Neither of them was looking for love, but that was before they met each other.

As a professional model and actor, Drevon Ross lives a life of luxury. Now he’s ready for his next role—movie producer. But first, he needs to deal with his personal life, something that became way too public months ago, thanks to his ex-girlfriend. He wants to lay low for a while. Unfortunately, that can’t happen, thanks to his matchmaking aunt and her belief that he’d be the perfect arm candy for a particular woman who needs his help.

Former WNBA player Antika Wilcox doesn’t want a man. Her heart has been crushed too many times. But as life would have it, she needs one topretend he’s madly in love with her. When she hires a guy through At Your Service, Antika gets more than she requested. He’s mouthwatering, gorgeous…and way out of her league. No one will believe they are a couple.

With Drevon’s acting skills and Antika’s guarded heart, what starts out as make-believe turns oh-too-real very quickly.

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