Amalia is the youngest child of Bishop and First Lady Franklin, founders of Mustard Seed COGIC. She’s the child her parents believe they got it right with. The one that’s a twenty-nine-year-old virgin, ready for the husband of their choosing. 

Their choice? Musician and Director, Montrell Jameson. 

They say Satan was high ranked and offering musical praise to God in heaven… maybe that’s why Montrell struggles so much with sin. Though a few red flags are given regarding his loyalty and faithfulness, Amalia trusts her parent’s guidance and agrees to marry him – until a second suitor comes along. 

Street lord Kawan Latimore wants nothing to do with the church or anyone in it. He finds himself smitten with Amalia and the good girl image she portrays. When he finds out who her parents are, the love and lust building between them comes to a halt. But he soon learns his plans mean nothing when Fate is in control. 

Stuck between church and the streets, Amalia finds herself in a love triangle that neither prayer nor threats of penitentiary time can get her out of.


New Release Spotlight – Love’s Battleground, by B. Love

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