Heart can be defined as the central or innermost part of something. But when that core function is broken, shattered into pieces at the hands of the ones you love most–the distress, suffering, and anguish—can be debilitating.

Sexy, savvy, unbossed, and unbothered, Symphony James is always in control. As for her situationships with men, she dictates who, when, and more importantly, how. Secretly crippled by a tumultuous past, love, relationships, and family were never the desires of her heart. The savage sweetpea only experienced love with conditions until she met him.

Unlike most men, Tyus Okoro wasn’t intimidated by the hard-care, incorrigible, yet stunningly beautiful Symphony James. Her boss chick behavior was nothing but motivation for him to dismantle her complications—layer by layer. But would he finally meet his match?


New Release Spotlight – Pretty Shattered Heart, by Robbi Renee

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