This is a different kind of love story!

There’s nothing sweeter in this world than high school sweethearts determined to spend the rest of their lives together…until life had other plans for them.

Roman goes into the military, leaving behind his girlfriend, Gabriella. He makes a promise to her that he couldn’t keep.

Gabriella thought she would reunite with Roman after she graduated from college and they would pick right up where they left off. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Once he’s back home, Roman takes a job protecting the senator’s daughter named Lyric. She’s a beautiful, hot-headed, and very demanding woman, but she’s no match for Roman.

Gabriella and Roman come to some painful realizations that will make them both very happy in the long run. Sometimes first love is not always meant to last forever, but you can open your heart for new love…


New Release Spotlight – My Promise To You, by Pamela Campbell

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