De’Quincy Harrison thought he had found the love of his life until she broke his heart and made him a single father.
Not one to wallow in hurt and self-pity he picked up the pieces and strived to provide a stable environment for his daughter giving her the love she deserved.

Wendy Whitmore grew up in a dysfunctional household and vowed to never raise her children in dysfunction. Her boyfriend lived for the street life jeopardizing the peaceful home she’d created for them and their daughter. His arrest was the final straw for her, Whitney wanted peace and stability for her and her daughter. Walking away was hard but worth it to live the life she desired.

De’Quincy and Whitney desire love but neither is seeking it. If love comes their way, they won’t run from it. Can these two single parents find the love they desire in each other?


New Release Spotlight – My Love Is Only For You, by Joslyn Marks

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