Councilman Tucker Glass, a native of Chicago, has set his eyes on the biggest prize, that of Mayor of the city he has loved all of his life. At thirty-nine, his career spans back many years as a City Council member and then most recently, as City Council President. His resume reads like a ratings-topper novel full of accomplishments that make him more than qualified for the job, but what he wants to avoid is the drama that could block his path to the Mayor’s mansion. He’s always been a strait-laced politician, but his personal life could spawn a real-life reality show complete with hair pulling, tongue-lashing and accusatory finger pointing which would all occur in the first episode.

Tucker wasn’t expecting his past to come back to haunt him just as he’d found the woman who was making his life complete. He would do anything to keep her in his life, but is he willing to give up his run for the Mayor’s office to keep that love in-tact?

Nichelle Michaels didn’t know that love could be so right until she met and fell in love with Tucker Glass, a man fourteen years older and wiser than her, but who showed her how a man should treat a woman, and that’s after she spent the past year testing the water between how a man loves and how a woman loves. Now that she knows what she wants, a woman from Tucker’s past could ruin her perfect love.

Tucker and Nichelle are in love, but is he willing to risk his chance at being Mayor because his ex-wife, or the woman he thought was his ex-wife, wants to now be First Lady of Chicago? Was he really ready to tangle with a woman who specialized in drama every day on television as the star on the nation’s number one reality show?

Tucker may be ready for Chicago, but is Chicago ready for the drama that comes along with the popular politician?


New Release Spotlight – It Takes Two to Tangle, by Cheryl Barton

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