Ruby Harris was at the top of her game at the law firm she worked at. She had an impeccable winning record and was on the fast track to making her partner. She did everything right…except that night five years ago when she decided to throw caution to the wind and do something naughty for a change to celebrate passing the bar exam. That night her world was rocked by a man named Maurice…only that wasn’t his real name.

Imagine her surprise when Maurice turned out to be Justin Davis, a founding partner in the law firm she had accepted a job at. For five years, both kept quiet about that one night, avoiding each other…until they had to work a case together. The undeniable chemistry that they tried to ignore for the last five years exploded and left them trying to juggle the shift in their relationship. How do you maintain professionalism when your boss is the same man who has you screaming his name after hours? What happens when your one-night stand becomes your boss, then your lover again?


New Release Spotlight – Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Harris Sisters Book 2), by Nyora René

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