Emergency room nurse practitioner Samantha “Sammie” Lawrence gives the impression that she always has it together. Her dominating personality has gotten her into trouble one too many times. Especially when she crosses paths with her father’s new business associate Dexter Davis.

Real estate developer Dexter Davis is the no nonsense type that doesn’t have a problem with putting anyone in their place, including Samantha Lawrence. His confrontation with the beautiful, abrasive young woman could be the undoing of a profitable acquisition.

When events force Sammie and Dexter to become business partners, they learn they have a lot in common. Similar experiences of loss and grief act as a catalyst to bring them together.

As the couple is settling into a world of happiness and devotion, a once trusted friend from Sammie’s past threatens to decimate their existence when Sammie’s secret comes to light.

Will Sammie and Dexter weather the storm?


New Release Spotlight – Finally Yours: Lawrence Family Series, by Suzette Riddick

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