Makayla Ramsey never imagined living the life she has now: loving family and friends; a successful career in fashion; and married three years to a man who kept her love under wraps. But despite her love for her husband, she’s no one’s secret so after some thought, she decides to cut her losses. She’s starting over and not letting anyone stand in her way from her achieving her goals. But a chance meeting with her college sweetheart at her ten-year college reunion reignites old feelings and sends her into a battle for the love of her life.

Amir Slater fell hard when Makayla walked out of his life ten years ago and never looked back. Careers eventually took them both in different directions. Now, he’s face-to-face with her and desperate to keep her close, but his ex-wife isn’t ready to let go, not until she gets what she wants from him – his money, his undying love, and what he can do for her.

Will their second chance at love be destroyed by past relationships and the fear of having their hearts broken once again?

Note: This is a Novella with explicit content, and adult language


New Release Spotlight – I Deserve His Love – A Second Chance Romance, by Chiquita Dennie

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