A medical conference brings anesthesiologist Luna Ray and plastic surgeon Yasin Barkley into the same hotel in downtown Chicago. A conversation at the bar leads to a weekend of exploration together, and as the two get to know one another, they begin to rediscover aspects of self. Luna tries to maintain a cagey disposition in hopes of keeping a safe distance from Yasin, but as time lapses, he removes layers, inching closer to her heart.

What starts off as an uneventful work trip morphs into a carefree and captivating rendezvous, but it comes to a screeching halt when reality sets in. Luna must return home to her daughter in Georgia while Yasin gets back to his sons in Arizona, putting a wedge of space and time between the kismet pair.

What happens when two strangers meet, and they relinquish the traditional rules of time? Are there unwritten words that need to be captured to complete their celestial chronicles. Or is one weekend in the city the full story of Luna and Yasin?


New Release Spotlight – Anywhere Under the Moon, by Kayelle Gee

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