Kierra Thornton is currently facing a lot of challenges. She is trying to complete her last semester of college while also being the go-to person at Suds. She is always busy and has no time for any extra problems. Kierra thought her life was gradually coming together, until her long-time boyfriend, Jeremy Thomas, shared some unexpected news that turned her life upside down. Now, Kierra is left with a tough decision to make: will she be able to forgive Jeremy and move past this, or will she choose to move on and find someone new?

Sharif Howard is doing his best as the store manager at Suds Dallas. However, he has been having second thoughts about his career choice and wants to explore other options. Unfortunately, an unexpected incident occurs at the store, forcing him and his employees to transfer to Suds Richmond, which is an entirely new environment for them. As he adjusts to the new workplace, Sharif meets Kierra, who immediately catches his attention. However, he knows that he can’t pursue her since she is currently in a relationship with Jeremy, who happens to be his brother.

Kierra and Sharif are attracted to each other, but they know that being together is not right. Despite this, they keep encountering each other, and eventually, their feelings for each other become too strong to ignore. They start a relationship that becomes much more than they anticipated. However, when Kierra discovers the truth about Sharif, she must decide whether she can forgive him or if she should give Jeremy another chance.

Kierra and Sharif has a lot to discover, but personally and professionally. Will they ingore what their heart is telling them, or will they realize it before it too late. Find out in My Heart Belongs To You, the fifth book in the Into You series.


New Release Spotlight – My Heart Belongs To You, by Sheena Binkley

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