Chaotic peace was the only way Synovi Black could explain his life to those who had questions. He never understood why they asked because an answer was never given; it was none of their business. For her, he’d break it down, however. Weave through the complexities of his upbringing, urging her to get comfortable and reside in chaos by his side.

His world became hers, and she became his.

Flawed but perfect in her eyes, Torin Kaine adapts to Synovi’s meek yet assertive presence. Breaking down barriers, making his stand-offish personality open up to her, she finds a crack in his wounded heart, gains comfort, and remains.

Simplistically, Torin eases his troubled mind. She becomes someone Synovi cherishes, making him not want to ever share her with anyone else.

Please note: This is a contemporary urban romance standalone with no cliffhanger.


New Release Spotlight – Keep You To Myself, by BriAnn Danae

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