When it comes to the matters raised before him in his courtroom, Judge Andreas Kendrick has no problem demanding order in his court. When it comes to Kennedy Glory, well known and respected attorney who is making a name for herself in Washington, D.C., his robe and gavel holds no power. In fact, Kennedy holds the power and does as she pleases.

Kennedy is at the top of her game, holding a Juris Doctorate from Stanford University, partner at a top law firm in Washington, D.C., and is on a hot streak with a winning record before the Court. Maintaining a solid career and a great sex life has always been in the forefront of Kennedy’s mind. Having both laid before her, Kennedy sees no need to allow others to put her in a box, or live by anyone else’s standards.

The one thing Kennedy can’t deny; is how Andreas commands her body. The way he reads her every desire and lights her skin ablaze, always has Kennedy weak in the knees, ready to give into his demands.

Will Andreas and Kennedy get what they want and need from one another and be able to live by their own standards? Or will everything fall apart right in front of their eyes? 

Take this erotic ride with them and find out.


New Release Spotlight – Held In Contempt: An Erotic Novella, by Eva Sherie

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