. With the people that he loved the most no longer around, Malachi is forced to sow new roots. Being that the only thing he knew was the streets, Chi has no idea on what to do with his time. 

Reconnecting with Nasir King meant that he couldn’t sit around idly. Chi is thrusted into Nas’s new power circle of friends and from there, he levels up almost immediately, while finding love along the way. 

AMBROSIA is a standalone novel that features Underworld member, Malachi Morgan who was first introduced in Please Catch My Soul. 
To experience this book, it’s highly recommended to have read The Underworld series and Son of A Don.


Allure (Sweet Spot Shorts Book 2) by Aja

All the glitz and glam in the world can’t hide the sadness in Mia Foster’s world. She may have a tough exterior but inside she’s been lonely, and that chip on her shoulder is threatening to topple her and everything she worked hard for, over. But when Malik Dewberry brings her a package, the two connect and she finds he can deliver more than just parcels. His type of loving can put an end to drought & famine … and Mia has been parched for a very long time.

The Sweet Spot Shorts are all about quick, hot, romance that knocks each couple off their feet because love & desire must have their way.

Note: There’s nasty sex, profanity and explicit language used in Allure


Now or Never (The Harris Sisters Book 1) by Nyora René

Crystal Harris has been in love with her best friend, Brendon Marks, since they were in high school. He was the perfect gentleman, always supportive and encouraging her, and she’s spent the last ten years loving him in secret, too scared to tell him how she feels.

Brendon has a secret himself…he’s in love with his best friend and doesn’t know how to tell her. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, but as the days go by, his feelings for Crystal continue to grow stronger and stronger. 

What do you do when you feel like your feelings are about to bubble over? When is the perfect time to tell your best friend you’re in love with them? What makes you say, “It’s now or never?”


The Never List by DL White

Esme Whitaker has held out on an important rite for just the right person at just the right time. She’s had a recent glow-up full of accomplishments to be proud of, but there’s still a list of adventures to cross off before her 40th birthday.

Take a flight. Swim in the ocean. Eat exotic food. Have sex.

On the cusp of her 40th birthday, the time is now. All she needs the right man. When a date with a potential love interest goes very, very wrong, she’s rescued by a tall, bearded, stylish gentleman. What could have been wonderful fizzles instantly; the vibe between them crackles with animosity.

Sometimes, though, you get a second chance to make a first impression.

Trey Pettigrew is a man with a dream, and one job: keep his father, CEO of Pettigrew Construction, happy during recovery from a heart attack. What should have been a simple acquisition turns sideways when Trey is forced to leave the negotiation table to thwart an attack on a sharp-tongued but intriguing woman.

In a twist of fate, the specialist hired to put his acquisition back on track is the woman that Trey rescued. Esme is bright, tenacious, and unrelenting at the contracts table. With her dangerous curves etched into his memory, Trey hopes to make up for his behavior the first time they met, but her no-nonsense attitude about after-hours pursuits puts that idea to bed.

Until Trey happens upon her Never List.

Can two people, each determined to accomplish what they’ve set out to do, find a way to meet in the middle? You know what they say – life is what happens when you make plans.
Content warnings: attempted robbery/assault and references to the attempt, references to mental illness.


Confidently Lost in Love (Love Language Book 1) by Mel G & Rush

After a bitter breakup, Camilla Sanders is distraught and unsure of her next move. Even though her relationship had been quite fresh, she had been all in and making plans for the future. Unfortunately, all of that went right down the drain within the blink of an eye. Heartbroken and confused, she was unsure of what her next move should be, but her best friends had the perfect plan in mind to get her out of her funk. With their influence, Camilla is ready to live on the wild side for once in her life and let’s them talk her into a spontaneous trip to Jamaica.

Camilla’s idea of a wild time was nothing in comparison to what her friends had in store for her. She never thought that a night of crazy fun would end with her in the bed of a complete stranger, but she was glad that it had. She had been all but ready to throw in the towel and give up on finding the perfect man, but the handsome and uninhibited Mr. Chance had her reconsidering. What started off as an island fling quickly spiraled into a full-blown romance that neither of them could have expected.

Throwing caution to the wind, Camilla was ready to give love another shot, but not everyone was so sure that she was making the right move. Regardless of their opinions, Camilla finds herself falling hard. She was just hoping that Chance would be right there, ready to catch her.


Guarded from Your Love (Love Language Book 2) by Mel G. & Rush

Patricia Tyler has always lived life by her own rules. Traditional was definitely not a word she’d use to describe herself. The unconventional route had always been more her speed, especially when it came to her love life. Instead of the usual marriage and baby carriages dreams that most women her age were chasing, Patricia was only after a good time and plenty of orgasms. Relationships just weren’t her cup of tea…. Until one day they were.

One drunken night led her into the arms of the one person she least expected. Filled with unbridled passion, that night was one that she couldn’t forget no matter how hard she tried to rid herself of the memory. As much as she wanted to deny her feelings, Patricia was almost certain that the emotions she was feeling went beyond sex and that was what scared her the most.

She couldn’t explain where the unexpected feelings or the change of heart had come from, but the encounter left her reeling, yearning for more. However, more wasn’t something that she could afford to give. More had never been a necessity. More always came with disappointment and heartbreak. More was something she vowed to never give another person again. Even still, no matter how much of a fight she put up, Patricia quickly learned that the wall she’d spent so much time building around her heart was no match for its new opponent.


The Wedding She Deserves by Kelsey Blue

*This is the continuation to The Love She Deserves*

After dealing with a toxic ex, Jayda isn’t sure if love is in her future. That is until her high school sweetheart, Ryan, comes back into her life unexpectedly.
Ryan finally frees himself of his gold-digging ex and moves on with his life. He never forgets about Jayda, so when fate brings them back together, he knows it’s meant to be.
They get back together and never miss a beat. Their love grows quickly, and Ryan soon pops the big question. Now they’re both anxious to walk down the aisle and join their lives together forever.
Join Jayda and Ryan as they prepare for one of the best days of their lives.


Love After War by Olivia Rose

What happens when you meet your match?

Justice was the tough girl, who used boxing as her outlet. Anything that resembled love was foreign to her. Her frenemy Rashad was always a nuisance that would never go away. 

Rashad had it out for Justice. Her tough girl exterior may have scared others, but not him. She had met her match in him.

Two people battling to reign supreme. Who will come out as the winner?


Summer Lovin’ With A Billionaire by DeeAnn

“I broke my promises to save myself for you. Only you can understand that.” 
– Tripp

Sincerely Smith and Tremaine Braxton III aka Tripp have been best friends since diaper days. Growing up on the same block allowed the two to form an unbreakable bond which led to unspoken feelings. Tripp has always been overprotective of Sincerely, and his brother is one person he protects her from. As time passes, the pair confesses their true feelings for one another and make things official. They discuss their future plans of living their lives together forever, believing in their hearts nothing will get in the way of it happening.

When Tripp graduates from high school and is preparing for a new life, a traumatic, life-changing event occurs, and he abruptly leaves without saying goodbye to Sincerely. Devastated and heartbroken from his broken promises, Sincerely goes on with life the best she can, holding Tripp deep in the folds of her heart.

A new life means new problems, but will fate bring them back together?


The Wedding Report by Daria White

Some wounds take longer to heal…

A writing career is Chantelle Woods’ dream. To prove she’s not just a pretty face, she agrees to profile the wedding of the year for her magazine: The Taylor Wedding. By traveling back to her hometown, Chantelle has one problem. Her ex is the groom. It’s been ten years since she’s talked to Lance, and following him around for a month doesn’t sound promising. Working with him has her thinking about the mistake she made when she left, and what would have happened if she’d stayed.

Lance Taylor is working to be a partner in his father’s law firm. Despite being career-oriented, he shocked the world when he announced his engagement after years of bachelorhood. When he learns that his first love is profiling him for the story, he knows it will only stir up trouble. He can’t afford the risk.

There’s no denying the magnetism between Lance and Chantelle, but the past is too painful to rehash. As his wedding day approaches, they both have to decide their fate. Go their separate ways for good or see if there’s a second chance for love.       


A Place Called Happiness by Diana Anyango

Abandoned in an orphanage as a child, Geraldine Aketch’s scars are deep and still hurting. When the architect of her pain, her mother, crawls back seeking forgiveness, Geraldine is not ready to let her into her life and leaves home.
Brandon Odhiambo is a broken man. His wife ran off with his best friend and he must stay strong to take care of his daughter. Love is the last thing on his mind. Until he meets Geraldine.
Desire so strong brews between them. But their past lives intrude, and love is put to the test. Can they find a place called happiness, together?


Divorce Retreat by Donya Fenner

Ashley Hernandez finds herself divorced, broke, jobless, homeless and living back at home with her strict mother, after her ex-husband is found guilty of laundering money from his company. Ashley struggles to put her life back together, so she has no time for dating, but her overly pushy cousin Yvette insists on getting Ashley back on the market. At first not convinced she should attend, Ashley soon finds herself on one very unique adventure in the Bahamas.

What can possibly happen at a divorce retreat?


A Deadly Ode of Love : A Novelette by Wynta Tyme

Thirty-year-old Cyan Colors is at the top of her hustle. Not only is she a successful travel blogger and social media influencer, but a warrior who makes it a point to bring awareness to kyphosis when rubbing elbows with the who’s who in elite circles. Everything she can control has balance except for her love life. Taking time for herself, Cyan dismisses her attraction to the handsome bookstore and cafe owner, Steele Locks, and sets out on her journey to Montreal.

Amongst the food, art, and blog-worthy experience, the entrepreneur meets business tycoon, Demond Harris. The older man captures Cyan’s heart and converts her relationship status faster than she can post about it online. High on love, the new couple is ready to return to the states and share their union with the people they love. Neither has a clue how quickly their fast-paced romance will have them falling or how deadly their love could be once it’s time to meet the family.


Love Aint Always Complicated 3 by Krystal Shay

Jasmine and Karter just knew life for them was going to be perfect moving forward, but not everyone wants to see them happy and will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesnt happen. 
Morgan and Karson have created the perfect Co-Parenting routine with both sets of twins. Everything is cool and they are getting along fine as friends. Until Karson feels like someone is trying to steal his spot and take his wife. 
Javon thought cheating on his Fiancee’ in other state would be easy for her to get over. What he didnt expect was for his cheating to follow him home and look him in the face 6 months pregnant and is the sister to his homeboys. 
In the final installment of Love Ain’t Always Complicated the couples are faced with some unexpected drama. Relationships will end and some will pick up where they left off.


Love Unequivocal by Mel Dau

It stands to say when the love is unequivocal, nothing can penetrate it, or can it? 

Isaac fell in love with Ava over six years ago, when her life’s secret slapped him dead in the face. HIV. The woman he had fallen for was HIV Positive. How do you navigate through that? That is the question everyone had, but the answer was one no one foresaw. 

First came love, then came marriage, then came the babies in the baby carriage. Against all odds, Isaac loves Ava and they both do what’s necessary to maintain a physically healthy relationship. Six years later, they are living their best lives with promotions, new contracts, and bigger housing. Nothing can penetrate their happiness… but wait. A threat from the West is coming with a cold front attached that will prove to be most troublesome. Will their love be able to handle this cold front, or will it be too much not just for their love but their lives?

Get caught up with your favorite couple, The Mills. Find out if a love untainted is truly unequivocal.


Bonds Ablaze by Cherish Amore

For some, friendships are more meaningful than familial relationships. They hold more weight, memories, and secrets. 

Friends since the beginning of time, Londyn and Spencer don’t know what it’s like to not be friends. They are inseparable, almost connected at the hip. Spencer is quiet, driven, and fun while Londyn is just the opposite. They are the yin to the other’s yang. So what happens when the fun, slick shots are uncovered as underlying feelings? 

Remington and Spencer have been together since forever. They’ve experienced so many firsts together. Besides Londyn, Remi is Spencer’s person. What happens when jealousy and secrets revealed creep their way in?

Charlie is Spencer’s older sister. Never being one to jump in the mix, she always played the background. Seeing the betrayal, Charlie finds herself on front street, trying to protect her sister, but with planning a wedding and secrets of her own being aired, will Charlie be able to protect her sister from the one she trusts most? 

Situation after situation leads to a night of intervention. Good intent is quickly tainted by soured relationships. What happens when that intervention turns into so much more? Will bridges be burned beyond repair, or can the circle of friends bounce back from the past?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 21st-27th

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