She is a talented and ambitious fashion designer.
He has a notorious reputation as an arms dealer, entangled in a dangerous realm where power and secrecy reign.

Fate brought them together one sunny afternoon. She needed him and little did he know, he needed her more.

From the moment they laid eyes on one another, Kane and Serenity wanted forever with one another, flaws and all. That was before they realized that they were on separate pages in life. Undoubtedly, the two souls love one another deeply. But as time passes, their chosen diverging paths begin to strain their relationship. Serenity’s unwavering dedication to her dreams leads her to make a difficult decision—to move to New York and pursue her career on a grander scale. Their separation is painful, and the distance between them shatters the love they once shared.
Can Kane and Serenity somehow bridge the gap between their dreams and desires to find a common ground? And if so, at what price?
Kane: A Gangster’s Love Story is an urban romance that navigates the complexities of love, the pursuit of dreams, lies, and deception.


New Release Spotlight – Kane: A Gangster’s Love Story, by Talena Tillman

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