Her past made her the enemy.
The way he loved her made them a target.

Kamille just wants to move on from her rumored past. She’s had a target on her back since before she was born, and after a scandal puts her at the top of everyone’s most hated list, it only gets bigger. The people who despise her don’t care about her claim of innocence. They only care about keeping her away from anyone they love, and that includes Malik Brand.
Malik doesn’t play by the rules. Especially when the rules involve staying away from Kamille Jansen. But his family wants him to do just that. Their hatred for her runs deep, and they make sure everyone knows it. Despite their objections, Malik isn’t willing to turn off his feelings just to please them. He knows what he wants, and he’s determined to get it. But his family isn’t the only thing standing in his way. Kamille is a stubborn woman and pushing him away has become her routine. She refuses to allow her stained reputation to rub off on him, and she doesn’t want to cause problems between him and his family.
But Kamille’s attempt to keep them apart only pulls them closer together, and before they know it, they’re no longer in control. Fate has all the power, and they’re forced to make their minds align with their hearts. But making that decision comes with a price, and no matter what, it’s a price they’ll have to pay.


New Release Spotlight – Deep In My Feelings, by A.C. Taylor

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