Truth is what it is… or who he is. Arrogant, but charming, and in command of his career, Truth is a music producer that everyone wants to get next to. However, when a visit to a friend’s tattoo studio yields the meeting of a woman who’d prefer to keep her distance, simple intrigue become a craving with layers of deep.

Celebrity makeup artist, Mykal knows the music industry. The fine lines of pleasure and business she has managed to avoid for most of her career. Yet when Truth slides in her DM, holding out turns into don’t let me go. That is, until the tabloids get ahold of her.

Will what could potentially be a match for the books fold under the light of the Press? Or will Truth and Mykal risk it all for a chance at love?


New Release Spotlight – Love, Truth, and Tabloids (Invasion of Privacy Series Book 1), by Tereesa L. Tuff

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