Love has always been on the backburner so that my restaurant Savor could shine. But one handsome Martin brother walks in and changes all of that.


I’m one viral video away from success. One twerking TikTok away from saving the restaurant that no one around me knows is slowly going under. I can’t let anything distract me from my goal, but when Draymond Martin steps into my restaurant and challenges me on something as foundational as sugar versus salt on my grits, my focus starts to shift. Developing feelings for Draymond isn’t on the menu, but there’s nothing like love served up hot and fresh.


Who would have thought I’d find my new favorite restaurant and my new favorite person on social media? When a video of her twerking and cooking comes across my feed, I’m drawn into her infectious passion. When I meet her in person, I’m hooked and determined to show her that a life outside of the kitchen is just as worthy.


New Release Spotlight – Love, From Scratch (Martin Brothers Book 2), by Nina High

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