MINE is a compelling second-chance romance following the intertwined lives of Emory and Drake A.K.A Draco. After years of being together, Emory and Draco’s relationship faced a severe test that shattered Emory’s trust. Heartbroken and devastated, she made the difficult decision to part ways, hoping time and distance would heal her wound. Draco, a talented NBA player, throws himself into his career, seeking solace in the demands of the game while struggling with the consequences of his actions.

Fate intervenes when an event in their hometown reunites Emory and Draco, forcing them to confront their unresolved emotions. Slowly but surely, they navigate the challenges of forgiveness.
Through heartfelt conversations, emotional revelations, and soul-searching moments, Emory and Draco embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. They learn to confront their vulnerabilities, heal old wounds, and rediscover the love that once bound them so tightly.

This Satin Hills novelette is a story of forgiveness, and the power of second chances. It explores the depths of human emotions, reminding us that sometimes the greatest victories are not found on the basketball court but within the chambers of the heart.


New Release Spotlight – Mine: A Satin Hills Novelette, by Talena Tillman

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