After the hit the opps did on Andreas, will he survive, or will his injuries cause him to die?

When Asha finds out about Andreas getting ambushed, she almost crashes out. At a high in her life, from finally accomplishing one of her biggest life goals, Andreas’ situation is like a punch to the gut and a reality check. The thought of losing her best friend for good is enough to make Asha realize feelings she had been burying. If Heavy lives, Asha vows to tell Heavy how she feels and live in her truth.

If Heavy lives, will he and Asha finally choose each other, or will their friendship mean too much to make them cross that line? If they cross the line, will their relationship work? After all, who says friendship is enough to keep a relationship going and thriving? Asha is a girl boss, and Heavy is a man of the streets. If Heavy survives, both Asha and Andreas will have their hands full with things that can end up pulling them in two separate directions.


New Release Spotlight – Fairytale Love With a Savage 2, by CeCe

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