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Fast Breaker (Black Family Saga Book 2) by Chencia C. Higgins

What is a man to do after ending a vow of abstinence?

Three years ago, Lewis St. James vowed to abstain from sex in what was initially a show of support for his baby brother. The decision took him on an unexpected journey of self-realization that he never would have experienced on his own. His very understanding of intimacy and relationships was challenged, morphing into a new normal as he evolved into someone who was no longer interested in casual hookups for the sake of getting off—as getting off for the sake of getting off no longer interested him.

Now that the reason for his abstinence has disappeared, his status as a single man needs to be corrected and he has just the woman in mind to help him facilitate that change. Hopefully, the Toy he’d put on the shelf was still ready to be played with.


Complications of a Sneaky Link : A “Still Love” Novella by Deshon Dreamz

Onyx Rae has had her fill of relationships and the woes that they bring. She’s finally content with being single and building on her career. After her last relationship ended abruptly, she pours her focus into work and creating a brand. That plan seems to be working fine until she realizes that the dollars in her bank account can’t give her sexual pleasure. She wants sex without attachments, and she believes she’s found the man to give her just that in Omar.

Omar is all for providing Onyx with the pleasure she needs, but he also has ulterior motives that push him into a complex position. Omar has had his fair share of playing and is ready to create something more stable for him to build on.

When the sex is good and the emotions threaten to get in the way, how does one keep the lines from blurring? Omar and Onyx struggle to keep their needs and emotions in check as what started as a Sneaky Link turn into something a little more complicated. The question is, will they explore what’s developing between them or allow the different stances they have on love and commitment to cut all ties?

*The “Still Love” novellas are happy for now tales of love, friendship, and commitment. Each couple is related in some way, but all stories can be read individually.*


Give Me You by A.C. Taylor

Kaine had one job…sex Nikki like crazy and make her forget about all of the drama with her ex. Okay…maybe he had two. Bottom line, he was supposed to give her what she needed with no strings attached. That meant no feelings, no expectations, and most importantly, no surprises. But somehow, he failed at that last part. Something so simple quickly turned into something way too complicated. The line between friends had been crossed, and the unexpected was staring them right in the face…a positive pregnancy test.

Now what? Feelings were involved, expectations were way too high, and Kaine was changing right before Nikki’s eyes. Suddenly, the man she’d known for years was trying to hang up his playboy hat. But the problem wasn’t that he was trying to turn over a new leaf, it was what he was asking for along the way. He wanted the one thing that Nikki didn’t know how to give. He wanted her…all of her.

What happens when an unexpected pregnancy brings hidden feelings to the surface? Will Nikki be able to swallow her pride and let love win? Or will Kaine show his true colors and prove that he hasn’t changed one bit?


Vibez: Short Stories for the Soul by BriAnn Danae and Dominique Thomas

Where does your imagination go when you hear a really good song? You know that song you love and don’t mind keeping on repeat? It makes you feel good inside, puts you in a certain mood, brightens your day, and sometimes plays out a vivid image as the lyrics settle in your mind. 

These short stories were birthed from that feel-good place of our love for music. Mastered in with new characters and enthralling scenes that will leave you wanting more. From the minds of BriAnn Danae and Dominique Thomas, you will be pulled into a Vibe like never before.

*This is a full-length book of shorts.*


softly. by Grey Huffington

Grey Huffington: I liked the connection Essence and Lennox had. I feel like sometimes you’re looking for love in so many places, when where you should start is home. 
It’s like losing your favorite bonnet, looking for it high and low only to walk past the mirror and find it on your head the entire time. 
Or, looking everywhere for your glasses and touching your face to discover their on top of your head or on your eyes, already. 
I applied that scenario to a quick short story and I’m pretty pleased with the results. This is a story that felt good. Plain and simple.


Loveless (The Forbidden Series Book 4) by Brookelyn Mosley

Joi never cared for the white horse and a carriage or the storybook romance.
She never had a love to pine for or had a man give her butterflies when he looked at her.
Joi has never really believed in love… until now.

Joi Friday is a woman in search of security and couldn’t care less whose toes she has to step on to get it. This carelessness lands her in an arrangement that delivers more grief than the bliss she believed she’d receive when she initially agreed to its “terms.” She’s always considered herself to be the loveless type. Sex was a thing to use and feelings were there to toy with. 

And love? 

Well, love to Joi has always been a mystery described in fairy tales she’s yet to star in. That’s until she meets Detective Jeremiah Rhames. He’s loyal, protective, honest and has the patience and discipline to capture her heart while sweeping her off her feet unexpectedly. To her surprise, he’s opened to the one thing she’s shunned for as long as she can remember… love. 

Jeremiah has all the qualities Joi has never believed she desired, but that she craves. And unlike any other man she’s ever dealt with, Jeremiah is offering himself to her with no hidden agenda. The catch? She must give up the life she’s living to commit to a future that’ll feed her soul. 

Will she stick with a life that is draining her but offers the easy financial security she’s been after all her life or will she give it all up to be with a man who offers a love that is life-giving and makes each day worth living twice?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. If this is of a sensitive nature to you, please browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalog of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.


Come Inside: a risqué novella by ShaniceXLola

One steamy encounter.
Two unforgettable nights entangled in each other.
Three breathtaking farewell kisses…

Forever. I knew I’d be yours forever.


You’re The Best Part by Chenell Parker

Gianni Porter:

Life! It’s been one let down after another but I’m not one to complain. I’ve lost more than I’ve gained but still, things could be worse. I’ve lived my best life until life started getting the best of me. With no place to live and only a car to call my own, I’ve had to make some tough decisions. I learned at a young age not to depend on anyone, family included. Instead of crying about what I didn’t have, I made the best out of what I did have. Love was nowhere in the cards for me before I met HIM. I tried to run but I was never fast enough. After a while, I slowed down and let him catch up with me. He didn’t know my past but he didn’t judge me once he learned about it. He had my back, even when I wasn’t around. That’s loyalty. He had my best interest even when my own family didn’t. That’s love. He told me his innermost thoughts and I told him mine. That’s intimacy. Even after having his own heart broken once before, he still opened up and let me in. That’s trust. I was a small piece of the puzzle that he was trying to put together. And as he always said, I was the best part.


Wide Open by Ashantay Keys

Emir Wrench has never had a problem pulling women with his unconventional smile. However, as a business owner, he’d consider cleaning up his act. When a client, Dojah Bee, walks into his mechanic shop and takes his breath away… smiling his way into her heart isn’t easy. When the two offer to barter services, getting work done to his mouth takes on a whole new meaning.


Xandra (Enders Book 2) by Kiru Taye

Xandra is trained for one purpose—to execute her boss’s orders.
Emotions have no place in her life, and she never questions the rights or wrongs of the decisions that send her to terminate lives again and again. Until one assignment draws unfamiliar emotions, and she is made to evaluate her loyalties.

Ebuka lives a quiet life, taking care of family and running his ranch. But when a stranger arrives in search of a job, his peaceful life takes an unexpected turn, and he is thrust into the world of corrupt lawmakers and deadly cartels.
In a world where loyalties shift at the speed of a bullet and betrayal abounds, falling in love is just a death wish.

Content warning: This book contains depictions of violence.


Lay Your Head On My Pillow (’90s Kinda Love Book 1) by Tanzania Glover

“If the love doesn’t feel like ’90s R&B, I don’t want it!”

To avoid being let down Toni Riley doesn’t ever make birthday plans, but a once in a lifetime private lesson with famed artist Arlan Parks just might be worth breaking the rules for.

‘90s Kinda Love is an R&B inspired erotic romance novella series that takes some of our favorite songs from our favorite decade and gives a whole new meaning to going “behind the music”. 

Lay Your Head On My Pillow – Tanzania Glover
Pretty Brown Eyes – Tia Love
Let’s Chill – Elle Jaye
If I Ever Fall In Love – Sam Strahan
Freak Me – Black Cherrie


Pretty Brown Eyes (’90s Kinda Love Book 2) by Tia Love

Popular sex columnist and IG Influencer Mescia Simpson is on the hunt for the man she can take serious and experience the kind of love her parents have shared for 40 years, but her dating life is nowhere near as glamorous as her supporters think it is. She’s ready to resign herself to a life of living vicariously through her readers when she meets Alex McKinney. Alex is everything Mescia claims she wants, so why is she running from her happily ever after?


Let’s Chill (’90s Kinda Love Book 3) by Elle Jaye

Carrera McIntyre agreed to participate in an insta-marriage reality show only to walk down the aisle and come face to face with the man she left at the altar five years prior. Contractual obligations force the two to embark on a journey that once eluded them.


If I Ever Fall In Love (’90s Kinda Love Book 4) by Sam Strahan

She wants a divorce. He wants to stay married. For Ivy and Keaghan, one last date will decide whether or not their marriage is worth one last try…


Freak Me (’90s Kinda Love Book 5) by Black Cherrie

After passing every one of his girlfriend Salem’s tests, Majesty is delighted when he receives a series of freaky texts telling him to pull up.


The Closest Thing To Perfect by Kris LaShay

In Summer Daze you were introduced to Amare and Kalea. Kalea let her guard down for a hot minute and her life spiraled out of her control. Her life has been turned upside down and she does what comes to her naturally. She shut down and shut Amare out. Little did she know that what was done in the dark was about to come to the light.

After the Vegas fiasco, Amare went on with life as only he knew how. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Kalea and the secret she’s been carrying in the mall. His life is now about to change right before his eyes. Or is it? Someone is out to destroy Amare, but who could it be? 

Is the baby Kalea carrying Amare’s or is Ms. Innocent not so innocent after all? Secrets are exposed and the drama is right behind them. Who comes out of this illicit affair unscathed?


Love Don’t Lie by Janice Ross

Kyra Grace-Riley

In all of two weeks, my life has been turned up side down. One minute, I was happily married to the man of my dreams and living my best life. The next minute, hidden lies shattered everything I’ve done to build a happily ever after. 
My secret past, which had catapulted me into an executive role at work, came to light.
But as pandora’s box opens, I’m forced to reveal everything to my husband Marcus.
Now I can’t help wondering if we’ll survive the “for better or worse” part of our vows…

Marcus Riley

Every man knows when he’s found “the one.” From the minute I’d set eyes on Ky, life made sense, and I thought it would be till death do us part.
Filled with beauty, brains and the fiercest love for me, I never imagined things would ever turn south. Suddenly, she starts becoming distant by the second only to reveal our foundation is a lie.
So, I’m ready to walk away. But I can’t help but wonder if this love is truly worth fighting for.


HellBound: A Haven novel (Haven Series Book 3) by Dria Andersen

Asa’s life had never lacked adventure. Hopping from one exotic locale to another was a part of her job as a treasure hunter. She thought she’d seen everything, until she was kidnapped for the third time…no wait, maybe fourth? Just like the times before, she’d hear out her kidnappers, decide whether she’d take the job and be on her way. Except…this time it wasn’t a job waiting her, but the man she’d been dreaming about for a year.
Xavier was head of a military force that kept demi-gods from overrunning the human population. He handled his job and any trouble facing his family with ruthless precision. During the day, he kept his head down, preventing a war that could destroy the world from breaking out. At night…at night, she was in his dreams, calling to him, tempting him. So he was understandably shocked when that woman walked…or rather, was carried into his office.

As though summoned, Asa walked straight out of Xavier’s dreams and into his worst nightmare. The woman of his dreams, the mate fated for him, was the only thing standing between hell unleashed and the rest of the world. Would fate make him choose the fate of the world over the woman he loved?


Even Me: An Ali Addition by Celeste Granger

She feels so undeserving. He sees a woman worth loving. 

Jennifer Williams faces the hardest battle of her life. She is incarcerated in maximum security prison behind the death of her husband, sentenced to life. She resigns herself to the hand fate has dealt her. Jennifer killed her husband. That fact is indisputable. Yet, some things happen that are completely unexpected. A higher court decides to hear her legal case on a clemency petition. Attorney Tareef Ali fights to protect Jennifer in the courtroom. Prison guard, Quinton Miller enters her life. He’s seen her before, even though she’s never seen him. He’s drawn to her even though she’s behind bars. Quinton fights to love her even though Jennifer feels she doesn’t deserve it. A romance begins to brew that neither can deny. But breaking Jennifer’s barriers isn’t easy when she feels love isn’t within her reach.
This is a standalone novella with a HEA.

Trigger warning: Gratuitous profanity, some violence, detailed sexual encounters


Growing A Life: Delain and Abel by Angelia Vernon Menchan

With her hands on her lower back, Delain stood in front of a huge window overlooking a newly paved parking lot. For four months her and her love, Abel worked on creating their new wellness studio, A Family Place for the health of entire families. She was almost seven months pregnant and was glad it was done. She had also trained a couple women in healing herbs. That was slightly controversial due to some calling them ‘roots’ or voodoo but they had gotten past that with her published research. 

“It’s done.” Abel said, walking up behind Delain and wrapping his arms around her belly. Smiling, she leaned back against his hard chest. 

“It is. So many people have registered to join in three months including me and our son. Are you ready?”

“I am. I’m more ready to make you Delain Kane.” He felt her stiffen slightly. Delain loved him and was fully devoted but the idea of marriage still made her pause. Abel wanted their son, Aden born within their marriage. “Since neither of us want a traditional wedding, Delain, we can do it here. I’ll do the work.” Delain nodded slightly but didn’t say anything. She needed to talk to her grandmother, Nona. 


A Second Bite at Love (Unconventional Love Chronicles Book 1) by Tempestt Chantel

The same truth that kept them apart will be the same one that brings them together.

Life isn’t any fairer for a shifter than it is for a human. Aiden learned this in his younger years when he grew up next door to his best friend, Maci, a human with no knowledge of his world; a human he’s been in love with since he first understood the all-consuming passion that burned deep within his soul was no mere crush.

Aiden’s supernatural world is filled with evil nightmares he can’t capture. It’s no place for a beautiful soul like Maci. As a result, he denies himself the true treasure of a future with her in exchange for freedom apart from his kind.

Unfortunate circumstances bring Maci home years later.  The opportunity of a second chance gives Aiden renewed hope. The flames of passion burn within both of them leading to an instant reconnection that has them clinging to the possibility of a future together. With imminent changes on the horizon, will Aiden be able to protect Maci and his kind, or will the truth destroy the best of both worlds?

Could this be a second chance or another sick twist of fate? A Second Bite at Love is book 1 in the Unconventional Love Chronicles featuring steamy romance and a HEA.


Finding Azure by Sabrea Marie

Kelz was everything to Azure. Her first boyfriend, first lover, you name it. After four years of young love, Azure wakes up to a text that shatters her world. Kelz was done with her, without so much as an explanation. Azure spends weeks searching for answers, but fate has a funny way of changing her heart’s tune when she meets Nico Graham during spring break in Miami. Growing up a shy girl and spending most of her days painting away, Azure knows she is no match for the popular man, who has women falling over him wherever he goes. 
Nico Graham’s world consists of two things – boxing and women. At the young age of 21, Nico is the undefeated knockout king in the boxing ring, taking on his career headstrong while battling school and the ‘friends’ he keeps. He wasn’t the relationship type, that he knew. However his theory is challenged when he runs into the golden brown painter, Azure, in Miami. In a tale of pure fate, Azure and Nico find themselves falling in love in their crazy worlds. When temptation comes knocking at their house of love, will they stand strong or fall?


Love & Lipstick: An Enemies to Lovers Romance Novella (Passionate Professors Book 2) by Louise Lennox

Mia Farris is a successful attorney and owner of a clean beauty cosmetics business. When Fortune 500 company, Sinclair Cosmetics, proposes to invest in her expansion, she is wary of the corporate giant and their sexy chemist Peter Attah. Peter’s job is to convince Mia that opening her mind to compromise will place her products in the hands of more women that need them. Instead, he convinces her that she may need to open her heart as well. 

Peter Attah is a chemistry professor committed to helping people of post-war African nations rebuild their lives. As a consultant for Sinclair Cosmetics, he uses his influence with the CEO to do so. When he is assigned to develop new products with the beautiful Mia Farris, he finds her impenetrable. But with time, he realizes her broken heart is an equation that only he can solve.

Love & the Lab is a STEAMY enemy to lovers short read where the characters hate hard and fall in love fast. There are instances of domestic violence, corporate greed, and racism. Please read responsibly.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up September 27th-October 4th

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