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Summer’s Solace by Mya

comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness

Summer Ali never thought at the young age of twenty-four she would be a widow. When she receives the news of her husband’s untimely demise, her life is turned upside down. She feels as though life without her husband isn’t a life she wants to live.

Truth Richards enjoys life in the spotlight. As an entrepreneur and bachelor, every weekend is a movie. After a night of partying and great sex, he receives a call that changes his life forever. With the loss of his loved one, he spirals out of control.

Two damaged souls cross paths during a time when neither of them believe life was worth living. Connected through loss, the two form a bond unlike anything they’d ever experienced. Will their connection be enough to save them from themselves, or will the weight of their grief reign supreme?

Find out in Summer’s Solace.


I Want You Here (The Berotte Family Book 6) by Monica Walters

While everyone in the family is finding love and starting families, Chad Berotte feels like his life is at a standstill. His job is stressful as ever because of an issue that reaches back over ten years, and his past situations regarding love have affected him negatively, losing his mother being the main one. The loss of her has played a part in his ability to give and receive love, and he doesn’t know how to get past it. He doesn’t even realize it is an issue for him until Alexis Fontenot enters the picture. Whenever he decides to proceed in a relationship with her, an issue arises to make him retreat. His heart wants her, but his mind wants to refuse the mere thought that there is a woman alive that can make him happy.

Alexis Fontenot has been in love with a man that doesn’t seem to even care enough to acknowledge it. Her body and heart crave love, and the lack of it causes her to make desperate decisions that only offer temporary relief, ultimately leaving her unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Like Chad, she also realizes that she’s craving love so strongly, because of her father’s absence in her life, although she is the one who kicked him out of it. When it comes to Chad, Lexi has the patience of Job and wants to wait for him to realize how strong their chemistry is, only for him to string her along throughout his indecisiveness. His communication skills are lacking, and Lexi’s endurance is starting to fade.

The back and forth is wearing Lexi thin and destroying her from the inside out. What she wants from Chad seems to be impossible, and she wrestles with letting him go for good. Chad, however, realizes that he can’t allow her to slip from his grasp yet again, or he may not be able to get her back this time. Will he get it together in time or will it be too late?


4:44 by Rosé Dior

Love was never easy for Nastascia or Asanti, but in each other they saw the possibilities of this time around being different. The foundation they were attempting to build was shaken by a light being shone on the people Asanti thought he had left in the darkness. Nastascia is left reeling and questioning her judgment, once again, believing love just wasn’t in the cards for her. After the man who replenished her and promised her a lifetime of happiness struggles to come clean about his past, their problems become a tidal wave that neither could find the life raft to save them from.

They say numbers in sequence means a new path or new direction, but will Asanti and Nastascia overcome their difficulties to embrace the promising journey they both have embarked on? Or will this new direction cause them to go in separate ways?


Yours for Now: A Fling Romance (Greetings from Tuckerville Book 2) by J. Nichole

In a small town, everybody’s business, is everybody’s business — including who you are sleeping with.

For Shay, that’s a problem because relationships are out of the question for her. She’s too busy running her hair salon and taking care of her sick mother to have a blossoming relationship.

But she still has needs.

Avery is willing to fulfill her needs because he isn’t looking for a relationship. He lost the one woman in his life who had his entire heart. He isn’t willing to face loss like that again.

But with the town talking, can they deny their true feelings for each other?


Bare with Me by Kendra Danielle


Who would say no to a free trip to the Caribbean? Me, if it was offered by the wrong person. When my aunt interrupts my cycle of self-sabotage, she sends me away to a resort that she claims eases her own mind and worries. Naïve, I take the offer. What is only told in the small print is that this resort is different. Different as in a nudist paradise. I’m freaking out. How will I get through this week from hell?


School is out and it is summer vacation. On a teacher’s salary, my options to escape are limited. Not this break. This break I will carry my fine ass to Jamaica and run around the beautiful island au naturel. These plans come to a halt when a handsome sulking stranger asks for my help. He’s too fine to deny but do I really want to get involved? What’s in it for me?


Revive Me: Part One: The New Haven Series (Book #2) by JL Seegars


The first time I kissed Christopher Johnson, I knew he would be my biggest mistake. It didn’t stop me from wanting him though, and when the ghosts from my past came barging into the present, it didn’t stop me from agreeing to let him help.

It was supposed to be a simple business arrangement, a few months of playing a role that came far too easily to the both of us, but it wasn’t long before it became more.

Love. Devotion. Heartbreak in its truest form.

Some people say life is for the living, but I say life is for the prepared. For the planners who know that controlling every piece on the board is the only way to get the result you want.

To avoid unfortunate complications like having your heart broken by a man past experiences taught you, you never should have trusted in the first place.


There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for Mallory Kent.

I think I knew it the first time I laid eyes on her, and it’s remained one of my unspoken truths for the two years that I’ve known her. But I never thought I’d get the opportunity to do anything about it because Mallory is one of those people who doesn’t need anyone.

She’s strong, serious, and always in control of every situation around her, which is why the second I see her looking panicked and uncertain in the arms of a figure from her past, I don’t think. I just act.

I had no idea that one small decision would lead to this. A fake relationship—designed to solve her problems and mine—turned real. An earth shattering love torn apart by the very forces that led to its conception. Forces that turned me into the source of our destruction.

There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for Mallory Kent, including break her heart to save her soul.


The Experience: A Forbidden Prequel (Forbidden Trilogy Book 1) by Tiye Love

**Nikki Wade had an experience of a lifetime! This novella brought the heat!**

What happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica…
All work and later for play has always been Nikki Wade’s motto. Until the enticingly hot yet complicated Bakari Youngblood convinces her otherwise while at a conference in Jamaica. After a tough emotional two years of pain and loneliness and one night of unexpected passion with Bakari, Nikki gives in to his request to be uninhibited. And soon, she re-discovers herself and realizes that love is possible again. But is that love possible with Bakari who seems to be holding something back?

*This can be read as a standalone and a prequel to the Forbidden Trilogy*


One Love: The Gucci Gang Saga Prelude by B. Love

Readers fell in love with three Gucci sisters in I Need a Gangsta. Now, it’s time to introduce the world to a few of their siblings…

One Love: The Gucci Gang Saga Prelude introduces readers to nine siblings in preparation for their upcoming books in the four-part saga.

Please note: each sibling will have one-two introductory chapters to prepare readers for their full-length novels. All upcoming books will be connected, and they will have to be read in order. You will have to read I Need a Gangsta to read, understand, and enjoy the rest of the titles in the Gucci Gang Saga.


Golden’s Shadow by Shameka Jones

With a blossoming career as a heart surgeon and teen sons who are growing into ambitious young men, Golden is in the prime of her life. All feels perfect in her world but after watching her best friend, Euri, get married, she realizes that she’s missing one crucial piece in her picture-perfect life: a husband. At first, she thought for sure she could find in Shadow what Euri found in Euro, but she soon learns that birds of a feather don’t always fly together. Determined not to compromise her stance, Golden quickly realizes that life has a way of putting you in positions that change your way of thinking.
Years Golden’s junior, Shadow has a lot on his to-do list, but getting married is not one of them. With his entire focus on becoming distro, women have never come before the drug game. Shadow wants husband privileges without the commitment, but that won’t fly with Golden. Determined to be on top at home and in the streets, Shadow finds himself doing something he never dreamed of: rearranging his priorities for a woman. Shadow is unexpectedly locked in a battle between his mind and heart as giving his heart to Golden proves to be a task his mind just can’t submit to. With his past hindering his future, Shadow falls into a series of events that bring him to an uncomfortable face-to-face confrontation with the past.
Will confronting his past demons free Shadow to follow his heart, or will he lose Golden forever? Will Golden let go and let love, or will her past prove that a first love is a forever love?


Accidentally in Love with You by Kaye Lovett

In a world surrounded by alpha males, he’s the gentle giant.

Caleb Jackson struggled with his image in high school, and now at twenty-eight, he walks, talks, and moves like a boss with a refined physique to match. Yet, inside, he’s still the same kind, loving, shy boy. With not much luck in the love department, Caleb has settled for anyone who gives him attention in exchange for his wallet. That is until he meets a gentle soul simply by accident who changes his entire perspective of true love.

Kacie Benjamin is a struggling entrepreneur, but like with everything else, she’s looking at things from a positive view until she keeps getting hit repeatedly with obstacles she’s not sure she can overcome. When she connects with Caleb, the dark cloud that seems to loom over her disappears. Allure and temptation keep them coming back to one another. Curious to see where their chance meeting leads, they discover they are everything each other ever wanted in a soul mate.

Kacie wasn’t looking for love and Caleb didn’t know what love was, but will an accidental meeting be what they need to fall head over hills, or will an unfortunate incident rip them apart and force them in different directions?


A Natural High by Esha C.

Indigo Devine is as laidback and closed off as they come. Vulnerability is hard for her, and after a messy encounter with an ex, she swears off men and makes healing her priority. Focused on her blog “The Introverted Socialist”, Indigo anonymously introduces herself to readers, and pours her heart and soul into her work, but feelings of loneliness cloud her mind. Ready to explore her options and see whats out there, she downloads a popular dating app that brings her the one thing she tried to hard to stay away from, drama. However a run in with the handsome Vincent, opens her up to a world of unfamiliar emotions, and introduces her to a magnetic connection that leaves her with butterflies in her stomach and feelings of desire. Will Indigo allow her past hiccups of failed relationships dictate her present, or will she let go and succumb to A Natural High?


Never the Right Time by Crystal Collier

Plush + Lush Spa owner, Aubree Barrios, has arrived. She’s single, successful, and free to live her life to the fullest. Although, that wasn’t always the case. Insecurities and a sheltered life plagued her younger years, especially when it came to dating. From being heartbroken to being the heartbreaker, Aubree has had her share of love’s trials and tribulations. However, now, she’s ready to right her wrongs, live, love, and everything in between. Except maybe, confront a secret.

Troi Latimore is struggling. The recent loss of his mother has sanctioned him his teenaged sister’s sole caregiver. His high-paying job has let him go and, in turn, so has his money-hungry girlfriend. Still, however deep the spiral, Troi is determined to rebuild his life, ensuring both he and his baby sister will be alright. When a chance meeting with a woman turns into the sunshine of all his cloudy days, order seems to be on the way. Still, he wonders, for how long will the chaos cease?

Aubree and Troi embark on the promise of love neither of them has known before. Will a spilled secret drive them apart or will the new foundation of love take them on the best journey of their lives?


Tryst in St. Lucia by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Fatima wondered what she was doing at a resort of all places, she was safaris and rainforests: But she knew, her bestie Sandra was definitely a resort woman and that was enough to get her there.

“Besides I’m here now and it is gorgeous and there are beautiful, black people everywhere.” She thought walking inside. “I need a vacation or something.”’


Don’t Let Me Fall (The Carter Sisters Book 2) by Linda Verji

Kennedy ‘Kenny’ Carter has always known that romance and happily-ever-after weren’t in the cards for her. What reasonable man would want a woman who has as much baggage as she does? Who would want a woman who is as wrecked as she is? So, she’s decided that she’s better off alone and that she doesn’t need anyone. She’s convinced herself that all men are simply tools for pleasure and nothing more.

That is until Patrick ‘Pat’ Hughes makes his move.

Pat has known Kenny for a long time; long enough to have seen past the mask she wears. He knows that beneath the tough-as-nails stubbornness is a woman who has been hurt by life and is on the precipice of destroying herself because of that hurt. He wants to be the man to love and heal her. But can he climb the high walls she’s built around her heart? Is she even interested in being loved?


Weathering the Storm by Connie Easton

Life is full of new beginnings and love never has a time limit to form. You could meet someone one day and love them the next. Things are beginning to look like that for these two. Storm is opening herself up to a man that just warms her being. As a young woman, she thought that men had no interest in her until one gave her his undivided attention. She fell for him and hoped he’d do the same. Jabari is still the man that puts others before himself, especially Storm. He’s intrigued by her in many ways and thinks he’s ready to take a step forward. However, he was moving a bit too fast for someone else. Where there’s happiness, misery is around the corner. Protect your peace should’ve been the advice Storm and Jabari received, instead they were left to defend it against those that had hatred in their hearts. They could only hope their love was strong enough to bring them out on top.


Embracing Her Flame by Monae Nicole

Samiya Richards is no stranger to the problems of life, but she has never really had any complaints. With a boyfriend that she loves and a career that thrives, she feels on top of the world. A trip to the doctor knocks off her rose-colored glasses and she she’s forced to deal with her new reality. Spiraling and learning how to navigate her new normal, love is the furthest thing on her mind… until DeAndre Murphy steps into the picture.

DeAndre Murphy hated drama, but it seems to follow him wherever he goes. Breaking up is hard to do, especially when the other person doesn’t want to let go. Before he can reach the end of his rope, he finds a little sunshine in his life that comes in the form of Samiya Richards. Reserved but open, he is stumped to learn that there is a little more to his new friend than he is equipped to handle.

DeAndre is close to losing his mind, while Samiya just wants things to go back to how they were before. A chance meeting begins to open their eyes to different possibilities, and they are forced to deal with their issues. With uncertainty, fear, and judgment lurking in the shadows, will they be able to explore the prospect of new beginnings?


The Language of Flowers (From This Day Forward Book 1) by Dara Girard

Maya Kayode, the black sheep of the Kayode daughters, hates flowers.
So when her sister tosses her the wedding bouquet, Maya does her best to avoid catching it.
And ends up nearly killing Keeden Adesina.
The one man she hates more than flowers.
If you enjoy an enemies-to-lovers romantic women’s fiction novel check out The Language of Flowers.


Silent Cries For Help by Loryn Landon

Being guarded is an understatement when it comes to Grace who has had to experience major losses in her life back to back. After losing her baby girl and the love of her life at the same time, she has become accustomed to losing the people closest to her and as a result, she has shielded herself from building bonds and relationships with people for fear of getting hurt again. But when she presses the reset button on her life, she winds up meeting Malik who shows true, genuine interest in her from day one. Due to Grace’s past, she remains guarded not able to ignore that Malik could be the one to bring her guard down.

Trying to resist, her guarded demeanor almost pushes Malik away. After some deep soul searching and some advice from those close to her, she comes to realize that Malik might be the one who could help her move forward in her life. Taking a leap of faith, she lets Malik in.

From the outside looking in, Malik comes across as every woman’s dream guy. He has a lucrative job, handsome, charming personality, and he exudes confidence. When Malik first sees Grace, he instantly falls in love with her and is dead set on making Grace his lady. He remains patient and consistent with Grace, understanding that she has been hurt before; just the type of woman he desires in his life. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be the perfect description for the type of person that Malik embodies. Being an expert at playing mind games and a total womanizer, Malik is able to hide his true self just long enough to eventually win Grace over… but how long will he be able to hide his true identity from Grace?

Will Grace be able to save herself from getting hurt by Malik before it’s too late? Or will she allow Malik’s suave personality and good looks to win her over causing her more hurt than she could have ever imagined? Find out in, Silent Cries for Help


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-up September 5th-11th

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