Based on family tradition, Layla and Carlos married right after high school. They both wanted to live a life of travel, luxury, and independence. Neither wanted children, but when Layla found out she was pregnant, her desires changed. Unfortunately, Carlos’ plans didn’t, and the birth of their daughter, Dior, put a major strain on their marriage.

When Dior decides she wants to make a friend when she starts high school, Layla enlists the help of Andres Martin—a well-known advocate and aide for children and teenagers struggling with Autism on any part of the spectrum. Technically separated, Carlos uses this as an opportunity to permanently remove himself from Layla and Dior’s lives, however, he doesn’t plan on the jealousy he feels watching his family be helped and led by another man.

Andres makes it his mission to not only help provide structure and support for Dior, but he also reminds Layla that she’s not just a mother, she’s a woman too. A woman whose need for love, affection, validation, and security has been unmet. As Layla finally accepts divorce as their only option, Carlos decides he’s ready to fight for her. Will she give her husband a second chance or accept the love Andres provided during her loneliest hour?


New Release Spotlight – In The Lonely Hour, by B. Love

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