Love, in all its forms, is a foreign concept to Garryn Taylor.

After being let down one too many times by nearly every person in her life, she’s sworn off the elusive emotion to focus solely on her career.

When tasked with locating and obtaining a rare collection of artifacts for her most important, yet difficult client, she finds them in the possession of self-made millionaire CEO and music mogul, Verse Presley.

To her surprise, he refuses to part with the valuable collection, sending her on an uncomfortable journey of going above and beyond to change his mind. Weeks of back and forth finally result in Verse requesting much more from her than just the millions being offered by her client.

Through it all, Garryn fights to remain indifferent towards Verse and all his charming ways, while the multi-layered man works on breaking down each of her carefully constructed walls, giving her much more than she bargained for…


New Release Spotlight – In This Moment, by K. Lashaun

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