That’s what Synovi now had and cherished more than anything. Free from all the disturbances his chaotic life once ensued, he wanted nothing more than to keep it that way. With a thriving business and relationship, almost nothing could take him back to that dark place of no love. His Love didn’t reside there.

His world is still hers, and she is still his.

Without warning, Torin inserted herself into Synovi’s life and remained. She’s the person he can run to when everything begins to fade, but there’s a price to pay when you have a good heart. It’s costly, depending on the circumstances, and Torin isn’t sure her light is enough for the both of them to make it through the tunnel again.

Is keeping her to himself all in vain, or is their bond strong enough to prove otherwise?

Please note: Keep Giving Me Love is book #2 in the Unorthodox Loves series with no cliffhanger. It is best to read the interconnected standalone books in order.


New Release Spotlight – Keep Giving Me Love (Unorthodox Love Book 2), by BriAnn Danae

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