Two stories… One book.

Narration After Dark

Her – Having a domineering mother in her ear for twenty-seven years kept Genesis Powers from forming a real connection with others. She’s an obedient daughter, a diligent elementary school instructor, and a caring Sunday school teacher. Unbeknownst to those in her life, she’s also a book narrator of erotic, suspenseful novels. She finally found her voice, even if it’s through the words of others. She found a way to express desires she’d never acknowledged. What does it mean that she voices passionate encounters but has never experienced anything of the sort?

Him – Since he was a teenager, Tre’ Wade has been the protector of his family. Responsible to a fault. He’s a big man, much bigger than most, with an imposing presence. Until he smiles. That’s where his light shines through. His fun-loving, affable, ready-with-a-joke personality draws you in. But he’s so much more than the teddy bear everyone sees. Behind the enigmatic smile is someone looking for a genuine connection.

Them – Genesis and Tre’ are gaming buddies. Virtual friends. Then he invites her to Comic Con and everything changes. Can what started as an online friendship become something more? They are two people looking for a connection in the real world.

A Dangerous Desire
No matter how deep we bury our secrets, sometimes they claw their way to the surface. Molly went on the run years ago. Did she run far enough?

Narration After Dark is a contemporary virtual friends-to-real-life lovers novel. A Dangerous Desire is an erotic thriller.


New Release Spotlight – Narration After Dark, by Nalo J. Stewart

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