Bailey Gardner is a young, successful owner of a nonprofit community center in her neighborhood. She has dedicated her time and heart to create a safe place for the people in the neighborhood. When a baby is left by her car, her life takes a drastic change. Bailey must now decide if she is ready to take on the responsibility of being a mother or helping to get this beautiful baby into a loving home, while also navigating an old friend turned new potential lover.

Jaylen King, successful entrepreneur and owner of his barbershop. He is also dedicated to making the community better just like Bailey. He is determined to get her to notice him as a grown man and not the high school kid she used to know. Just when he gains Bailey’s attention, his life is turned upside down. Battling how to handle this newfound secret while navigating his steps to make Bailey his, will he be able to gain control and merge his two worlds together?


New Release Spotlight – A Distinct Type of Love: The King Brothers Series, by Sheena E.

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