There’s a Rhythm to Every Heartbeat!

Set in a city that is the epitome of rhythm and blues, meet two souls whose rhythm sets the beat of their hearts. Ruthie Joi Davis at 29 seemingly has it all. She’s a self-proclaimed Black love enthusiast with a love for all things fashion, family, and love. She has been in love with Malcolm X. Love since she knew what love was. But sometimes the idea of love and the act of being in love are two different things….

Authoritative, strong, passionate are just a few words to describe Malcolm X. Love. He is a fierce protector who loves his friends and values loyalty above all else. He thinks he has found his solace in Ruthie Joi Davis but will she be able to be his solace after she discovers the secrets he harbors?

Join Ruthie Joi and Malcolm as they discover the Rhythm to their Heartbeat.


New Release Spotlight – Rhythm to my Heartbeat, by R.J. Ware

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