Stormi Knight is free from the constraints of her past relationship and isn’t interested in going back. The only love she’s interested in is the love she has for her contemporary jazz club, her namesake, Stormy Nights. During a night out in the city, Stormi finds herself on a blind date with a man she’d hoped never to see again.

Star shortstop Juan Carlos “JC” Peña is a fresh face to the city of Diamond Lake. The ladies love him, and the city needs him, and he knows it. His arrogant attitude and cocky ways make bonding with his team no easy feat. After he’s ousted from a popular jazz club, JC’s thinking of making some much-needed changes in his personal life.

Stormi and JC are finding an unexpected groove with each other that feels just right. But when the ties of JC’s past catch up to him and an old threat materializes for Stormi, there’s no way they can stand together. What will it take to bridge an ever-widening gap between them?

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