Get money by any means necessary. A motto that Ivy Moore lives by. She’s determined to escape the grim streets of Watts, LA, even if it means seducing the wealthiest of men to do so. But her plans crumble when she meets Ramon Santos. The irresistible man with an aura so powerful, it throws her off her game. And after a night of fiery passion, Ivy learns the truth about who he is.
Ramon Santos vowed to make a difference in his community when he became a parole officer. Giving up the inheritance of his father’s throne, he decided to succeed on his own. But things take a turn when he is assigned a new client. Ivy Moore. The alluring seductress who had shaken his world beyond his imagination.
But lines have been crossed.
His reputation, at stake. Her freedom, in jeopardy. They must keep things strictly professional. But what happens if the memories of that passionate night won’t disappear? Will they resist the feelings of lust? Or succumb to the dangerous temptation that could potentially ruin both of their lives?


New Release Spotlight – BIND, by Taisha Ryan

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