Kaleedah Freeman is smart, independent and flirty. She’s been on her work and educational grind all her life. Fresh out of a marriage, she’s not looking for another relationship.

Kamau Wade is tall, dark, handsome – and one year into his sobriety. He’s never had a serious relationship and isn’t looking for one. Despite his struggles, he’s always been a protector.

Kaleedah and Kamau are colleagues at Bishop Brothers Inc. They’ve formed a friendship, unaware that over the past few months they’ve both had the uneasy feeling of being watched.

It’s the absolute worst time to become lovers – Right?

Stalking – a course of conduct directed at a specific person causing reasonable fear.

Anonymous notes bring the threat out of the shadows.

The reason is unclear.

The actual target is unclear.

The danger in the shadows, however, is crystal clear.

Can they figure out the reason why before it’s too late?


New Release Spotlight – In The Shadows, by Nalo J. Stewart

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